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  1. The components used were from the MSE range of parts. Large lattice base post with equal tee brackets soldered on and a 3mm square brass tube soldered to the brackets for the hanging dolls topped with GNR ball finials. Lost wax castings for the lamp brackets and brass tube to take the signal spindles then finished with adlake cast lamps super glued on. The servos are from Hobbyking HK-5330 with a male molex to female JR servo short extension leads attached which allows it to be connected to the Megapoints control board. This also makes disconnection and removal of the signal much easier. You can then use extension leads of a length that suits your requirements or buy a coil of the same 3 core wire (yellow brown red) off ebay to extend the leads to the Megapoints panel. 60th Plasticard was used to make the the unit holding the servos and small self tappers to bolt the two bits together. The gangers dug a 30mm square hole in the baseboardfor the signal to drop into. Once fully tested it will be blended into the scenery. Image shows the signal located and for the eagle eyed the middle arm did overlap the left signal on the prototype.
  2. This is my first post since joining RM Web. This is a copy in 4mm of the up slow line signals at Wood Green 4 which lasted into the 1970's and will control entry into the yard, platform 1 and platform 2 on my fictional east London-ish layout. Thanks goes to those members of RM web whose archival posts spurred me on to have a go at making proper signals.
  3. I am having a lot of trouble trying to set up this powercab. No matter what I do the thing keeps telling me it cannot read the CV. 4 hours so far on a product I was told a kid of 4 can set it up. Might be quicker to find the kid. Any help gratefully received.
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