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  1. A quite decisive subject indeed, personally I would have a separate bus if I was you, having 260 points I certainly need it. As to colbalts least said the better, all my points are thrown by tortoises and not one has failed to date.
  2. my building gets a coat of sadlin every year or two years and is still good after 21 years
  3. the trouble is what is defined as intermittent use. A garage or bedroom could be said to be used intermittently. But putting a railway in the loft could be looked on as not intermittent use. To put a railway in a loft needs a proper conversion to comply with all aspects of regulations and insurance. A shed or building would possibly be a much cheaper solution. And regardless of how much insulation in a loft there is, it is still too far warm in summer.
  4. unfortunately off the shelf solutions are much more expensive 2k for insulation is way over priced I think and proves the point of doing it yourself. And you get the satisfaction of knowing it’s done properly. ( as long as you don’t cut corners)
  5. I designed and built this from scratch. it’s a bit darker now as it has has several wood treatments. The building complies with the then building regs and was inspected. Also planning was needed. The base is a raft foundation with steel reinforcement. The building itself is framed with the same graded wood as used in roof trusses and has a log lap effect to the facing sides, the boundary sides are clad with industrial cladding to comply with fire regs to boundaries. It is lined with plasterboard and is wall papered and painted white. The ceiling is also plaster boarded and artexed. Windows and doors are double glazed with high security locks. The floor is insulated with jablite with a floating water repellent chip board. Electrics are fed by a underground armoured cable which runs in piping. Also all other cables like cctv, network and alarm run in another underground pipe. Roof is felt shingles with a 30/40 year life and has another bitumen lining product under it and is mounted on osb which is painted in bitumen paint. Air conditioning was installed and is cheep to run. Carpet tiles are used on the floor originally was carpet but changed this as carpet tiles can easily be changed out if damaged. Costs around £20000 but is very high spec and if built by a builder would cost double or more, when I built it a shed supply company quoted at least £1000 for the jablite floating floor actual materials was around £250/300. The point of this is story is consider building yourself if you have the skills, when I did mine I researched everything and felt confident in doing the build, and saved a massive amount of money. Only thing I did not install was the Aircon as this requires a certified company to install. Electrics are also installed to IEE wiring regs which I did but are signed off.
  6. Instead of jumping in changing cvs on the ESU chips, either make a note of them or download the defaults to a software program like decoder pro or the ESU programmer before messing around with auto tune. Auto tune should not be relied on as a final result, but gives a good near end result that should be aimed for. Occasionally you hit lucky and no further adjustments are needed. Doing a cv 8 reset does not reset fully sometimes and you also run the risk of deleting sound files from the chip
  7. it’s plain and simple he does not want to sell to uk users, although it’s a great program it is dated in software terms and anyone who would pay nearly a thousand dollars for it would need there head examining. Then there is the issue of how long will it work on future versions of windows. Then there is the issue of anything untoward happens to the developer he is no spring chicken like most of us, what then for the future. I think it days are numbered just look how often an update is released these days.
  8. I have decided not to do anymore posts on layout progress at this time and it’s doubtful if I will do any in the future, thank you to those few who have commented or reacted.
  9. As I had no replies it appears this is a niche topic, so I won’t be doing a guide.
  10. how is the tillig track packaged when it sent by what ever shipping method. I ask because the points are so fragile, in fact it gots to such a state that I personally pick them up because out of 30 points ordered once, 15 were damaged because the tie bars had snapped away from the rails. This was mainly do to poor packaging from the manufacturer which they have improved now but it still makes me nervous buying them mail order. And even when I pick them up I occasionally find damaged ones at the retailer.
  11. I use PECO code 100, Roco code 83, tillig Code 83. The PECO track and points are used in the hidden sections. For viewable sections all points are tillig, but these points are very fragile and not as robust as PECO but there look is more prototypical for European layouts as there geometry is different to PECO, also they are slightly flexible so aligning complex point work is much easier. The plain track is a mixture of tillig and Roco, conrete sleeper track is Roco all wooden sleeper track is tillig as the sleepers are more prototypical, also tillig track is blackened. Roco points are ok and I do use them in the hidden sections but they lack visual appeal for me. As for availability obviously PECO is the easiest to get hold off but gaugemaster are importers for Roco but if your local retailer has an account you may get it cheaper from your local retailer. Golden valley and I think model masters sell tillig but at a price, modellbahn lippe sell tillig and Roco at a much better price but obviously you may be put of with possible duties charged but my last 4 purchases have been vat free as it was below the threshold to trigger it. Code 75 track may be problematic but some who uses it with European stock my be able to advise on this.
  12. Recently I got my Roco turntable converted to use the ADM mechanism and make it an indexing drive. As it can be controlled by DCC as well and can be also controlled by I-train which there is a document available to show how to set up I-train. I wondered about Traincontroller and producing a document for setting up TC as well. My question is how much interest would there be for a setup guide ? ps I originally posted in wrong section of the forum so reposted here
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