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  1. I use it, but to help it be good for you to post the issue.
  2. Hi Iain, I could be wrong but I think the auto cal that is being referred to is done by the decoder, but sets up the motor parameters not the speed curve itself. This function is available on the ESU v4 decoders and expect also the v5 ones, I not looked at other decoders for this setting.
  3. One thing to be careful of is when using a credit card and paying via PayPal, depending how the transaction appears on your credit card, your section 75 rights are removed as it's considered a third party transaction by the credit card company. The only protection left is the charge back the credit card can do on your behalf.
  4. First time visit, enjoyed the visit and would go again
  5. My advice is don’t get bogged down in the detail, take it one step at a time. There are many here that will give good advice but like any question ask 100 people the same question your get 100 different replies. Which I’m sure will stress you out even more. I would say build a small test layout, chip 1 loco, see how you get on, as to buss wire size this is not a straight forward answer but I always say 2.5 or 1.5 mains wire and is fairly cheep. And if possible visit someone who has dcc and a good understanding of it aswell.
  6. all very true regarding traders, I was just putting it in a very basic form. Or as one trader put it to me “I could be getting on with other things than sitting on my a**e”
  7. I did say possibly ally pally, they are looking at introducing parking fees, see show thread. Actually I would say the Peterborough show is the same size as warley once you take out the space not used at warley
  8. maybe some traders don’t now attend the smaller shows due to there cost for a pitch, and I spoke with some who may not even go again themselves. Another trader felt things were slow for them. Even shows like the nec seem to be losing smaller traders and seems to be the box shifters only going. I went again this year and I just felt something was missing compared to last year. There were some good excellent layouts Actually wasn’t to bad for parking even for a Saturday Although the A1M issues were a pain both ways which isn’t the shows fault but is still a consideration in going again. But just some info for those coming from east of London try using the A602 I went this way back and was much better than the A1. As to venues places like the NEC and possibly ally pally could take a leaf from the great electric show and peterbourgh , no parking charges. But there is no perfect show but if the negatives out way the positives that will now affect what shows to attend in the future. But one thing I really do notice is the younger generation are a minority who demonstrate at these shows which was really noticeable at this show.
  9. Its just not only the hill, I mentioned that as to keep things simple. The real issue here is A. Public transport and a quick check would cost around £25.00 and B. The car park charge which is unknown. Petrol usage would be about £5 so the cost to now go would be around £35-40 from just £11+ petrol, less if you share, Which would anyone choose. It's been said many times about younger visitors and attracting them into model trains this is just one example of why they don't come into the hobby. How many young families can afford these additional costs. Bottom line if there are charges it will be two less visitors. And more money to spend on trains
  10. It would be a great shame if parking charges are introduced. My partner can't get up the hill and hence having the drive there. But all this will do for me is that I won't bother going anymore. If you feel strongly on this fill the survey in.
  11. Or to quote a famous film “do you feel lucky” unfortunately I don’t have a magnum
  12. Im curious what happens if you do use the facilities then go to the show, I assume you get a ticket still. But how do they actually know if your not using the facilities
  13. as been said many times before, wiring for DCC is really no different to DC, the two wire statement goes back to a time of the zero 1( god showing my age there lol) possibly this statement was true to a point at that time but DCC has evolved into a different beast and consequently requires a different approach now. It’s a bit like the wrong kind of snow statement for real trains really a poor choice of words at that time likewise two wires to the track. im completely self taught in DCC and was certainly a steep learning curve but it’s certainly no dark art, and a lot of issues I see here are mainly due to lack of knowledge or lack of skill, no insults tended that why we have these kind of forums to help those who need that help. Even I am still learning new things after having DCC for over 15 years. bottem line I guess is start simple the rest will follow
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