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  1. Glad you got it sorted. If you run into this again you can try and extend the wires very carefully soldering and using heat shrink to cover the solder joins.
  2. Hi robert just had a re read of your first post and had another look at the pcb photos. I think the three silver cylinders on the right are the capacitors, although I'm not sure these are the cause as you would get the same results every time. You make an interesting point on the age of your previous motors. Have you tried other manufacturers decoders, and does the issue occur in other locations on the layout or have you not got other station stops elsewhere, maybe try other locations. might be worth a try to remove the pcb from the equation for testing.
  3. Hi Robert, i looked at the photos you mentioned, it's not that clear what goes where on them but it does look very similar to one of my locos which has no issues with traincontroller. Let's go back to basics ( not trying to make you suck eggs) I assume that you set up the cvs on the decoder first before profiling in traincontroller. Another question what have you set cv 3/4 at these should be set to 0 when automatic operation is used in traincontroller as these settings are done in traincontroller. The next thought is the length of the brake ramp and the distance of the ramp and stop markers. I know you have said other locos are ok but I have seen this behaviour when the markers are not set correctly.
  4. Are you able to take a photo of the pcb
  5. I know a little off topic, I be interested to know how you have setup traincontroller for station stops. So the post does not get off topic if you so chose PM me if you require help
  6. But who are digital river who are apparently the uk agents for traincontroller. I had not heard of them and I don't know if there are individuals you actually deal with, it certainly does not fill me with confidence for sure.
  7. When I have seen them at shows they have been very popular, which is a double edged sword for them. They know how many they can do in an hour and they should have a cut off once they know they can't make anymore within show time. But it's not good to hear of the issues that some have had trying to get them sent after a show, and I'm glad I got my money back at the show when this happened to me, and a lost customer.
  8. The difference here is that even if Itrain went over to a USB stick there is a good uk seller of itrain that seems to give it good support. A somewhat different situation for traincontroller where it has to be sent back to Germany.
  9. The license fee for iTrain is a one time payment and equates at most 2/3 locomotives in cost. So in relative terms is a small amount considering what my whole layout is worth. If you have ever had dealings with mr freiwald you would understand the concern here. It's a bit like the titanic waiting until you need those lifeboats then it's too late. It might be a waste to some, but I'm trying to be proactive and not wait until it's a problem. Of course I may be proved wrong and I hope I am but I'll have piece of mind in any case.
  10. Its not that crazy as it seems mr freiwald is not getting any younger and as been pointed out the code for the program is rather dated and who will take on the further development of traincontroller, I hope someone does. The program does what I want as for many others aswell and has taken many years for me to get the design and operation as I want it. Now with ITrain to get the same or similar operation as I have with traincontroller will involve a steep learning curve. Yes I can wait until something happens with traincontroller but will then have to design and debug itrain at that time which will take out any automatic operation of the layout for some time. But if I start now there won't be as much work involved and I'll have a good idea how the itrain program works. This is not an ideal situation but the facts are what they are, also of late it has become apparent that some downscaling appears to occurring in my opinion.
  11. This has got me to thinking regarding USB defects and time layout would be down. I'm going to get I- train aswell why is that, well there is so much uncertainty with traincontroller and it's future and I do have serious concerns in running the layout without software. I do prefer traincontroller but I have to be realistic. So once version 5 of I-train comes out I'm getting it, this would also give time in learning it.
  12. There are other methods which would remedy his business ceasing, but if he did cease and the software was not to continue at the very least some sort of unlock code would be developed I would like to think. But knowing how he behaves at times I'm not thinking this very likely. But it m not going to right off software which was fairly expensive in the first place.
  13. Thanks for the info. Yes I have seen this survey on the forum regarding if connected to the internet. This causes me concern as well as it has been mentioned here and by various people and vendors that he might be winding down these days and let's be honest we are not getting any younger. yes a good and recommend idea using a USB extension especially if you unplug a lot.
  14. Just wondering in what way did the stick die. This is something that has concerned me, in that if mr freiwald ceased trading for what ever reason and the stick subsequently went wrong you are stuck with an expensive doorstop. I would ask him this question but I know I won't get a good reply.
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