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  1. yes my fingers know that even with a quick hoover after using one those pesky strays certainly make themselves known .
  2. ps, don’t forget to use a fibre glass pen to clean the areas your attaching the new wire to as tillig blacken there rail.
  3. I use these points extensively and have used various techniques on them to wire them up. The double slip was done by removing the frog power drop connection, I have found them unreliable and I bond a solid copper wire 0.7mm in diameter in its place, I also bond a copper wire across underneath the center section where the insulated frogs are in the middle of the point,this effectively bonds the blades of the point. The thing you need to be careful of is heat damaging the plastic so I use a 25w soldering iron. Also as a side note the point motor wire needs to be stiffer than normal to overcome the force of the point blade stiffness, but careful adjusting needs to be done not to snap the metal lugs on the end of the blades. All links underneath the point are left in place.
  4. I use two different methods for creating landscapes, the first is the lattice method. I cut strips of cardboard and arrange in a over and under arrangement. I then apply builders plaster scrim and pva it onto the lattice. Once set I then apply industrial grade plaster impregnated bandage (modroc) I bulk buy this and it works out to less than a £1 a roll. method two, is I create a rough landscape from 5mm thick foamboard and hot glue gun it together. I then use expanding foam between the foam board and once set cut to shape. Plaster bandage is then applied over the top.
  5. After a bit of an absence from my layout up dates I thought I would do an update. major works are now fairly advanced to accommodate not having any duck unders for normal operations, it’s taken a year now from when I first started. It was something I had been thinking about for some time but finally took the plunge after watching a video on a similar subject of not getting younger and knees by Charlie Bishop. It’s been a case of two steps forward and one back, what seems a good idea does not work in practice. The track runs have been simplified to an extent, one from the new walkways and the other from operations I want to do. I have taken photos of the works as they have progressed but won’t upload them as I found members seemed to like a finished product and not photos of lots of wood construction, requests can be made of course. I have now ended up with a peninsula on a part of the layout which will be soon the focus of my attentions, but I have to clear the existing constructions before the new designs are worked out. I was going to start wiring up things again so I can run trains again but have now decided to finish a wood construction now as it creates to much dust. Once this phase is completed a heavy clean of the layout will take place and the replacement bus service will be withdrawn.
  6. A question first, do you set max speed of a loco by Cv 5 or do you use max voltage, Zimo and ESU have different cvs for this. Off hand can’t remember the specific cvs used for this. The effect would be as you have seen if you use cv5 to set max speed it can be different for different dcc systems. I not explained very well, but hope you get the idea.
  7. yes I saw that earlier very sad, but there could be old stock out there still.
  8. Tam valley did a device that solved the inrush current issue by having a device that introduced a soft start. I’m not sure if still available.
  9. but is it strictly needed, if your not experiencing a specific problem. Sometimes the upgrade itself can cause issues.
  10. From what you said you done the wiring correctly, it should work as I have a mate with the same setup. What power supply feeds the DCS52. Have you measured the track voltage output and also the amp draw when you try to operate the colbalts
  11. What is the function of F4 that your using, is this something relevant to Zimo, as I never had to turn on F4 with the few Zimos I have to affect max speed. Possibly I may have missed something here. good point regarding the run out on TC next time I do a calibration I shall try extending the run outs, but I do tend to notice at higher speeds the run out does tend to creep more longer due to the momentum of the loco.
  12. It’s difficult to give a reply without knowing how you have or where you have attached any wires when you changed over the units. Have you reprogrammed the Colbalts, it does sound that you may have connected up the buss wires to the programming track outputs on the DCS52.
  13. are you saying that two addresses are needed to throw and close the point?
  14. Have a look at 4d models in London, if you can it’s certainly worth a visit.
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