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  1. Hi just looked at the +hardware strange it says unavailable. But it would be included with v9 versions purchased now according to the website. to clarify when you say layout is working does that include v4 decoders set to 4 digit addresses. I don’t have v5 decoders yet, personally I feel there to buggy at present and might wait awhile before buying any and I’m quite happy with v4 ones whilst stocks last. I may get just 1 v5 one to test this theory of possible incompatibility between TC and v5
  2. I use these, all you need is to buy the sockets as these are bare boards http://www.floodland.nl/aim/info_locohub_en_1.htm
  3. Hi robjuk may have a point there regarding 4 digit addresses. I’m not at home at the moment Back Friday, but I got some new locos to add to my system I shall try 4 digit addresses and I will see how TC responds and will report back. Just something to try in the meantime. A. Try another loco with 4 digits address on TC B. Try a different 4 digit address for the problem loco I would say send me the ESU file for that loco but I don’t use Lok programmer v5 yet as I don’t have any V 5 chips yet. Maybe someone on the esu forum might be able to look at the file to see if anything is amiss I forgot to add I’m not aware of issues with 4 digit addresses in TC andy
  4. Not sure why your having this issue, can you upgrade to v9. If not are you able to take loco to another layout and try it there, whereabouts are you
  5. Hi, i cant reply to questions 2 and 3 but in question 1 regarding wheels. If your using code 100 changing the wheels would be a waste of money.
  6. Good to hear your issue is solved.
  7. Not being an ECoS user I may have this wrong, but is there a feature on the ECoS that allows auto configuration of the loco into ECoS. I'm fairly sure this what was the issue with v5 decoders and ECoS.
  8. Not my customer, I was just in the shop at same time. Not being an ECoS user I didn’t follow the issue that closely but as you say they been bringing out updates but when I’m back in shop I’ll see if I can get more detail
  9. This was an issue a customer was having with his ECoS at my local store and it was discovered there were issues with ECoS and V5. Now you mention railcom this I believe was one of the things to turn off, I didn't really take that much notice at the time but if memory serves I think it was confirmed by the uk importers. Considering there are unrelated issues with v5 decoders It is not beyond the realms of possibility of a compatibility issue.
  10. Yes there is an issue with ESU v5 decoders and ECoS. ECoS will be doing an upgrade to there system but as far as I know it's not out yet. To get it to work you need to turn off some auto ID function on the ECoS but I can't be more specific as I don't use ECoS, maybe a ECoS user can be more specific in what to turn off
  11. I think we know your views on DCC by now, and let's not get into the DCC vDC debate. I respect that your choice is DC and your happy with that but a balanced view is what is needed. I can see the point that someone who wanted to change from DC to DCC would incure a large cost to convert a large fleet, but as I have found recently much of my old stock runs so badly compared to more recent additions and the cause of this improvement is better manufacturing methods and materials used, and this improvement would equally apply to DC or DCC The cure of DCC operation errors is not strictly true, even the other day where a coupling failed on one of my trains half the train was left behind, the occupancy showed this and no issues were caused with crashes ect as it failed safe. But that said it is possible with DC to achieve this type of fail safe (balanced view).
  12. First time visit to this show, a good all round show but there did seem to be more traders than layouts. Good parking and hey it’s free( nec could learn a lesson) food and drinks a bit pricey but no more than expected. Plenty of space to walk around and after the initial usual rush not one bang into a ruck sack or should say banged by one, seeing the layouts was fairly easy. Only real gripe why do people seem to hold conversations right in front of the layouts, if you want to chat move away so others can see. The layouts were varied but for me no one wow layout grabbed me but although not my cup of tea I did take time to appreciate those that are not my interest. But as usual my curse that things go wrong with them when I viewed sorry to bring bad luck. Will I go again most definitely, it was more relaxed than Warley with less hustle and bustle. There was the A14 road closure but that’s no fault of the show.
  13. Thanks these do look nice and will look further into them, but looking at my photos of the warley one it's not the same one but very close.
  14. No it's not either of these as I have the ones you mention. It was significantly smaller as well.
  15. In the second photo can you or anyone identify the make of the turntable, I did ask the operators of the layout but they did not know.
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