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  1. Update having looked at the roc rail docs a bit more it’s not really clear if both can be shown at the same time. There appears to be some tiny icons in the display box that may open other info.
  2. Looking at the link it can display loco Id and picture at same time in roc rail
  3. In train controller you can have text and image showing in the block at the same time, so I would assume the same applies to roc rail.
  4. nothing wrong with the statement, but if doing automation or want the points dcc controlled then a controller will be needed for colbalts, tortoises ect. Unless it’s a colbalt ip then it’s built in.
  5. although a similar concept they are nothing alike, I have around 260 tortoises installed and rising and only had a issue with one. A simple mod resolves this issue re-occurring, if any wants to know the mod I can explain. There is the size issue but I have used a few different mounting solutions for the tortoises especially where clearances are a problem. I do have one mtb but it’s still in its packaging so can’t speak for those for long term reliability. One thing you can do with a tortoise that you can’t with a colbalt or mtb is throw the motor by hand, this is especially good when setting u
  6. Having thought some more about this and the locos speeding up or losing control. This may be due to loss of dcc signal if DC conversion is turned on at the decoder will result in this type of behaviour, similar like when a layout short occurs that the same thing occurs especially if using a booster. Turn off dc conversion as an experiment.
  7. This to me seems like a dcc signal fall off due to buss length.
  8. Although personally not my favourite medium why not try MDF for the lift up section as it’s a very stable product as it’s not as susceptible to environmental conditions.
  9. Yes I have seen that now but the comment was not made by me which gives the wrong impression and the quote should be taken from the original comment.
  10. I’m somewhat confused as to why I have been quoted for something I not said. I never used plastic wheels as all my stock is metal.
  11. Andymsa


    The mid point helix connections is now finished. An additional point was installed that leads to the commuter station, track yet to be built. the mid point connection was rejoined to the existing layout all is wired and been tested electrically. The test runs up the helix to the mid point with a 8 coach train was very successful and it went up effortlessly. work will now continue building up the helix to the next level and the existing based boards for the top level will be reinstated.
  12. some very good points you have made, this has given me an idea. I will make up a temporary structure to see what it looks like, although I got a good imagination for these things a real world test will be better. Once I got something up will take some photos for feedback.
  13. thanks for that info, with the calculations I made viewing the lower level is not to difficult. The upper level works out at chest height, the build was something I felt might be problematic for the top level but not impossible.
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