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  1. I would accept this if I had placed an order late in the day, but not when an order is place at exhibition opening.
  2. as others have said keep the track feeds consistent. When I do initial wiring I use Red/ white Coloured pins temporarily to indicate polarity. With all other aspects mentioned the premis of KISS applies.
  3. the issue I found with the company mentioned that turns up at exhibitions is that your not guaranteed to get one. A couple of years ago at ally pally I ordered one at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day it was still not done. This I put down to them being overwhelmed with orders. I was not the only disappointed customer and I got my money back.
  4. that’s interesting about turnouts I had not found that. But I’m not doing much with software at the moment as I am about to embark on a big update on the layout. It will give me two extra stations and more storage sidings.
  5. I am like you I generally run the software all the time, but I’m going to introduce a startup process to throw all points if any have been changed when software not running
  6. that’s exactly the issue I have slipping due to split cardon bearings
  7. either they are stored in the house at room temp or in my railway building which has air conditioning so maintains constant temperature
  8. there appears to be assumptions that this issue has arisen from use. This particular loco and all the others I have found are brand new from the box. The only thing is some I have had around two years some others Are older. The Cardon bearings have nice splits in both of them and have not just come away
  9. when I have found these issues the locos are brand new and have never been run apart from when they were brought for testing they were ok. On this occasion it appears to be a quality of the plastic used and age. When I stripped the loco I did find the gear assembly covered in grease ( manufacture applied) which had got onto the cardon shaft which obviously degraded the plastic.
  10. Hi ian i did try that didn’t seem to make any difference
  11. I did try super glue on its own, I do have a powder that goes with it to thinker it up into a paste, so I assume that’s what the baking powder is for? The real issue is super glue won’t stick to the shiny metal shaft.
  12. Diesel and electric and various manufacturers
  13. Hi all, I am gradually putting in dcc chips in all my locos and running on the layout, these locos are not particularly old but I have found many that have had issues in the center cog of a wheel set split, which I now have quite a few spares to replace them. I have now found my first split cardon shaft, in fact both of them are split. I did try glueing them on but I tried every type of glue without success as the bearings just slip on the shafts. So why do manufactures still seem to use plastic that fails in this manner?
  14. I wouldn’t get too hung up on vehicle current draw, every wagon on my layout has a resistor per bogie and there are no big issues on current draw. Off the top of my head with 15 trains and around 30 wagons plus passenger coaches I get around 1 amp with trains at rest.
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