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  1. hi i have used one of these, it is switched by 4 point motors and the small link between each track tie bar was removed. I found there was to much slack leaving it in place so not all blades of the point would sit firmly against its rail. Also all electrical connections was cut on the underside as certain trains would short at slow speed due to back to back being an issue. So all connections to these track sections are now controlled by relays
  2. There are exceptions where a sub signal can regulate a passenger train movements apart from calling into stations for attaching. One such example is where the main signal has failed it is permitted to use the sub signal if it can be cleared for that specific route that the main signal normally would be used for.
  3. Hi, the signal that’s circled in red will show two white lights, when illuminated it authorises you to pass the main red signal at danger for routing through the right hand crossovers into the siding. With this type of signal you should always be prepared for another train occupying the track ahead i will also add this is not a calling on signal indication which has a different meaning and would be location dependent.
  4. When I was a second man at old oak I went to this building, there was a siding to it and it housed some sort of power transformer
  5. They are called winbags, I got mine from Sainsbury’s Homebase at £3.50 each
  6. no such issues, wife never moans about my spending
  7. Yes I have just clarified this point, I was supprised about the statement of what is legal tender and how a trader accepts payment. There are some exceptions but I'll let others look those up.
  8. Not quite correct, although a store can refuse cash they cannot sue you for you offering that cash to settle a debt. What would be interesting is you get to a checkout and offer cash but it is refused would that be theft or not as you offered to pay and that payment is refused and you leave with the goods https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/knowledgebank/what-is-legal-tender update i have just looked this up a was quite surprised at the findings so I stand corrected.
  9. Absolutely correct in a medical environment, in the case of a non medical envoirment regardless of a gloves being worn or not the same germs will be transferred to all surfaces touched. Gloves just protect the wearer, but that doesn't stop you even sanitising your hands even with gloves on which would minimise the transfer of possible germs.
  10. Lets go back 7 weeks ago to the government advice on face masks that they didn't have that much affect. We have lurched from one piece of advice to another strange now they seem to be advocating masks
  11. Let's hope demand for modelshops is not the same as maccy d with the same queues or put items I buy into quarantine for 14 days
  12. The only big store I'm aware of is BAnd Q refusing cash, my local supermarkets are accepting cash but rather you use your card. In other words it's not a full out refusal of cash. But as pointed out by wooden head I also have not seen sanitising of card machines between customers. But if your wearing gloves then handling cash isn't an issue.
  13. Let's hope that model shops can reopen on June 1st, as I'm sure many modellers are running out of some supplies. An intreasting point that I noticed was card only for payment, I'm not really sure that cash can be refused, normally this is not the case but I can see why this is being adopted but does it reduce risk ? Or is it a case of being able to bank that cash, but is it realistic to pay by card for an item such as a humbrol paint tin.
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