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  1. Just been looking at the eu law on online selling, looking at the rules herr freiwald would have to sell to you if you selected another country than the one you reside in if that item was sent to that country. That’s my interpretation of the regulation.
  2. Just found this statement on the freiwald Website ”You get excellent top quality products at a fair price.” is 847 dollars a fair price??? https://www.freiwald.com/pages/vision.htm in fact there are a number of contradictory statements on this page
  3. oops spell check at work WHO/ WTO. Then Would not herr freiwald be in breach of the selling cost to the uk and as per shirlebasm,s post on discrimination to an existing EU trading partner apply, as advised by her legal advice.
  4. There is another side to this, he is selling through a third party now, and he sells in dollars because he has taken the view that the uk is no longer a trading partner of the EU anymore. I would take this that EU law would not also apply here as the purchase of the licences is under WHO terms. And he has stated on his web site that the sale is between digital river and the purchaser and he only supplies the license.
  5. the joy of free speech on friewalds forum, he always removes such posts that reflect negatively on his baby
  6. yes I see this aswell here is the actual statement which certainly is interesting reading regarding how he likes to sell to certain regions, so I’m not holding any hope that the uk would be favourable looked on. “In this context, there is also good news for users in the USA: We will soon be reducing our prices in the USA back to the level that also applies to most other countries outside the EU. We also use prices to control demand and increase them when we want to reduce or even stop our sales in a region; or lower them, if we want to resume. There is currently no reason for us anymore for a reduction in the USA. And maybe it's a little consolation for the long delivery times.” if I had just purchased at 799 dollars recently I certainly would be livid at this change and truly shows how he views his customers And potential customers to treat them so arbitrary. And all these react changes to the usb FAQ and these fluctuations in prices at his whim and his attitude towards his users especially poor old Shirley and her issue is driving users towards other software and the real contender is I-train where the developer is willing to engage the user and help resolve problems.
  7. He may be an expert but that does not make him right by default, or to use a similar parable a doctor is not always right but are experts aswell
  8. actually it’s worse than 799 dollars, it’s now 847 dollars to the uk. In a previous post it is clear he does this as a hobby now and not run to make a profit. Of course there is irony in that as his markup to any country he deems as awarkward shows. Of course you can move to the Falklands or Gibraltar which are uk territory and buy for 649 dollars
  9. I thinks I know what herr freiwald would do. Any one like to guess lol
  10. that’s certainly some hedging by the third party, 200 dollars more ! Even Norway and Switzerland that buy vis the third party is significantly cheaper than the uk prices. At today’s exchange rate that makes the cost approx £644 uk Norway £516 and Switzerland £456
  11. Just looked at the uk price it has jumped to 847 dollars from 711 dollars, to buy in Australia it’s 649 dollars in France it’s 509 euros. so yet again it shows we are being ripped off and clearly does not want to sell to the uk. Would this be brexit sulking.
  12. How about something quaint, a proper handset for controlling those trains. Leave phones for phone calls ect.
  13. Hi, I have something similar to what your building but as others have said I would stay away from the Gaugemaster stuff for the size of layout your planning. There is so much to this topic there is no one right direction you can take. If you want to discuss further your welcome to PM me
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