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  1. Long time since I have been on here but leaving a message for two of you! 33lima ddoherty958 Have a gap of scenery to catch up on south of Dundalk and a few miles north of Drogheda but if anyone wants what done for the NIR please get back to me please. A wee while ago a man from just outside Belfast was taken aback by someone doing the whole of the NIR and he has got a copy! Indeed wants to treat me to a meal when I get over to Belfast from Glasgow!!
  2. Been trying to get back to this ambitious large effort across the Irish Sea. and groaning at the gap I have in part of the thing north of Drogheda and south of Dundalk. Now I know that firstly the Portrush branch station has been modernised and not before time for a resort! Far better than before so I am musing on re-doing my Portrush station and need to have a reviewed look at having to change all my previous tracks used and unused into that terminal. Will search about to find something to be in keeping with the new station building. The other groan is that Londonderry has changed stations fo
  3. Had some health delays again but now slowly trying to catch up on that gap that irritates I said was needing filled on the IR between prt of Dundalk to Drogheda. Wish I had just tuck to the NIR but like Caesar let ambition slide in - wish had just tuck to my original NIR plan then a second version pretending a couple of lines brought back! I had got niggled a wee bit when got to Newry and the crossover beyond the station as well as it being the end of a board. There is a Belfast Trainz fan wh has been in touch personally and we exhanged emails and phone calls. A while back he wasn't bothered w
  4. I am top-toeing back in here as it has been so dashed long! Like many who attempt something large it is easy to give up Only one person outside of myself has this route (!) and I am sure that Belfast man is happy with that situation. Have been trying to set my mind back on my extension south of the Border. Have all the track all the way to Dublin (Connolly) as thought it would be good to be able to run the Enterprise Express betwixt Belfast and Dublin. Mny months ago I had great parts of the scenery in and in an odd way even for a distant Glasgow bloke. Have scenery from Newry over
  5. PICTURES OF MY NI RAILWAYS PROJECT Can I just remind as it was suggested I put pics up on the forum that I listed my site at my first intro. Would be tempting to follow the request but as I have separate slideshows for each Ulster route including the presently suspended and a lot of effort for someone living in Glasgow (!) visiting my site has greater advantages. Slideshows for Belfast-Newry + Belfast-Bangor +Belfast-Londonerry + Belfast - Larne + Coleraine - Portrush + Lisburn - Antrim via Crumlin. There are literally dozens of pictures so if you have not folks visited my site will repeat
  6. Firstly just in passing i groaned when I heard the new name for Belfast Central which makes me sigh but of course not a problem changing name boards. As for the station it was niggling when I first got some form of Belfast Central and whether I will footer about again I will see! I am smiling as you surprisingly also touched oddly on putting up the N. Ireland Railway without waiting for that dashed work on the IR and wish I had just stayed with the NIR as the route would have been available ages ago. Having had a great many trips to Ulster over the years and also taking the boys camps for
  7. Hi 33lima, It's a while as anyone coming on here after so long (!). Been away from my Trainz Ulster prject and partly due to some health issues, etc. Now slowly crawling back but have to say that if I had stuck just to my original plan of just the NIR this would have been uploaded ages ago. Just felt the area was much left out of train sim things and have had a long time visiting the place and was determined to get the NIR done. Originally I had planned just to finish the track beyond Newry at the crossover and then once up there would have been a second edition where I would have pre
  8. Well it took me ages to build those lines of the NIR and wondered if would ever manage it. There cannot be many people who travel as I did over there to see to my aims. Was fortunate to discover a former staff member from Queen's Uni in Belfast who got permission to film in the cab of an NIR train on the presently suspended Crumlin Line. Got a copy of his film on the understanding it wasn't for commercial purposes. Haven't been back on my project recently due to health issues butnow aiming to get to that again. Have a large part of the Irish Rail line between south of Dundalk and a couple of
  9. Me again Horsefan (!!). Tell you what....I will later do something just for you seeing that station is important for you I will keep that in mind when i fish the gap north of Drogheda. With warm assurance from the centre of the universe (Glasgow).
  10. Well Horsefan with so much scenery on the enterprise route actually done and part of that line to "your" station (!) i will keep your wish in mind . The bulk of the Enterprise route is done except for this slow chunk between north of Drogheda and south of Dundalk. My project has been of course a big one and had only originally planned the NIR due to long associations and holidays in it's corner however as my added ambition is a big one will try and keep you in mind.. If I forget please do not send me to Edinburgh as that is a groaning punishment for a Glasgow man....... Now back to Duleek.
  11. Well Horsefan, I have done a part of the line from Dublin Connolly to Pearse then went back to the long crawl doing the Enterprise express route. Scenery-wise the largest empty bit is from Dundalk to a mile or so north of Drogheda and everything south including the Howth branch done as you would see on my site. The other route that branch off the enterprise line to Navan I am not decided on as so much to do re the main line and the inside of Connolly. Never thought I would complete the NIR and then got a bit ambitious crawling south but will see if can hang on regarding you wish!
  12. Thought I would intimate that I have a very reasonably large rail sim project still underway. It inititally was Northern ireland railways and the following routes... (1) Belfast-Bangor. (2) Belfast-Newry. (3) Belfast-Larne. (4) Belfast-Londonderry. (5) Coleraine-Portrush. (6) Lisburn/Crumlin/Antrom. .....ad now cross border These are all present day system (or what is left of it!) and I know the Crumlin route is at present suspended but being kept. I Live in Glasgow but apart from Google Earth I have flown over to Ulster and wanted to make sure of a decent build as had many happy fa
  13. Well good of you to say what you did! As I indicated I have had a long kind of link with over there from those early family stays in Lurgan then in my twenties a hostelling time. For years after took camps to a lovely camp centre a minute's walk from Castlerock station and bang next the wonderful beach. Later had camps in buildings at Donaghadee and near Millisle and my lads always enjoyed travelling over there like I have. Always encouraged the boys to travel to Coleraine or especially Portrush by train (of course!). Although I have finisheed the NIR a while ago I was just passingly frust
  14. Hello Ivor, Good to hear from you. I built this in an earlier version of Trainz but moved it a long time back to TRS12.. In hindsight i should have just stuck to finishing just beond the crossover beyond Newry station. It took me some effort to build all those lines and there cannot be many people who fly over to somewhere to do what I did. Although I am still crawling south on the IR addition I should have maybe stuck to my earlier intention to (once put it up for use) to have a second version pretending a couple of lines like Armagh and elsewhere had been brought back! One man actual
  15. I am a Trainz railway simulator owner and having been to Ulster many times on holiday and taking boys camps there decided to have a crack at building the whole of NIRailways. Have completed ... (1) Belfast-Bangor. (2) Belfast-Newry. (3) Belfast-Larne. (4) Belfast-Londonderry. (5) Coleraine-Portursh. (6) Lisburn-Crumlin-Antrim junction. Hardest was the Crumlin branch presently mothballed. Went over from Glasgowtook train to Lisburn then waited for a bus to the first station on that route. Took pictures then a wait for a bus to each of the next stations so took a while. Then through a
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