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  1. Good to see you back, will be watching this with interest. Best wishes Simon
  2. Interesting you should mention that, the third shop in this structure is going to be a musical instruments shop, got a few on order and am going to make a few guitars from scratch, any decent ones for the window, worse ones can go at the back hehe. Am thinking 'Glod Glodson's Shop with Rocks in' (Found on Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/Az29iAEQgIUHLfjbM-F0vos/?lp=true) Best wishes Simon
  3. blooming hell doesn't time fly!! Not a lot happened on the project until this week, new year = renewed enthusiasm!! firstly, the next shop has been detailed and stuff for the 3rd shop in the row has been ordered and received. I have had a week of this week so decided to get the coaches out again to complete the two I started and to shorten the other 3 as well - I am thinking that I should acquire another one of the baggage cars to do in green but not sure, what do you guys think? Anyway, these were shortened by a third, 4 windows from the middle cut out so quite a bit shorter but really works for this layout I think. Yep, lots of updates coming over the next few weeks/months! A little off topic but I found a new supplier of details and am delighted with them - https://badsquiddogames.com/shop Their selection of scenic items, although designed for 28mm wargaming would be really useful in O gauge or similar so heads up guys! I have a set of the food supplies basing kit and the cargo supplies, superb resin casting - will add piccies when painted! Best wishes Simon
  4. Another hint for getting the lid off those pots is to boil a kettle and pour enough hot water into a cup so that the lid is almost covered when put in up side down. The plastic expands more than the cooler glass and loosens the lid, I have found this works in most cases. best wishes Simon
  5. absolutely stunning, welcome back!! Best wishes Simon
  6. Bridgebury Gate all packed and loaded last night. Stick readyvto go inti the cars this morning. Hope to see some of you today and tomorrow. We are looking forward to the show. Era - BR sector so loads of colourful diesels! Best wishes Simon
  7. sorry to be naggy nag nag but was wondering how your projects are progressing, in particular the PXAs. Best wishes Simon
  8. Goods news, we are patient people. Sounds really good, defo a rake coming my way, already preparing the vehicles to load on them! Best wishes Simon
  9. as an addition to the previous discussion about the Warrior vehicle for the warwells, these are now available from Butler Printer Models as a 3D print so very light weight - perfect for a long train. https://www.butlersprintedmodels.co.uk/10/12-mm/post-ww2-c82/british/tracked.html No connection beyond repeat customer with a pile of Scorpions to paint, Warriors to follow next time. Usual issues associated with layering but still lovely models for the size and unbeatable prices! Best wishes Simon
  10. well, that was a bit of a mess of all that I made last night, time to try again - One piccie of the shop interior Still very large though. Best wishes Simon
  11. Oops, posted before I finished it, piccies a lott bigger than I was expecting, only a small file as well, never mind. Simply found piccies of Persian rugs online, chucked them into Word, sized and printed. Just need to choose a suitable figure for the shop and done! Best wishes Simon
  12. Mini update - I detailed one of the shop interiors -
  13. Not enough Sapien Pearwood left on the disc for a whole layout, I hope to get enough for one of the cassettes for train storage, it can load and upload the trains for me then! oh yeah, I've been to shows where Foul Ole Ron's odor has attended!! Best wishes Simon
  14. Pleased to hear you think I am going in the right direction so far guys. Best wishes Simon
  15. ap[ologies for me not responding to these suggestions, got a little confused for a while with the new format (love it now though) and been caught out with real life affecting unreal life. Anyway, thanks for your kind comments about Hobbiton End Cam, most appreciated. I have been working on more structures and have the track plan finalised, cannot remember if it is on here or not yet, just looked tis on post , D'oh!! A few piccies of the latest additions to the buildings collection - Firstly, the development of a building shown in an earlier post now complete with windows, doors and roof. Secondly a well developed model of an Inn/eatery with a partially open eating area at ground level, details to be added as well as detailed interiors and lighting. Thirdly, the latest building being developed, a row of shops with accommodation above. I have just started doing the interiors as well. I got a surprise today at work with the delivery of a pair of 3D printers for us to have a play with, AWESOME!!! Best wishes Simon
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