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  1. An additional comment I would like to add is that more recently, i use a permanent marker such as a Sharpie to blacken the etches for the MBD couplings before assembling them, other than the part to be soldered. this helps to make them less visible than the bare brass etch. I found that paint would run off too quickly. Best wishes Simon
  2. yes, that is correct, I solder the dropper to that rectangular tab that they suggest you cut off. gives a nice area to solder the wire to for strength. Best wishes Simon
  3. Great work so far, I use MBD coupings on my Polpendra layout and have found them to be superb and yes, I do solder the wire dropper in place though I do not use the wire provided. I cut a length and bend a short bit at the end to 90 degrees and slide it through the coupling the solder it into the side of the loop which has the longer tab. Will try to sort a few piccies tomorrow if you want me to. They are fiddly to get the hang of assembling but I found that once I got in my stride I can assemble a surprisingly big batch in only one evening. I use them on the layout with electromag
  4. I agree, it defo needs somet to finish it off. Best wishes Simon
  5. Oh yeah, another project I have been working on was a Christmas pressie for my Harry Potter fan of a wife, I made her a Book Nook model for the book shelf based on Diagon Alley - Not the best piccies in the world but hopefully will give you the idea. Best wishes Simon
  6. Ok, I have started adding lighting to some of the more recent structures this week having ordered a new roll of LED light strip. That is where the issue started as you can see in the first piccie, the lights are way too white despite being warm white so what to do... (Defo need to sort out that window on the front there, that frame does not fit at all!) The answer for the lighting? Eat sweets!! In particular the toffee coins and orange creams from Quality street so that I can use the plastic wrapping to cover the LED light strip for a much better colou
  7. October!!! Ooer, need to update things!!! I will add piccies this evening of the latest developments. Best wishes Simon
  8. This scene is looking great, especially like the inclusion of the long tree trunk, it makes the scene really realistic! best wishes Simon
  9. That could so easily be a piccie of a model railway, I thought it was at first!! such a useful image for details isnt it. Best wishes simon
  10. Gargoyles are on the shopping list for the future so will defo be added in a few places. that garden one is very cool, lucky you and I agree, red eyes would look great!! Best wishes Simon
  11. these look great, if you wanted an easy addition to the train, some of these trains ran with a VGA van for all the straps and accessories. Best wishes Simon
  12. cheers guys, much as the idea sounds intriguing, I think I must decline the offer of jelly and pickle for the river lol! I do agree that swamp dragons must be included somewhere, not sure where yet though. Best wishes Simon
  13. Quick update time, with lots of help from Russel, cheers mate, I now have a stormy cloudy backscene and am rather pleased with it, what do you guys think? There will be another large warehouse style structure this end with a track leading into it for loading/unloading (accessible through the backscene) which should help hide the access trackwork as well. oops, little blurry, sorry! Now I notice the missing chimney in the corner which will hide the corner brace. More to follow. Best wishes
  14. I use Halfords grey plastic primer for N gauge with no issues of details clogged up - primed loco bodies, 28mm scale figures and a few days ago, a selection of n gauge whitemetal figures for painting - no issues at all! Best wishes Simon
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