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  1. defo, that was one of the first building I worked on, piccie in the first post. Will have some bare boobies hanging out of windows etc, got to be done lol, maybe a poster for a ha'penny upright? Latest little bit of work on the upper floors over the 3 shops shown recently - This is the front of the building, this will sit on the shops when I have fitted the lights to the shop areas. (just noticed a slate bent over, will go and sort that in a mo) Here are the 3 interiors now they are made up ready to go in, very minimal detail this time as the rooms only have small windows. They will install like this, with a ceiling on each with the LED lights added. Best wishes Simon
  2. piccies fouond through google, quick search for 'Vetinari' and 'Mona Ogg' I think. cant find the Vetinari one again now, aargh! Mona Ogg still there though. Best wishes Simon
  3. little additional info, the painting on the wall over the bed is a copy of the famous painting by Leonard of Quirm called the Mona Ogg, it is said that her teeth follow you around the room! Best wishes Simon
  4. I have done a little more work the last couple of days on one of the earlier buildings, the eatery - This is the building in question, when I get a sign sorted, it will be called 'The Wizard the Wench' The lower section, will get and add some piccies tomorrow, is the eatery/bar area with tables and a serving area. the lower floor on the left will get a kitchen interior added. I have been working on the rooms for the upper floor on the right hand side above the eatery area, one smaller single room and a larger double room - I am pleased hoe these are coming out so far. Kitchen next then. Best wishes and stay safe Simon
  5. Plan is to install a working crane/lift to the upper levels of the warehouse, not sure that I can get a golem animated though. defo an idea to consider! Best wishes Simon
  6. The next set of building are now on their way, the warehouse complex for the right hand end of the layout. I bought in a pack of A3 sheets of hard foam, like polystyrene but tighter similar to insulation stuff. Anyway, it is 10mm thick rather than the 100mm thick lumps I have already so ideal for walls etc. I marked out the parts, put out the windows and scribed the stonework before gluing and pinning together. Yes, the pins will be removed when the glue has hardened. Am pleased with it so far but lots to do including a working crane/hoist system to lift stuff off wagons and up to the upper floors. not sure how at the mo, but Russell, electrical guru I know, and I have been talking through options. Best wishes Simon
  7. Back to roofing work for me today on the row of shops, I thought I would add a few piccies showing the process for making the tiles etc should anyone be interested in that so here goes - First of all, I paint a few sheets of cars grey ensuring that I blend in darker and lighter areas, longways to match the direction of the slates. When these are dry, note here that the card curls up as it dries, a few hours under a heavy weight straightened them enough to work with, I marked the back for the tiles. For AMKL, I have used tiles 10mm wide by 15mm long. Once cut into strips with a knife and straight edge, I end up with a load of strips marked out ready for cutting into separate tiles, scissors next. Here we are, a pot of tiles ready to get glued on individually. I also put a load of the tiles to one side and trim small nicks off the corners etc to 'roughen' them all up, for this layout, I do not want a neat perfect roof. Finally, after a few hours of adding the tiles, the roof is nearly finished, the ridge tiles need to be painted and then a dry brushing down the roof to finish. Best wishes Simon
  8. For anyone coming across this thread, I have found that the Citadel paints 'Troll Slayer Orange' is an identical match to the orange plastic the kit is moulded in. I am building a batch of 5 and have sprayed the bodies and the etched this colour with a great result! Best wishes Simon
  9. Another quick update, I have been using an old narrow board to try the buildings together so check that it is going to work well and fits. Am really pleased so far Some of these buildings need small details adding/finishing etc such as completing the roofs, signage, glazing etc. They will be lit and most have interior details in some of the rooms. After a suggestion from a friend of mine, the pub/eatery at the end will be called 'The Wizard and Wench'. Am sure there is a story behind that name! Best wishes Simon
  10. A quick update, along side lots of other projects in N gauge, I know sorry! I have been painting figure for Ankh Morpork. The layout will have a decent population with several models from other suppliers on the list to acquire in the future - Completed so far, although the ones on the rear block need a coat of mat varnish for protection and to blend the finish. I work on a smaller block with a small batch of figures at a time so that I can be painting one while another is drying etc. I am finding this is quicker and less boring waiting - not one for watching paint dry! Naked lady will be mounted on the purple covered table behind her and set up with a painted in a room scene. 3 guys are identical but there is an issue finding 28mm scale seated passengers so I bought 4 of these to spread around in the coaching stock. The guy at the front will not stay with such a garish coloured face, this is the base coat and will have several highlight layers addedd before completed. Finally for today, this is the next batch to be getting on with, some were bought already painted, they will be stripped, primed and repainted. Best wishes and stay safe Simon
  11. Exactly why I have not bought anything new for quite some time! A real shame but, money will only go so far when on a budget. Best wishes, love the class 31 resprays by the way! Simon
  12. One advantage I have modelling in N gauge lol, I will be doing a long rake of them, my earlier era military goods is 11 wagons long loaded with Ferrets, Saladins and Saracens. By the way, assuming it is still available, Airfix do/have done a kit in 1:76 for the Scorpion/Scimitar. as far as I am aware it includes parts to do either version. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-01320-scorpion-scimitar-tank--181525 Best wishes Simon
  13. Great looking updates, I enjoy reading your thread. Just a quick note about the Warrior APCs you are doing, they will need to sit on cradles on the warwell wagons. They were too wide to sit on the wagon and needed to be lifted up above platform height. No idea if anyone does a cradle kit in OO, I model in N gauge and plan on a rake of Warwells with Warriors at some stage. A good piccie near the top of this page - https://pgmodels.wordpress.com/2010/03/13/a-few-more-details/ Best wishes Simon
  14. think I have sorted it, the setting had a stoopid height for the gantry height, reset that and fingers crossed, it is now playing ball. Thanks for the advice. Best wishes Simon
  15. Have now have access to use a 'Monoprice Mini Delta' 3D printer. I am using it today for the first time. The pre-installed test print went really well and was delighted but each time I try to print something I have downloaded, the nozzle head goes off the side of the print bed and tries to print there. Anyone know what I am doing wrong and hoe to help me sort it out? Getting VERY frustrated!! Best wishes Simon
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