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  1. Gargoyles are on the shopping list for the future so will defo be added in a few places. that garden one is very cool, lucky you and I agree, red eyes would look great!! Best wishes Simon
  2. these look great, if you wanted an easy addition to the train, some of these trains ran with a VGA van for all the straps and accessories. Best wishes Simon
  3. cheers guys, much as the idea sounds intriguing, I think I must decline the offer of jelly and pickle for the river lol! I do agree that swamp dragons must be included somewhere, not sure where yet though. Best wishes Simon
  4. Quick update time, with lots of help from Russel, cheers mate, I now have a stormy cloudy backscene and am rather pleased with it, what do you guys think? There will be another large warehouse style structure this end with a track leading into it for loading/unloading (accessible through the backscene) which should help hide the access trackwork as well. oops, little blurry, sorry! Now I notice the missing chimney in the corner which will hide the corner brace. More to follow. Best wishes
  5. I use Halfords grey plastic primer for N gauge with no issues of details clogged up - primed loco bodies, 28mm scale figures and a few days ago, a selection of n gauge whitemetal figures for painting - no issues at all! Best wishes Simon
  6. Another hint for suitable vehicles for these wagons - Butler Printed Models - 3D printed military vehicles, very good price (£2.48 for a Scorpion) although not the best detail on the planet but more than good enough for a moving train and as they are 3D printed plastic they are very light so no top heavy troubles, Now those post 1976 Warflat wagon kits are out, I had better order some for my box of already painted Scorpions, scimitars and strikers. Best wishes Simon
  7. No need to apologise, if all this encourages one more person to find and enjoy the discworld books it is well worth it!! Working through adding the backscene images to the boards today, slowly but surely, images to follow when completed. best wishes Simon
  8. Quick update, all the track is now laid including dropper wires for the frogs and blades in each point, thanks russ for very neat soldering! A quick piccie with some of the stock out for an overall look - Best wishes Simon
  9. defo Colour of Magic, it is the first of the series and leads on into The Light Fantastic. These 2 books were made into a comedy/drama for television a few years ago with David Jason playing Rincewind the Wizard - well worth finding! this is the sequenced reading list - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discworld#/media/File:Discworld_Reading_Order_Guide_3.0_(cropped).jpg yep, very complicated! to be honest, I read them in order that they were published, the variety of characters etc works really well. Best wishes and enjoy, I am very envious that you are
  10. A few additions/developments on the go - firstly, the removable middle building is developing really well with all of the timber framing in place now and most of the windows, run out so need to order more! I have also made up a detailed interior room for the top floor as when the roof is in place, this will be sealed in pretty much. I have also been working on the right hand end of the layout around the rear track exit to sort out and cover the track. The idea is that there will be a wooden walkway across the front of
  11. found the booklet of buildings thanks joppyuk1, used your search successfully! link here for anyone else interested - https://hetoogdesmeesters.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/games-workshop-warhammer-townscapes-1988.pdf Good thought GWR57xx, will try that. Best wishes Simon
  12. if you find the link again, I would love that, cannot find anything now though. Could just be me not searching with the right words. By the way, I think I have found the (almost) ideal backscene for the layout - https://www.art-printers.com/product-list/overcast-sky the only issue is that these are 15 inches high and my backscene is 20 inches from the board up to the top. I am going to spend time looking to see if that 5 inches is easy to hide along the bottom, pretty sure it will be fine along the buildings, just need to check a couple of areas before I or
  13. yeah, long time ago ain't it! Never got the opportunity to meet in person, gutted to find out a few years ago he switched on the Christmas lights in Burnham on Sea, just down the road from me! I was sat at home totally unaware what was going on - aaargh!!! Anyway, next building on the way now, this one it tall to help disguise the central board and backscene join so will be removable. Lots more still to do but you get the idea so far I hope - A little more work also needed on the backscene with a slot system to be installed to alig
  14. totally agree with you, I also listen to the books with Audible while working etc. amazing writer wasn't he! “Ankh-Morpork! Pearl of cities! This is not a completely accurate description, of course — it was not round and shiny — but even its worst enemies would agree that if you had to liken Ankh-Morpork to anything, then it might as well be a piece of rubbish covered with the diseased secretions of a dying mollusc.” ― Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic I do hope I can do his vision justice! Best wishes Simon
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