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  1. Ok mate. Cheers for that. Between my mate and myself we received those wagons too. 66738
  2. It was suggested to Hattons that IF there was a possibility of obtaining more stock from Olivias, before putting them on general sale, give those that have had their orders unfulfilled first refusal. The reaction left me feeling the suggestion had fallen on deaf ears. Fingers crossed it all works out one way or another. 66738
  3. Can I ask what BOC numbers you got mate? 66738
  4. Yes, the same thing happened to me and my mate. My order from Thursday evening is missing BOC 02. Yet it was on sale all Friday and Saturday. My mates order of BOC 08 and BOC 16 ordered Friday morning has failed to appear and upon enquiring (at what point were they going to let him know?) learned that neither wagon is going to arrive. Again these were still available on Saturday. I was suspicious as one minute some were not available then all of a sudden more than 10 were available. An absolute mess up with the ordering system that has left us not too pleased at all. 66738
  5. These look so good. I will definitely be pre ordering the 4 lots of 2, Was hoping for more than 8 different ECC wagons but like mentioned, if popular, another batch will come fairly soon after, so I can achieve a 15/16 rake. Good luck with these guys. Edit: CDA’s Pre Ordered 66738
  6. Yes mate, BOC20. But all is well as they’ve found another stash of these tanks and I’ve managed to add onto my order BOC16. The same Red stripe tank, Nitrogen with GPS bogies. You can’t blame them for buying them all. The price is that good. Either re number using the transfer sheet (£6) or if you want, sell on at a profit. T 66738
  7. Disappearing in front of my eyes before I can purchase them! They won’t hang around long at that price. Like has already been said, no way was I going to purchase at £75, but £45 is a whole different ball game. 66738
  8. There’s the 110 window frames as well. Is it easier to add the frames to a 104 or take frames away from a 110? Either way, it’s not easy. I’ll stick with my Hornby 110 bodies on modified Bachmann 108 chassis’s. And wait patiently. To me it would be a logical progression for Heljan. 66738
  9. It will be interesting to see if 104’s are converted to 110’s. In fact, I’m kind of hoping that a few years down the line, we may see a 110 following on from Heljan? 66738
  10. Oh yeah baby! I have waited a long time for some of these. My favourite Heritage DMU. I loved how utterly clapped out they were. Exhaust rasp, windows and fittings vibrating like mad. Wonderful! Like others, I thought I might eventually see this from the Barwell lot, but if they do as good a job on the 104 like they did with the 128, I’ll be happy. Initial thoughts were this is going to be expensive as I’ll have the white stripe, The Blue and Grey and the NSE flashes 2 car. Sadly after doing a bit of investigating, the white stripe set is too early for me. The Blue and Grey set beca
  11. I want 008 like that with no headlight as from October 1986. 66738
  12. Like lots more on here, I didn’t pre order.I Was just going to wait until they were released. If I had known that to obtain one, you had to pre order, I would have done. I agree that if Hattons felt they were struggling for numbers to make the project work, they could have made it known on here and in Model Magazines. I’m very disappointed and hope Hattons reconsider allowing further pre orders. 66738
  13. To be honest, ignoring the incorrect buffers, I thought the updated MGR was alright. I still do TBH. I’ll wait to see both arrive and make my decision then. Definitely going to update my future Cornish layout (One day I will get around to it) ECC CDA’s though. Hornby’s attempt at the retractable roof is woeful. 66738
  14. I was delighted with this wagon coded HAA. I just removed the canopy and distributor, and voila, I had another red frame HAA to add to the rake................ Then Cavalex came and put the cat among the pigeons. I suddenly had a big decision to make. Then Accurascale joined in. Double trouble. Do I stick with the Hornby’s? Go Cavalex or Accurascale? I think I shall wait to see how wowed I am by both newbies. Then decide. 66738
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