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  1. It’s nice that we get to see it every day, and it sits as a reminder of the good old days. ‘Our pet’ was one of 23 units that were our bread and butter up and down the Penistone line, and of course others routes. Warm in winter with drivers and second mans heaters and good all round vision (compared to 142’s). I’d have driven them until the end of my days. An absolutely superb unit. And I’m by no means the only driver to feel this way. 001 (well half of it) lives on to become an important tool of Platform 1, to assist people with a variety of issues. It would have been nice for the first of the class to still be a runner on a preserved line, but there are enough examples saved for us to ride on. It’s new purpose is much better than the alternative. Being recycled into fizzy drink cans. 66738
  2. I definitely welcome a bog standard work a day example. Bachmann are not the only ones guilty over the years of being obsessed with a celebrity loco or oddity liveries. 47301 and 47050 spring to mind. I just want a normal Railfreight 47. 66738
  3. Sorry if I have missed it somewhere but when did the TRL logos get replaced with Tiger ones? 66738
  4. As far as I can see: 56008 was Blue from new until the early 90’s when it was withdrawn. The only livery it carried. 56019 went Railfreight red stripe in March 1988 and stayed in it until at least 1998. Not sure when withdrawn but I think it was still in red stripe. 56070 was Blue until at November 1989, when it went into Railfreight construction sector. 56077 was Railfreight by summer 1986. Possibly earlier. The earliest picture I can find of 077 in Coal sector diamonds is May 1991. 56093 wore LL from new until between 1988 and 1990, when it went into Coal sector. 56120 was LL from new until at least 1990, before going to coal sector. Anyone that can fill in some uncertainties with more accurate dates, please feel free to correct. 66738
  5. I do hope so. Hornby’s was good at the time it came out but has always had its issues. As for the 31, I seems to me that Hornby never really believed in this model. So many liveries still to do on the 31/1 and as for the 31/4, they have only scratched the surface. Since the 31/4 was released all them years ago, people have asked for a 31/4 in blue. It’s never come. Why have they not pushed it over the years? 66738
  6. Am I right in thinking that from the mid ‘80’s, 008 had round buffers at #1 end and oval at #2 end? All photos on Flickr seem to show this. 66738
  7. Fuming! I will never, ever have any money at this rate. You and the other lot are bleeding me dry. I’ll have 3 please. Thank you. 66738
  8. Excellent! My existing rake will welcome these additions. My wallet on the other hand.... 66738
  9. Yes, it did in around 1987. Fingers crossed Realtrack will one day produce a 144 in it’s original Metrotrain livery with its original bus seats. I hope you get your wish and 017 is produced for you in 2 car form. I hope the real 017 is being looked after well. I miss driving her. I have a huge soft spot for her. She’s quite unique being the only 3 car set with the alternative fire system. (013 the only two car set with this set up). 66738
  10. You can find them on internet auction sites every now and again, but they go for good money. 017 is a 3 car and a centre car has never been done by Realtrack. I think I can remember Charlie being asked about a centre car and him replying probably not. I think more 2 cars are planned for the future though. 66738
  11. West Yorkshire and Calder valley to Leeds/York - Man Vic/Blackpool. And only very recently the East Riding/Hull. No drivers based in South Yorkshire have ever signed them. Very rare for them to venture into South Yorkshire. I’ve taken a 155 to Sheffield only twice in my entire career. 66738
  12. All I can think of is bus seat interior. 66738
  13. It was absolute sacrilege going from that BR Blue masterpiece to Colas. Orange, Yellow and Black look great when it’s on District Line seat Moquette but too garish on a Locomotive. Especially one that looked so superb in its previous livery. 66738
  14. Excellent news regarding the 25/1. Love the picture of the final 3 on their last journey (or so it was thought at the time). I’ll definitely have an 059 if it’s on the menu. 25904 would be nice too! 66738
  15. What on earth? That is simply horrendous. I’d cry if I ordered one and it arrived like that. What a mess. The mud smeared over the front and what’s happening with those head code boxes? Like others, I am so glad an alternative is going to be available. 66738
  16. 150275’s yellow light clusters didn’t last long. They soon turned back to the standard black, and were indeed black when I drove it a couple of weeks ago. 66738
  17. Yes, I’m going to order the same two. Could be tempted with Ethel as well, but it depends how much overtime I can do at work. There’s so many top notch new models due soon, Including Accurascale’s Deltic and 37’s, finances are going to be really stretched. 66738
  18. That blue 25 with msp looks sooooo good. Good job guys!! 66738
  19. You beauty!!! If my 24 is anything to go by, your 25 should run rings around what’s out there now and upcoming. Can’t wait. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. 66738
  20. I’d love a 150/2 in Running man sprinter livery. I know they don’t have the tooling for the window in the gangway door but I could sort something out. My mid 80’s in the north layout could really do with one. I live in hope. 66738
  21. 66738

    OO gauge Turbot

    Dapol have announced another batch of Turbots, due in the Autumn. 4 Dutch different running numbers 2 EWS different running numbers. I think that would mean I had a 10 rake of different numbers in Dutch. 3 (1st run) + 3 (2nd run) + 4 (3rd run). Nice. 66738
  22. On one hand, I’m very jealous of those that do model today’s railways. These wagons along with their longer cousins look absolutely stunning. Then again on the other hand, I’m glad I don’t. Just modelling 80’s Blue gets me into enough financial strife. These really are fabulous times for us modellers. We are so lucky. 66738
  23. It’s a bit frustrating because the nice gent was pretty open with me about what had gone on, how they felt about it and fingers crossed what will happen in the future. Just some of that transparency put into a statement would have helped tremendously. But it’s not up to me to suggest what they should do. It’s up to them. 66738
  24. Just Name and address, invoice number. I just went on my footplate account and printed off the order. Shows everything on there. 66738
  25. Yes, gutted is the word I would use too. I didn’t want to make this decision but £150 is a lot of money in these difficult times and sadly mine are on their way to the Post Office shortly. I have been patient. A week is plenty time for them to assess the situation. Let me be clear, I’m not expecting a solution here and now. I am expecting some sort of acknowledgement either on their site or on here that they are aware and are working on a solution. I know this is an extremely difficult time for them. Very damaging. But for them to put out nothing is disappointing to say the least. I can’t risk losing a huge chunk of my outlay. I will say, If they eventually get the Salmon to where it needs to be (and should have been), I won’t hesitate in purchasing some again. 66738 Edit: Before I sealed my returns box up, I thought I would give Footplate a ring just to confirm what they required paperwork wise. Had a very pleasant chat with a nice fella. I apologised that I would have to send them back due to the dimensions error, and he was absolutely fine with it. As sad as I still am, after my conversation with them, I feel a little bit better knowing that Footplate won’t be terminally effected by this and that a solution is been sought to bring us a correct wagon in the fullness of time. 66738
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