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  1. Hi Simon, Apologies if this is too late to be of use. I was looking through my newly purchased copy of "The 2-8-0 Tank Papers" (Ian Sixsmith, Irwell Press) and noticed three photos that include 35 ton hoists: p26, Worcester p43, St Blazey p61, Worcester None of them is really a shot of the hoist itself, rather the engines under them. You can see a fair bit of the hoists though, so may be of use. Cheers Peter
  2. Thanks. I've just had another look, taken the roof off (mind the handrail!) and done what you suggest and put the roof back on and it's now much better.
  3. My two 48xx arrived yesterday . Great service as usual from Tower Models. Unfortunately both have the issue with the tiny screws from the plate under the front drivers not doing their job. A couple of bits of detail loose in the box, easily resolved. Considering how far these have travelled and how many times they've been shipped and handled and how much small detail there is to be damaged, they've survived remarkably well. The only complaint I have (apart from the screws) is the daylight either side of the cab roof and the cab sides. Probably no more than 0.5mm each side, but very noticeable. Anyone else had this? It doesn't look as though the cab sides are splayed out, more like the roof just isn't quite wide enough?
  4. Another superb bit of work - you are setting a very high bar, I'm thinking maybe I should just give up now!
  5. Posted this morning on Tower Models' website: Good news from Dapol, we should hopefully receive later on today the first of the sound equipped versions of the 48xx/14xx/58xx 0-4-2 Autotanks. The delivery is expected later on in the day so we will get as many of them off today as we can but the majority will be despatched tomorrow. Those for numbering and weathering will be through to the workshop tomorrow night and should hopefully the first of them should be completed in the next ten days or so.
  6. Would something like this work? https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=horn&PN=RB-Model-Fittings-Foghorn-11x4mm-RB026114.html#SID=770
  7. Just thought some of you good folk might be interested in a period bus model - I've been looking for something suitable for a while and I happened to come across this diecast model from RIO while browsing the web earlier in the week. Mine was delivered yesterday, but @Jason Pape beat me to posting a photo, so I've linked to his post in another thread (hope that's ok?): I thought it would look good done out in GWR colours and insignia ... For anyone who's interested, it's a RIO #20 - Fiat Omnibus BL18 (1915).
  8. By coincidence I have just bought exactly the same model this week - I thought it would look the part repainted into Great Western colours. It's a very nice model and very reasonably priced. RIO #20 - Fiat Omnibus BL18, 1:43 scale (7mm).
  9. After a bit more research I think Minerva have got the buffer beam rivets spot on. I think the font used for the Fox transfers might be a bit too heavy and possibly a fraction too large as well? This page http://www.gwr.org.uk/liveriesloco1906.html (about half way down) appears to support Fox's use of yellow rather than dull gold (seemingly contradicting GW Way), but compare the weight of the font used by Didcot on Lode Star with those in my images above. I'll wait until I've received the GS transfers before deciding my next step.
  10. Those two photos look very realistic. Had to look twice at the first one to check if it was real or model. Really nicely done.
  11. Maybe I should grind the offending bumps off (or just down a bit) so the transfers are flat and don't look distorted from different angles? I'd be concerned about making a total bosh of it though...
  12. A comparison with the Dapol 57xx and Lionheart 64xx: The Fox numerals appear quite a bit larger and thicker than the Dapol ones, and certainly a lot yellower and brighter. Time to do the bunker end: Again I cut the numerals as close as I dared, only to find I needed to shave even more off: This is all I'm using: First (last) three digits on, and you can see that the next 8 has to go over those two humungous rivets: The eight at the other end is also on to equally big rivets: From a few different angles: I've put some Microsol ("Softens decals to conform to irregular surfaces; For a "painted on" look") on front and back so I'll leave that overnight to see if it helps. Overall I'm not too pleased with my efforts because apart from straight on the numbers are quite distorted, and even if they weren't they are still too big and too yellow compared to the other engines. I checked Great Western Way and discovered that from 1940 onwards the GWR changed buffer beam numbers from gold to yellow. After 1940 the numerals were 6" high but I couldn't find an equivalent dimension for the earlier numbers. It appears that the Fox numerals are the 1940-1947 version? I looked at the HMRS transfers, but it's a bit galling to fork out that much for a sheet of transfers of which 95% will be useless to me, but maybe I'll have to. Searching online I came across GS Model Supplies (Geoff Stait), who do 7mm GWR numerals, so I've ordered some of theirs to try. If they look a better size and colour then I'll remove this attempt and re-do them. Are there any other suppliers of 7mm GWR buffer beam numeral transfers?
  13. I notice that the C&L website now lists four options for 7mm fishplates: 7FP101A: Plastic, 24 for 12 track joints 7FP101B: Brass, 12 for 6 track joints 7FP101C: Etched Nickel Silver, 12 for 6 track joints 7FP101D: Etched Nickel Silver reinforced rib, 12 for 6 track joints full wrap round style Currently no photos of these last two. Does anyone know if these are "H" style, like the Exactoscale ones?
  14. Only just come across this thread. Looks superb and right up my street. Going back to read from the beginning.
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