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  1. This is the 1930’s - no Social Services, and she’s the chimney sweep’s daughter!
  2. Blu-tac? (other colours are available)
  3. Update from Tower Models' website:
  4. The wife will certainly notice an order for diamonds - well they are apparently a girl’s best friend. When she sees what arrives it might well be your last order - for anything .
  5. Great photo. Lovely brooding sky. Bathing huts for the hydrophobic? The set for Mad Max 27?
  6. Looking at options for these connectors I came across RJ12 which provides a 6-way cable in a neat package - basically telephone / network cable and comes ready made. Order placed.
  7. Well spotted! After playing around with the track plan in Anyrail and running through movements in my imagination I concluded that the second plan was getting a little cluttered and some of the radii a little tight. Avoiding turnouts over baseboard joints was also an issue. Overall I was happier with the original plan. Time will tell I guess.
  8. I've been thinking about the interconnecting cable between the two units. I can think of a few different options, each involving a different number of conductors. The fewest I think I can get away with is five: Common (Ground); Servo Signal A->B; Servo Signal B->A; Bell A->B & Bell B->A. However, this version would depend on my servo driver board being able to drive the signal line over an extended distance, which I wasn't sure it could do. So I ordered some servo connector sets to test the concept by breaking into the signal wire and inserting a 10m length of 0.5mm2 wire that was to hand. I'm pleased to report that the test worked, so now I need to order some 5-way cable and connectors.
  9. My “Great Western” liveried 43xx’s cabside number plates have an orange/red lining. From what I can gather these lined plates would only have been carried by lined locos, and I’m not sure if even they would have had lined plates in the 1930’s. Does anyone know for sure? Anyway I thought mine would look better with unlined plates so I ordered some replacements from Narrow Planet some three months ago, which dropped through the letterbox today .
  10. Great spread on Llanidris in the June BRM - layout is looking superb. Congratulations
  11. I ordered some 7mm cabside number plates on 2nd Feb. On 27th March I received an email with the samples for approval and today received a shipping confirmation. As others have said, the plates are produced as a batch so if you happen to order just before a batch is processed and your order can be added to the batch then you'll get them relatively quickly, but if you order just after a batch is processed you just need to be patient.
  12. A little progress on the back panel. Santa did indeed deliver, so I've been able to drill the holes in the aluminium angle to hold the interface connectors: All I need to do now is wire them up internally and build a layout to connect them to
  13. Hi Simon, Sorry, but if you want my honest opinion those gaps between the slates still look a bit on the large size. Is that the kerf width of your laser, or did you cut a wider piece out? It looks like about 0.5 to 1mm? Which would equate to roughly 0.85 to 1.7 inches in full size, whereas slates are actually butted right up to each other. If possible I’d try just cutting a straight line and using just the kerf width (usually about 0.2mm?) to make the gap.
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