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  1. Hi Pandora , Sorry for long time reply been a bit busy, Fabulous to see the pics showing Doncaster cold stores happy memories and the pic of trolleybus climbing up st james bridge well I could of been on that bus who knows eh fab pics Thanks
  2. Wow hello Pandora such a small world , Did you attend Balby Borstal as it was affectionally Known aka Oswin Ave ? Now that wooden ramp you mention was my second home lol if I wasn't on a platform with the required 1d platform ticket then I would be on the ramp somewhere . I remember stevens of balby and Thomas Burnett's but don't remember Lincoln engine & wagon and how strange cos Grandad and Grandma lived almost at bottom of stone close ave can't remember number 100 and something, there was a cattle dock but don't remember scrapyard there . I remember a scrap yard further up the sheffield line next to greenfield lane bridge
  3. I Received mine today , and well pleased with them , I'm sure after butchering to what I need and painting and weathering they will do my bridge proud, I intend to build a bridge to block the sector plate which will replace the mock up in the pic
  4. I Have just managed to get a nice chap on Ebay make me some 3d printed plate girder bridge sides for our scale I asked him to make them 35mm being as its 7mm to the foot they should be a scale 5 foot high I can't wait to see how good they are when I get them, the link to them on Ebay is 324211592553
  5. Hi John , Yes I had realised this hence why it went on ebay , I had already decided it did not fit with my blue era diesels Cheers Malc
  6. I hope you sort it John , The wagon sold two minutes after I wrote to you it was on eBay ! , Ive still quite a bit of card to cut and a couple of other bits and pieces to do before I can start ballasting too cheers Malc
  7. Hi John I did add the resin coal load , it is now on Ebay for sale lol, The 1.5mm mounting board is cut and placed between and around the 3mm deep sleepers so as to use less ballast once I start ballasting making the gaps only 1.5mm deep instead of 3mm deep if you see what I mean
  8. Not much to report of late , have been boringly busy though cutting thousands of tiny pieces of 1.5mm mounting board to fit between sleepers ready for ballasting , I think 10mmx11m and 30mmx10mm is now engraved into my mind lol , but it will save a lot of ballast being needed
  9. Ooh look whats just rolled into cherry tree sidings
  10. Hi aac Thanks but I dont intend having it turned on whilst there its just somewhere it lives when not in use but Thank You for pointing it out
  11. Forgot to say the voltage droppers were from Ebay link here : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3pcs-LM2596-Power-Supply-Step-Down-3Pcs-DC-DC-Buck-Converter-Adjustable-Module/283519172465?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=584674021952&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 and they arrived in three days !
  12. Hi all, Quick update , still slowly doing bits installed some buffer stops , then decided to illuminate them so I drilled the lamps with a 1mm bit then 2mm bit and finally 3mm bit and fitted some 3mm red leds , As my power supply is pumping out 13.8v I needed to find a way to reduce the voltage , was going to buy resisitors but I stumbled across the tiny dc-dc converters in pic 4 at £3.09 for Three (a Bargain) So I wired the leds in series + to- etc then needed 6v so adjusted the converter down to 6v output and brill they work spot on and I still have two spare voltage converters :)
  13. How strange double arrows under leading cab window and centrally too
  14. Great to see you also have some (REAL MONEY) I too have lots of it in differing denominations
  15. That Good Looking A3 was probably built less than 1/2 a mile from where I was born (probably the reason I'm good looking too ) Superb locos there
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