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  1. Does this include everything in this scale or just standard gauge? Just wondering about NG modellers and possible confusion with the 7mm NGA (which as far as I know is not involved with any of the ‘politics’ mentioned elsewhere).
  2. I can’t see an extension of main line services to Meldon being needed either. I was suggesting that it might be possible to continue operating some form of heritage services, but on the Okehampton to Meldon section when it is not in use for freight, not going beyond Okehampton towards Exeter.
  3. That’s what I was thinking. The fact that their stock is kept at the quarry and that it could be kept separate is obviously an advantage. I wouldn’t have thought sharing with (weekday?) freight trains would be an insurmountable issue either. According to Wikipedia (more accurate sources may be available) the Okehampton to Meldon Viaduct section is 2 miles long, so actually a fairly substantial run. I can’t really see mainline passenger services being extended to Meldon (unless the line itself is extended beyond there).
  4. Also interesting in this is the DRSA: https://www.dartmoor-railway-sa.org/aboutDRSA https://www.dartmoor-railway-sa.org/news https://www.dartmoor-railway-sa.org/home They seem optimistic in some ways about the railway’s future, but I wonder if there is potential for conflict between their dual objectives of ‘support[ing] the development and operation of heritage, tourist and enthusiast rail services on the DR’ and ‘support[ing] the reinstatement of public rail services to Okehampton.’ Obviously it would be good if the two could co-exist, although not if the reinstate
  5. I know modern LU S stock also has whistles, as it produces a similarly high-pitched tone. I’m not sure whether they have horns as well though. There’s a whole thread here, before this one gets too off-topic: https://districtdavesforum.co.uk/thread/10969/why-whistle The suggestion that class 165s also have them is interesting - possibly because they run on LU metals when they go via Amersham.
  6. Might have answered my own question on this one - I understand from comments elsewhere online that it is temporarily rigged to run off batteries that sit in the passenger saloon, to allow it to be tested initially at Vivarail’s site, and now on Island Line with power switched off (so doesn’t have permanent battery capability).
  7. I quite like the London Underground air whistles actually (which are also fitted to the more recent S stock). Do the current class 483s still have these? On a separate note, obviously the 484s fit through Ryde tunnel but did any work have to be done to permit this? Obviously lowering the track there would bring back the problems with flooding that prompted it to be raised in the first place.
  8. Thank you. That exterior photo makes me wonder why I decided to ballast the track so heavily, rather than just embedding it in the grass. Sorry if my question came across the wrong way - I was just interested to see what you would have done, or thought I might have done. The interior is very interesting and has a lot of possibilities - the shot you linked to is the sort of thing that would look good on my imagined larger scale micro layout idea, although arranging it so that the track can come into the scene, be seen and then exit would be a challenge. My (now slightly distant) mem
  9. Thank you. Out of interest though, what were you expecting? As I said, the relationship to the prototype is only very loose, which is why it doesn’t take the prototype’s name. It’s not so much the continuous run track plan that makes it unprototypical for me, more that the castle is in a completely different style and the track gauge is different, although it was never intended to be an exact model of the real Hurst Castle. In some of the photos you should be able to just make out the paving with inset track, which extends just inside the castle. The need to use the rear section as
  10. Here are a few photos of my 009 'Hercules Castle.' The first (below) shows my Pugbash tram loco on the pier with the Hurst Castle-design shell-carrying wagons. These were constructed on standard Peco N gauge chassis and are fitted with Elsie/Rapido couplings, as were many of my early 009 wagons. The van on the right was not built by me but came from Cheltenham Model Centre. Second photo (below) shows the overall view. The pier used 00 gauge bridge supports, appropriately cut down and blended into the "sea," with the deck made from real wood. The bridges were similarly
  11. I do, it might take me a bit of time to get them sorted out and post them on here but I’ve definitely got quite a few.
  12. My layout, very loosely based on Hurst Castle, was built in 009 (not right for 18” gauge, but not totally implausible given the 2’ gauge military line at Calshot nearby, or the more modern 2’ 6” gauge Dean Hill line). I did model a couple of the special Hurst Castle wagons used to transport shells - they looked good but were probably over-scale. I also used a continuous run on a 4’ x 2’ board, with a large single track outer oval, a smaller inner circle (branching off the larger one) and a siding onto a pier. There were a total of 3 entrances into the castle walls. Before settling for 009 I di
  13. That particular brand (Peco) won’t necessarily be compatible, I was just pointing out that the 009 couplings as used by most British 009 modellers (Bemo type) are similar so some of them may be compatible. However, I have a feeling the H0 standard gauge ones are actually made to a slightly larger size so it may not quite work. On a related note, I can never understand why this coupling design didn’t become a bit more popular with British 00 standard gauge modellers, or why it wasn’t used by any major 00 manufacturers. Obviously it is more realistic for a centre buffer design, which
  14. Doesn’t the later post say that it doesn’t have an NEM pocket after all? In any case, there should be alternatives as you say.
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