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  1. I do like T gauge, and have even used a bit of it to model a working 0 gauge train set in 1:12 scale (where it is only 4mm over-gauge). I’m not sure whether I’d like to build an actual 1:450 scale layout as I might find it a bit too small. One of the main problems I had with T gauge originally was the amount of fiddling about needed on the track itself (cleaning but also sparingly applying the lubricator pen), to get it to be clean while still allowing the stock to have enough traction, although this has massively improved with the new motors, which are much smoother and more controllable. I c
  2. Good to see it was a puss-enger train this time. I heard that another cat got trapped in a sack of mail in a class 325 parcels unit. The staff were supposed to keep the incident secret but they had to let the cat out of the bag... Hat, coat etc.
  3. Not absolutely sure it is a watch battery - it’s an LR44, I think used for hearing aids and for some types of watches. Not sure what else it’s used for.
  4. For me, the currently non-operational nature of the 15” gauge electric line might make me less likely to visit Betws-y-Coed if in the area - but I would probably still visit to see the museum contents. It’s an interesting, historic and I think pretty much unique line (a street funicular on its lower half) with some good scenery as well, especially on the upper section. I did enjoy the summit as I visited in good weather and was able to stroll around the top for a bit (on a relatively flat, easy route). I didn’t really go into the summit buildings. On the other hand, I sp
  5. If the Conwy Valley line is working, the museum at Betws-y-Coed is actually in the station. The Great Orme Tramway is also interesting. I expect there’s a bus from Merthyr but not sure how viable this would be. I’d also be interested in any information about visiting the Brecon line by public transport for future reference - despite having previously visited the area a few times I haven’t climbed Pen-y-Fan yet, and managed to visit the BMR the year before the extension opened so would like to go back now it’s open all the way up, and hopefully climb the mountain at the sa
  6. Even if it’s now gone I think this is nearby: https://www.oleron-island.com/getting-ready-my-holidays/leisures/activities-and-facilities/le-p-tit-train-de-st-trojan-16578
  7. Thanks for that, I hadn’t realised. So what was the plan exactly? I know Steamtown was originally (supposedly) meant to be part of it.
  8. Like Leighton Buzzard already does (and like the infamous Dunstable industrial estate so-called ‘Asbestos Line’ proposal probably wouldn’t have done, but let’s leave that one for now ). The Leighton Buzzard line also preserves an unusual industrial NG line in its original site, and thus has a heritage/education/historical aspect as well. Actually preserving something of historic value can be helpful for survival as it enables lines to access grant funding. Elsewhere around that area, I’ve always thought the Cheddington to Aylesbury line would be interesting, although no
  9. Some were also set up to continue providing public transport. Leaving aside those that were ostensibly meant to provide a commuter service and those that have more recently explored this again as a way to reintroduce community rail and reduce dependence on cars, there are plenty of railways that do partly act as public transport, but within a tourist context. An example would be riding along on the Keighley & Worth Valley to then visit the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth - the railway is a way of getting to something else (public transport) but is also very definitely a tourist attracti
  10. Yes - I’m not sure about the Merseyside group specifically but a lot of 009 Society and related local groups are different to and less formal than a traditional model railway club in terms of commitment and meetings. Having access to members’ sales could also be useful along with 009 News (the Society’s magazine), although I’m not sure how many members we actually have at the moment who model US H0n30.
  11. Have you had a look at the 009 Society (assuming you’re not already a member)?
  12. Would this also have applied for narrow gauge locos like the Shapwick Heath Listers, which crossed a BR line at right angles?
  13. Yes, although as far as I know modern Minitrains has nothing to do with Roco (some of the original wagon designs were similar though, possibly with common origins). Likewise the Egger-lookalike Minitrains stuff is inspired by the original Egger stock but does not use the original moulds.
  14. One difference with the LBNGR is that the line pre-dates a lot of the stuff around it. There’s a few other quite well-fenced miniature lines - Moors Valley springs to mind and then there’s the Watford line where the entire complex of lines is essentially within its own enclosure. I think Ruislip has always used radio signalling - prior to that it wasn’t complicated enough to need any signalling at all. The original line was just a loop from Woody Bay station and after being taken over by the current society it’s been steadily extended round the reservoir. Given that this developmen
  15. I think the modern (post-1979) Ruislip Lido Railway is definitely as heavy as a lot of 15” lines (Lady of the Lake was initially 15” gauge when on test at Ravenglass) so in some ways it would be odd for it to be exempt. Is there an issue with the RLR because it’s a point to point line (you can get on and off at both ends and it provides transport rather than just a ride)? I know there is a footpath crossing at Haste Hill but I don’t think there’s a carriageway. I think that a similar exemption existed pre-2006 for sub-350mm lines as I’ve seen this suggested as a secondary advantage
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