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  1. Presumably it will still consist of emailing in 3 photos (including one showing that the model fits in the box/is the right size) plus 200 word description. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that I will actually get anything built for the first quarter but I should be taking part again later in the year when I’m less busy.
  2. It was good to meet you and see the layout in real life. I was also lucky to catch a glimpse of the wild Dolgoch at one stage. Apparently there’s a scheme to reintroduce these to other habitats, such as Wales, but ecologists are worried that they will prey on the native De Wintons... Joking aside, what a great layout! The attention to detail and things like the scribed stonework look even better in reality than in the photos you posted previously.
  3. The problem you might have with N-Drive is the long lead times, since I think it’s basically a one man operation, as with so many 009 suppliers. I wonder whether the fact that the IoM locos are 3’ gauge might make it hard to find a chassis where the gauge is 9mm but the wheels are large enough?
  4. Looking very nice. Since you have a platform and a level crossing I wonder if it could still be entered in the current cake box challenge?
  5. Thanks for this. I hadn’t realised there were metre gauge ones as well. Since the 2ft ones were slightly smaller I expect they won’t be closely represented - Bachmann seem to be basing their model on the 2’ 6” ones (some of which have been regauged to 2ft in preservation). They probably came too late to find secondhand use anywhere other than in preservation, due to generally declining use of industrial narrow gauge railways. I’m sure I saw a picture somewhere of an industrial loco (i.e. supplied new to a non-military, non-passenger/preserved line) to a similar design, but I can’t be completely sure.
  6. Me too. It’s a shame that the announcement comes shortly after the release of kits for the loco and wagons (I think in both cases duplicated by two separate manufacturers) but should be good nonetheless. Obviously the locos are widely used on preserved lines, but does anyone know whether these or similar locos have operated in (non-RNAD/military) industry at all?
  7. It still seems strange that it is under the control of an organisation responsible for roads - even if it does report to the ORR. I wonder whether ownership will be transferred to the restored line or if they’ll take a lease?
  8. I was talking to someone recently and was told that it’s more recently passed from the BRB (Residuary) to the Highways Agency/DfT. I was surprised that it had passed to an organisation more usually concerned with road infrastructure but I suppose in some ways it makes sense. I did ask, but can’t now remember how this will change when the railway over it is relayed.
  9. Yes - the complete entry doesn’t even have to involve a cake box, it’s only there as a size guide.
  10. Some other news websites close comments eventually which limits the unpleasant stuff simply by stopping huge arguments carrying on too long - I don’t think KM do this although that might be to do with the software. My favourite one here is the ‘plank carrying a piece of wood’ comment
  11. Looks good. Could you add a few cinders etc as these were sometimes used for ballast on light and/or industrial railways?
  12. I like the look of this and I like the name - I think I said it once while walking on a footpath across some fields and getting chased by a load of bullocks. Will there be a backdrop or will it be open on the other side?
  13. It’s under 6 square feet so here is good. People tend to be flexible up to about 8 square feet anyway.
  14. These may be of interest to you, as an example of a site where a wagon has been preserved: http://www.wheathampstead-pc.gov.uk/controls/DownloadDocument.ashx?docID=pc0923YWBXVXQSJFVO4511rFnq&aID=7729 http://www.wheathampstead-pc.gov.uk/Station-Platform.aspx True though, you don’t often see individual wagons being moved by road, but there are plenty in preservation that wouldn’t have got where they are now without using road transport at some point.
  15. Not necessarily - I’d always thought the wagon on the lorry was the train being waited for (if you see what I mean).
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