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  1. I’ve now repaired and painted the scenery, as well as adding gutters to the loco shed and assembling the standard gauge buffer stop.
  2. I know, I was thinking of things like conversion to steam heat (and possibly a different voltage for electrical systems - I know the Brighton Belle coaches that were converted for loco haulage had to have this done) and possible modifications to interiors rather than major changes to the structure. Although this would still be very complex and wouldn’t really be preservation.
  3. Leaving aside the inappropriate combination of loco and coaches (which is a problem also for locos in pre-nationalisation liveries hauling Mk1s) could some sort of generator van handle the ETH requirements? Incidentally I visited the East Somerset Railway a few years ago and there seemed to be a diesel (from the sound of it) generator running in the van coupled behind the loco there. I’m not sure what it was being used for though. Going back on topic, would Mk3 shells as the basis for ‘new’ steam railway stock be possible?
  4. Don’t some of the L&B coaches have new metal frames (rather than the original wood)?
  5. I usually put a bit of board in mine to reinforce them. I did one where the main reinforcement was done with Perspex while the track was on a piece of wood on top of that, but that was needed to represent the prototype.
  6. I am a member of the 009 Society but much too far away. Have you tried contacting the local area group(s)? I can PM you the email contacts as published in 009 News if you like. Edit: Just sending you some useful details/links.
  7. Is railtour stock somehow exempt from this? I was wondering whether it was considered less important on heritage lines because platform dwell time is longer and doors can be located and opened by staff but I thought railtour coaches would have to have contrasting doors because they run on the national network. Similarly the Island Line tube stock seems to still have an all over colour.
  8. Would this be finished in a similar way to the London Underground 4TC set? https://www.svrwiki.com/London_Underground_4TC_set I was under the impression that the Tornado group were thinking of refurbishing Mark 3 stock for their use, but that was a few years ago. One example of a new-build carriage (using an existing underframe though) is the DVLR’s Sylvia: https://dvlr.org.uk/?page_id=3176 It doesn’t seem to be based on any existing design, and was locally built rather than at the railway itself. Virtually all narrow gauge lines use new-build stock as there has never been a readily available source of coaches in the way that there has been for standard gauge, although on some this is rebuilt or modified from wagons or older coaches rather than completely new. Have a look at Leighton Buzzard’s coach 8 for a really unusual example of rebuilding/modifying.
  9. Have you asked anyone within the 009 Society?
  10. These ones? https://www.fastcompany.com/3048988/a-pair-of-sunglasses-that-simulate-lsd-hallucinations
  11. Unfortunately there’s a slight subsidence/levels issue at the right-hand end (the end with the standard gauge) no doubt caused by my use of rubbishy old bits of polystyrene I had lying around. I’ll need to fill this in but having fiddled around with the track surface and chipped away with a craft knife it’s looking nicely level, according to the small spirit level and testing with a wagon (the wagon doesn’t roll away, suggesting there isn’t an appreciable gradient one way or the other).
  12. My track has now arrived (along with some other bits and pieces) so it’s now a case of more precisely aligning and levelling the trackbed and then painting the scenery before actually laying it. I’m planning to construct the transshipment building later, as it will be on two levels, half relief and over the tracks. However, these photos give a clearer idea of the overall layout. I’m still slightly undecided about whether to do the standard gauge with an off-scene connection to allow wagons to be rolled on and off. Also for a purely static standard gauge line I’m not hugely impressed with the appearance of the Peco code 100 track but I do have a lot of it in stock and have already spent quite a lot buying the 009 track.
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