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  1. And the Devil’s Dyke funicular to go with it: http://www.hows.org.uk/personal/rail/dd.htm
  2. The other interesting bit, mentioned in that thread, was the proposed high-speed link, worked by an articulated unit (the unit itself was built).
  3. I did read about this, I think it involved lowering the cabs and there was a similar idea also suggested (slightly later) involving re-geared class 08s. I’m not sure what coaches were to have been used. Would the Standards have kept running past 1968 (in the style of the VoR) if this had gone ahead?
  4. It reminds me of when you see a model railway layout at an exhibition with partially-finished scenery, and there’s a bit of plaster at the edge that hasn’t been painted yet...
  5. I know, it’s more the neatness of the job I was particularly thinking of, and the way that you can still see the arch on the church. I don’t know that much about spray concrete, but I’m also a bit suspicious of the bit at the edge, where it looks like the concrete just sort of drips away with no shuttering.
  6. I just wondered why, if it needs to be infilled, it couldn’t have been done in a slightly neater way that gives it a bit more support while preserving the appearance of the structure? Perhaps with bricks or concrete blocks, in the style of this infilled doorway which I saw the other day in a medieval church:
  7. Wasn’t there at one stage a very vague scheme to do this in 3’ 6” gauge, involving the Garratt that was at the Plym Valley Railway and is now at Summerlee? I think my choice would have to be the Lochaber narrow gauge line, although I think this has actually been looked into a couple of times, both as original 3ft gauge and as a 15” line over part of the route. I also think the Buntingford branch or the Welwyn to Hertford line could have been good - the latter is perhaps not that spectacular but has some stretches of nice countryside, and would have provided the opportunity to create a GNR-focused heritage line. If the section within Welwyn Garden City itself hadn’t been completely obliterated by later developments (even though this stub was actually the last section to close) then some of the space currently taken up by little-used sidings at the mainline station could have been used to create an adjacent station for a heritage line. On the opposite side of the ECML the entire Hatfield to Dunstable line, along with the section to Leighton Buzzard and a retained connection with the narrow gauge line there would have been fun, though having grown up regularly using the Ayot Green Way trail on part of the trackbed I realise this would have been quite different if the railway was still in place. I like the current Llanberis Lake Railway but I think I’d also have really enjoyed riding on a preserved 4ft gauge Padarn Railway all the way to the coast. The current line as a loop (also using part of the LNWR trackbed on the other side) would have been another interesting variation. Finally, I think I would also suggest the Brill/Wotton Tramway. More conventional but in roughly the same neck of the woods was the Aylesbury High Street branch, which I think was the first railway to be considered a branch line.
  8. I have one of these (the silver one) but with no wheels. Are there any sources of spares for these? Apart from that I have a rather motley collection that I collected a few years ago, not all in particularly great condition, including some later 9mm gauge stuff (Treble-O-Lectric but without any of the powered vehicles).
  9. With the position of the cowcatcher, headlamp and chimney it looks like a locomotive wearing a cunning disguise, sneakily trying to pass itself off as a coach...
  10. On aerial views they appear to have their own track as well. It’s difficult to see anything more specific though.
  11. I’ve never been there, but from looking at street view it looks as though stock is placed at various points along it. Is all of the surviving track still in use now? There seems to be some sort of trolley museum at one end as well, I’m not sure if this is connected. Do they own any of their own stock (apart from the locos) or is it all just interchanged from the lines they connect with?
  12. I don’t actually know that much about US lines, but I think my favourite would have to be this:
  13. And yet despite the Thumpers’ departure, they say the future of the Meldon to Okehampton section is still undecided. It sounds from the news page as though all/most of the Dartmoor Railway CIC stock has been sold, I was under the impression that BARS was separate from this and that their stock was also gone. Not sure about the stock owned by the DRA itself though.
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