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  1. We now have a platform! The wall is just a mock-up.
  2. This is probably too brown now, but how's this?
  3. This was the state of things by the time we finished last night;
  4. Apologies for the brief thread-hijack that is about to ensue, but could somebody advise on Roads circa 1914? This is for my freelance pre-grouping layout set on a fictional island off the Northumberland coast. I've used Chinchilla Dust for the road surface but am unsure about the colour.
  5. It was certainly your whimsical approach to Railways that inspired my side of this project, so you're partially to blame here (you and @Edwardian, as well as @RedGemAlchemist)! Maxi ( @483006Terry - Terry is the former name of 483006, not of my partner; Sorry for the confusion!) is sometimes disapproving of my more realistic attitude to railway modelling, but they've got plans for at least two more, rather more fantastical, layouts so I'm kind of using this one as an excuse to scratch that freelance pre-grouping itch.
  6. You jammy, jammy, git! I wondered which lucky sod had won her! If I'd had the money I was after the gorgeous 0-4-4T he had for sale, or else the LBSCR C2.
  7. I also see an electric hand lamp conversion; Any more details on that? I've got a knackered SR (LBSCR Pattern) one that I'm thinking of converting. It's probably beyond repairing to oil use as my repairs wouldn't be able to withstand much heat and at any rate I have LSWR, LT and BR (SR Pattern) ones for actually using properly.
  8. Significantly closer to Hattons than Hornby.
  9. I previously suggested I was looking at cutting and shutting the Hornby Full Brake into an approximation of its Stroudley progenitor, but a chance buy on eBay, at the same price as a Hornby vehicle, means that I know have a Roxey Mouldings brass example instead. I've therefore taken the opportunity to compare this to the Hornby example, which may also offer an indication of how the wider Hornby range compares to Stroudley stock;
  10. The Hornby footboard is supplied separately so I suppose could be fitted lower anyway?
  11. Like @Skinnylinny I think it's a bit of a shame that they are so similar; Do we know if this means the Hattons ones are more squat than was standard or that the Hornby ones are taller than proper Stroudleys, which I gather had a shallower roof profile than became standard?
  12. Dare I say it, but to me they're not as good as the Stadden figures, although obviously he doesn't do these two in 4mm/ft.
  13. Yes, Humbrol's Pullman Umber. I also used their cream, but obviously white would've been more appropriate. I think I may have added a touch of black to the umber for my later efforts.
  14. I think the main issue with the Metropolitan 6-Wheelers is that the Metropolitan never had any 6-Wheelers...
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