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  1. Onward Christian Soldiers marching out to war... Pardon? Eh? I didn't say anything.
  2. Now we get this lass telling us those exact words as if they're something new and profound...
  3. I think they probably are in that book, all SR locos are (I think), but my other worry with it is that the drawings are all little more than outline GAs I seem to recall. RM drawings would be better, so thank you.
  4. Not including Salvation Army representatives on layouts? A personal choice. If I were to be modelling a real place at a specific time of year and it was proven that the scene would not have been complete without them, or their band, then I would include them on grounds of remaining true to the prototype. Although I do not always achieve it, To me, it's important to occasionally model the past as it came and not as we wish it had been to a certain extent. I shall be representing other less-than-pleasant-to-modern-eyes areas of late-1930s life on my layout I expect so in that it would be no different, but as I am modelling a fictional location I see no need to include them so probably won't. Not many words could be more true than those. I think it's misguided to judge the past and its people by the standards of the present. But also that some of the past's views and beliefs have increasingly found themselves outstaying their welcome.
  5. Just another note - I've just remembered three other things for which I have been seeking drawings.
  6. I book that has been on my 'must-buy' list for at least 5 years now, but has somehow never been bought...
  7. Just a short post - Does anyone have drawings for any of the following: SR Maunsell Z Class 0-8-0 SR Maunsell W Class 2-6-4T LSWR Urie H16 2-6-4T LSWR Urie G16 4-8-0T LSWR Urie S15 DR/LT Hunslet 0-6-0T SR Maunsell 0-6-0DE Shunter Any late-19th/early-20th small Outside-framed 0-6-0s. WW1 Rail-Mounted Howitzer ('Boche Buster' Variety as modelled by Oxford) Ammunition Wagon Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. You may laugh, Mr Northmoor, but rest assured that the above image represents a crucial part of the revised plans for a layout at Medstead!
  9. This offers something of a hint, following that open-ended statement -
  10. The film is, I guess from what I was searching when I found it the aforementioned The Password is Courage though I honestly don't know. All I was amused by was the juxtaposition of a HAL and Nazi insignia.
  11. Well, Tariff Reformers need not have panicked - It'll be stopped at the next 'box because it hasn't got a tail lamp or 'LV' board.
  12. So what they (well, a friend of mine) say(s) about the 2-HALs being evil was right then...
  13. The novel was better. It would have been very progressive and in-keeping with the general idea if they'd just moved the whole setting to Liverpool and the surrounding area - None of this old fashioned London-centric and South East favouring rubbish. Sigh...
  14. I think it was just artistic foreshadowing - Woking had fallen long before any Martian showed up, and without the strength of the mighty LSWR was a prime target just waiting for attack. Either that or they had a railway enthusiast producer who knew that doing what they did would really, really, annoy pedants like me and their superiors would be none-the-wiser as to their mistake. Still, given how precise Wells was about his description of the effect on railways, I was rather hoping for CGI Precedents multi-heading up Camden Bank with a heavy refugee train, and SECR locos rolling across the concourse at Waterloo with troop trains. Too much to ask, though.
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