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  1. With that land, and if you can buy more, why not just go for 12" to the foot scale with 1435.1mm Gauge?
  2. Can't dispute that, though I'd venture that a T is not smaller than a Terrier, really.
  3. Now I am very lazy in this regard - Wherever possible I design things to be printed flat against the plate. The cattle wagon looks fantastic, though!!
  4. What have you got against Oxford? Anyway, I thought the N7 wasn't too bad, certainly much better than the Dean Goods. Indeed I have been very tempted to try and get one, given their low price and apparent quality. The announcements sound good to me, and despite my knowledge of their flaws I actually find Oxford Wagons quite good. For my purposes even their 0415 was perfectly adequate, though it is no longer Adams, Radial or a Tank. At the time it was roughly half the price of the then-new Hornby one. They seem to be improving with each model, and if one ignores the Dean Goods they haven't been completely awful thus far. And they still manage to produce stuff cheaper than Hornby, despite their recent association... Could be worse. DJM could still exist...
  5. I thought Fawley opened in the late-1920s or early '30s?
  6. I was working on the premise that fuel and supplies to an RAF base might still be running. Also, that's why I include the 4th!
  7. Am I correct, therefore, to suggest that as a short term measure this might be adaptable, obviously with modification and repainting?
  8. Afternoon all - I am currently extending my South Western division layout, Odiham, to include sidings to serve the RAF base there. I assume a natural traffic of such an establishment to include oil, specifically aviation fuel. Can anyone offer suggestions as to where I might source appropriate wagons from (preferably from an easy-to-find kit or RTR) and what might constitute an appropriate livery. The layout is set between September 1st and September 4th 1939.
  9. For the first decade of my life I can't have lived far from Linton - I'm just trying to remember where it is, exactly...
  10. I didn't know that Blackstone is home to big, black, terrifying monsters...
  11. I shall avoid all argument by running away to Keighley.
  12. Not a pugbash in the sense of being bashed from a pug, but I think my O-16.5 SR No.2 fits in here. Chassis and cab are from a Fleischmann diesel, tanks and boiler Hornby J83, Smokebox door from a Bachmann E4, Scratchbuilt bunker, coal rails from a Hornby compound.
  13. Mwahahaha! As you now know, resistance is futile! I had no real need for one...
  14. Thank you kindly! Noted - Much as I suspected. The station building is 3D printed to my own design, drawing heavily on the one installed by the Southern at Havenstreet. The roof is mount-board, currently topped with Slaters tile-effect plasticard, though this might very well be replaced in the immediate future. Thanks, again. LSWR Type 1 (but you knew that anyway), from a laser cut card and mdf kit of Alresford 'box that was sold by the MHR. Only a very small number were produced and I swiped the penultimate one which, even with my staff discount, was still about 25 quid. Beautiful kit to build though, and exquisitely detailed. Worth noting... Ah... but the road is intended to represent a relatively busy one. Alton Road would've, by my reckoning, been the main route between Reading and what these days has become the A31. Additionally, it is a road that runs past a substantial RAF base that, in 1939, had recently been expanded. In the layout's alternate history, the Southern had hoped to develop a civilian aerodrome here, too. Tarmac is eminently conceivable, now I think about it. Indeed.
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