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  1. Looking forward to seeing more. Will be following with interest.
  2. Managed to get some time this evening, and after a rummage in the garage, I found my soldering iron! So I have prepared the three points for the layout by wiring them up, three wires two at the foot of the point for power, while there is another for the frog. It took me a while checking I had the right colours the correct way round for the polarity, double and triple-checking. I spent this time being reminded how awful I am at soldering, and why I went into software and not electronics! Apart from the countless times, I burnt my fingers, there were some other victims t
  3. Having to buy two is fine. Just give you an excuse to start a second box layout! Can't have a box empty!
  4. So on Saturday, I went to the Warley exhibition, and it was great fun. I was also lucky enough to be able to pick up a baseboard from Scale Model Scenery, I'm really pleased with it, and was really please with their customer service. Last night I decided I couldn't wait and went ahead and build the baseboards, and get a general idea. Everything is easier to visualise when it's in front of you. I also got some trains out, along with some points to get an idea of what my layout plan would look like. I have given the sidings more room
  5. Off to a flying start. What size is this? I will be following with interest.
  6. I think it looks great. What are you not happy about? I can't see any issues.
  7. jbmccarthy


    Hello and welcome. Look forward to seeing your layout idea come through.
  8. Looking forward to seeing you do this effect as it's similar to what I want to achieve.
  9. Thanks for the retail suggestions, luckily both the range and hobbycraft are located near me. I will be sure to check them out after work. Thank you very much.
  10. Why is this? Could I have bit of background please.
  11. The van looks great. You said it went together well, would this be something a complete begginer could do?
  12. The only down side I can see is when it comes to laying the points. It might be best to not use a spray when laying those, as you'll have to ensure that the sleeper that moves the point isn't glued.
  13. So I need to purchase the 77 litre version of a useful box for my SMS baseboard. I don't really want to order it from amazon, as the delivery drivers round my way like to throw things over the fence. Do you know of any phyiscal retailers where I would be able to purchase one of these? I'm sturggling to find a store.
  14. Thanks, I have found the thread. Have started following that, it's off to a great start.
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