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  1. Now started the ballasting. I have used woodland scenics medium grey blend and I'm really happy with how it looks
  2. Finished painting the cable trunking today using precision new concrete colour. Now I can start ballasting the main lines
  3. i have also been making a start on the TMD which i have decided to build along the front edge of the baseboard. using 2mm card i have built up the hard-standing around the depot building, ballasted some of the lines in a much darker ballast than i will be using for the mainlines which will be heavily weathered to show how it has been neglected over many years Matt
  4. although i have not posted on here for a few months i have been very busy with the layout. I started off by creating the large hillside which will run along the back of the layout. cardboard former's were stuck in place along the length of the hillside and newspaper scrunched up between them to give the shape of the landscape i was looking for. After this i used multiple layers of plaster bandage to build up the hillside and left to dry which took about 3 days. overall i'm very happy with how this came out and i will be experimenting with using chicken wire over the top of the tunnels which means i wont need a large piece of wood to support the cardboard and newspaper. i have also been adding in the Ten commandments cable trunking along the mainline and branch line along with the orange tubes which run underneath the track and relay boxes as well in preparation for ballasting the mainlines.
  5. More progress has been made over the week. I have now installed the point motors on the scenic side and make a control panel. Hopefully I will be wiring these up today after work. I have also started to test fit the Dapol catenary masts. I used a peco jig to mark out the holes in the place I wanted to. It is a very simple process and I am happy with the result. I will be taking them out again once I start working on the scenics. I also left a gap over the junction as I will be making my own caternery portals which clear all the lines Matt
  6. As the weather has become somewhat warmer i have managed to get back down the shed and complete laying the track and fully wiring it up. i'm quite pleased with how the track flows and that i haven't had a single derailment yet (touch wood) i will hopefully be wiring in the scenic side points over the weekend and possibly making a start on the platforms. The sidings on the right here will have a heavily weathered look and will be for branch line exchange and for engineering trains Matt
  7. Been following you on Instagram for a while. good this layout on here now, the points are looking really good living along this mainline it will be very interesting to see how this layout develops and i will be following with great interest All the best Matt
  8. unfortunatly due to the recent cold weather progress has been limited, but i have now put in 2 running lines and the junction which leads off to the branch line/ off scene exchange sidings. However in the warmth of the house i have started to convert my old Lima ring field motors to CD drive motors and i am really impressed with the outcome. slow speed performance is really good even with the minimal pickups of which i will be adding all wheel pickup eventually, but for now it is more than adequate. having a 3D printer meant that i wouldnt have to fix in the motor with hot glue or epoxy resin and i could design a mount which could easily detach from the bogie if the motor failed. Then with the purchase of a 8 pin dcc i simply wired up the motor and the pickups and placed the decoder in. initially i wired in some diodes for the motor to lower the voltage, however i found that this gave quite jerky running at lower speed so i cut them out and lowered the maximum voltage on JMRI and found the running to be drastically improved even with a £10 laisdcc decoder which are very good value for the money Here is the finished result
  9. Hello all unfortunately not too much progress over Christmas i did have the layout wired up and running however the mainlines were just not as smooth as id of hoped for and there was not a lot of room for buildings and scenery going in front and behind the running lines. This has led me to start again and i will hopefully be creating a rural countryside mainline with a few exchange sidings to lead on to a large exchange sidings and MOD depot which will be off scene and will have a branch line to get to them or i will have a small electrified branch line which will have a few exchange sidings, engineers yard or even a small goods yards and then there will be a track which will lead to an off scene exchange sidings hence the electrification hopefully these 2 options would let me put lots more buildings in at a ground level so it looks more like the railway is deeper into the scenery and the buildings are not crammed into small corners Matt
  10. Hi long rail. I have used a large amount of cross bracing and the boards are well secured to the wall. There is a small section which doesn't have a piece a piece of timber going along it but that's because it was a small 12 inch extension to make the board 3ft wide. The 2ft wide board behind it does have a timber running along the length of it. I just need to add a few more legs along the length of it
  11. just a small update for today and a description of the station area As you can see the sheds a bit of a mess at the moment (oops) but on the far left hand side where the small piece of track is behind the class 91 i will put a DMU platform for the mainlines then i will have the 2 through tracks for the mainline then in the centre i will have 2 dead end platforms for longer trains which i can do some shunting of carriages etc then on the right im still not too sure what i want to do. i have mocked up a small loco storage yard with a single track fuel point and a shed for the shunters, however i do like the idea of a larger TMD but i would still like room to model a station car park and other scenics. i will have a jiggle about with this area and keep you updated, any suggestions would be great. Matt
  12. Sorry for the lack of updates. Progress is pretty slow at the moment. Hope to add some more pictures by the end of the week. Matt
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