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  1. David, It sounds great... And I like your graphic Fabrice
  2. Hi all of you, All the best for 2020 Best regards from France, Fabrice
  3. Thanks for your sharing Very nice layout Fabrice
  4. Hi all of you, I've modified the Tokenless Block System program. I've added some comments to improve the understanding. This program includes IN&OUT datas for interlocking system. // Name #define NAME "Tokenless-Blocksystem" #define NAME2 "Tokenless block system for single track" #define NAME3 "with IN&OUT datas for interlocking system" // Version & Copyright #define VERSION "Version 2.0 (Arduino Uno)" #define COPYRIGHT "Copyright Fabrice Fayolle, August 2019" // A -> B : Down Line // B -> A : Up Line // Rail directions : Up Line -> To Lo
  5. Hi all of you, Some news about my Arduino interlocking system: // SignalBox-Mega // Signal box (terminus station with single track) with "Nb_lever" levers // Signal box integrated interlocking system and tokenless block system (single track / terminus station) // Sound system -> Wtv020 // Digitrax LocoNet -> LocoNet // Tokenless Block System -> Tokenless // DCC Throttle -> Throttle // Accessories -> Accessories // Fabrice Fayolle, August 2016 // Version 2.1 for Arduino Mega // Signal box with "NB_lever" const int Nb_lever = 20; //
  6. Hi all of you, In progress with some new products of Cites Miniatures (railing and hollow brick wall) Happy Eastern from France Fabrice
  7. David, Rod, Thanks for your return Fabrice
  8. Hi all of you, I'm back. Something new, something blue,... Have a G'day, Fabrice
  9. Hi all of you, Happy new year from France So, I've finished some detail parts on the bed track. And currently, I've building a CdZ (the French Gauge O Guild) U-60 kit. To be continued... Fabrice
  10. Nice lasercut engine house :good:
  11. Well done... Could I take a ticket to ride, please? Fabrice
  12. Hi, Nice signal box Do you add a part of station building too? Fabrice
  13. Thanks Ernie for your comments Currently, I would like to know if my baseboard design is enough strong. Fabrice
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