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  1. I know this is an old thread, but beware of eBay listings that claim a model is from Lawrence or Goddard. Often they aren't. Some sellers add the names to ramp the prices.
  2. Worsley works produce etches for some of the streamline stock. The West Riding and jubilee carriages, from memory.
  3. In his various articles and books, Guy often stated that he built bogies that just "went along for the ride". He didn't feel that side control offered any benefits.
  4. There was a trackplan included in the MRJ article that introduced Redford to the world. I don't have the issue number to hand though.
  5. I've always wished etched kits were made from Nickel Silver. It's far nicer to work with.
  6. I'm wondering if it's a subtle clue that following success of Rocket, we may see Locomotion No.1 produced for S&D 200
  7. The Mikes Models water cranes are still available from Holts in Swansea. He doesnt have a website but is always helpful by phone.
  8. Slaters took them back around 2 years ago due to non payment. They've been gradually re-introducing the range.
  9. I sent two small packages to the USA on the 2nd of July. One arrived on the 9th, the other is still working its way through the US postal system. I've had mail take up to 50 odd days to reach its destination even before Covid restrictions.
  10. The huge basement or warehouse layouts are only part of the story. People tend to think everything is huge in America. Probably 60% of private layouts are of a size that most of us can contemplate. Though they are also very big on layouts on 2 or more levels, which theyve developed to a fine art.
  11. In my experience it is all scales of 3.5mm upwards though I've also seen some superb N Gauge layouts.
  12. Why keep focusing on the motor and gears when it seems you haven't ensured the chassis is correct? You need to ensure it rolls freely and doesn't bind before even fitting a motor. Also ensure it sits properly with all wheels touching on a level surface. Only then, once you know the chassis is good do you move on to fitting a mechanism.
  13. I agree. The quality of American modelling often puts us to shame. I've spent a lot of time in the States and have visited some incredible layouts, with scratchbuilt locos and stock. Superb hand built trackwork with amazing scenery.
  14. Another vote for St Pancras, even as a dyed in the wool GWR man, it is a superb gem. And the restoration work was incredible.
  15. Bob Wills seemed to be a master at producing cast chassis that were accurate and matched the coupling rods. I've still got a few locos running on those chassis, complete with various open frame motors. They will eventually be replaced, mainly to improve the detail, but they are still excellent performers.
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