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  1. With the large number of LNER designed locomotives within the Hornby range I wonder if they will re-tool the Gresley corridor stock?
  2. The wonderful views of the long coal train crossing the brunel viaduct are no more. The train has moved upstairs into the vale scene for which it was always intended.
  3. Excuse me? Why do you choose to pick on me? Others have posted on the same subject. My comment was purely factual and you will note (though you chose to omit it from your reply), that I also said it was such a shame. I wasn't grumbling, nor was I being negative, purely factual in the hope they would pick up on it and hopefully make improvements rather than carrying on unaware. Frankly AY, it is YOUR attitude that stinks. An apology is called for.
  4. I'm sorry but this is completely unwatchable. Such a shame.
  5. It isnt an Americanism. There is documented evidence that the term dates back to Victorian times. Whilst I deplore it, you can see why it has become common. Buses and coaches use stations and you don't call them road stations!
  6. Maybe a similar building to the now public house at the other end of the line would give a nice match and provide a 'house' style?
  7. I seem to remember that Norman Solomon uses Peco Z gauge joiners on code 75 bullhead.
  8. If that is the same locomotive, how did they shrink every component? Haha
  9. Thanks it seems fine now. I'm probably missing something, but how does one set things to go to the 1st unread entry on a page? I can't find the correct setting.
  10. Sorry. On my Android. I've not tried a laptop yet. Most of my browsing is done on my phone.
  11. When I click on 'show filters' it just disappears with no actual filters appearing.
  12. As in anything it depends on whether your order can be processed off the shelves or if they need to produce items. I generally find Colins service to be superb. Sometimes I've had to wait, but generally I receive my orders within days. I placed an order on Thursday aftetnoon, it artived this morning.
  13. Another turntable worth looking at is the Roco product. It is smaller than the Fleishmann one and more suited for creating a more British looking unit.
  14. Once too many people have jumped the gun and attended private viewings, then plastered the forums and YouTube with images and video, you run the risk of losing the anticipation and desire to see the layout in public.
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