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  1. Slightly off topic, I was just wondering how your other 2 ambitious layouts are progressing? I recall you were commencing work on one or the other, following completion of your shed. I'd love to see how you're progressing.
  2. I've acquired many poorly built white metal kits over the years and rebuilt them. It's both enjoyable and a cheap way of adding to the motive power and rolling stock roster.
  3. Not necessarily. Having slowed for the restriction the driver would still need to drag the train off the curve and into the station.
  4. A trackplan was included with one of the Model Railroader articles. Whilst obviously a vast layout, the trackplan isnt at all complicated. He clearly resisted filling his space with over complicated formations, which only adds to the realism.
  5. Lovely. But that bridge ending in mid air in the last 2 pictures looks weird.
  6. The initials are Probably the designer so a bit of a red herring. Showed your pics to a mate. He says they are definitely Woresly ironworks. They only sell a set of etches. Don't come with castings or instructions.
  7. Find that difficult to believe . Additionally you are wanting Hattons to design and make entirely new tooling for your own requirements, not modify an existing tooling.
  8. Could be the woresley works kit, which is etches only.
  9. I'd be interested to know how you came up with a figure of 5000 pounds. I suspect you picked a figure at random, I bet manufacturers would love your system of magical development costs. It would transform the hobby.
  10. Judging From previous Bachmann releases, the time between seeing the first EP to the models hitting the shelves, I would think 12-18 months is extremely optimistic.
  11. Seems to be getting slower each passing day. Everything else is fine. It's just this forum.
  12. On the Pendon DVD there is an interview with relatives of John Ahearn who clearly recall being shown the layout and seeing it running.
  13. At the 50th, all of the surviving Madder Valley were running, including the IOM 2.4.0t Manx Kitten. That was the first time it had ever run on the 2 rail layout, JA had never converted it from 3 rail. I was told that the same volunteer had built a new chassis in the week leading up to the celebrations. It was running minus cylinders which hadnt been completed. I agree its worrying. The operation of Dartmoor and MV were very poor on both of my visits this year. Trains no longer seem to stop at Pendon Parva station in the vale. I was told that if they stop, they sometimes stall because the baseboard have sagged. Indeed, looking along at eye level it looks dreadful.
  14. There is a belief that the Madder Valley doesnt run very well. Yet at the museums 50th anniversary celebrations, all 3 operating exhibits, including MV were running extremely well John ahearns classic still with original stock ran far better than many finescale exhibition layouts. I was told by a number of staff that one volunteer had expended many hours into making the exhibits reliable. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case now. On my most recent visit ,MV Dartmoor and the vale were not running at all well. I was told that the volunteer who had done so much had left. It was sadly evident that Pendon lacks someone to maintain the models properly. I was also saddened to see the MV stocked by modern rtr locos.
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