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  1. several years ago, before Peco took over Ratio, I asked Richard webster (?) about releasing the open C again. he told me the tooling was worn out, along with another issue, which I can't now remember. He said they didn't think it was worth re-tooling.
  2. May I ask from where are you sourcing your final drive gears? thanks.
  3. It isn't missing. It is having a rest alongside the shed.
  4. Maybe it is you I've spoken to in the past regarding the Barnum. I hope you do produce a kit (as well as the 388 Armstrong), though understand the reasonings if you decided not to proceed.
  5. Rapido are releasing a Loriot Y. which is a nice lowmac type, as long as one is modelling late 30's onwards.
  6. I wish Martin had produced a Barnum. He was considering it at the time of his retirement and Brassmasters are also considering doing a kit. At present, the only kit for a Barnum is via the secondhand market and a Mallard/blacksmith kit which though groundbreaking in its day was a real devil to build and in some ways would possibly be considered rather basic in comparison with etched kits that came along later.
  7. I think the defining word is profitably. In order to make a profit if manufacturing in the UK, prices would have to be set at a level that few would be able of afford and/or are willing to pay. I'm not being needlessly negative. I do have professional experience with a company whose products, while not model based, share many similarities with model railways. a couple of years ago, they did an extensive survey and costing excercise to determine the practicalities of returning to UK based production from, in their case India. it was soon concluded that prices to the consumer would have to double at the very least. It was a moot point though, the study indicated that the sheer costs of setting up a manufacturing base in the UK would put the company out of business before it seeing any return on product sales.
  8. it is the Bluebell. They have Gilbert car 'Constance'. Although in 2 parts, the body is reputedly in pretty good condition with much original detail and is stored on an underframe in the new Carriage shed. It is very much a restoration for the future- i doubt I'll see it in my lifetime
  9. As I said, Kean were responsible for designing and having the gearboxes built, incidentally using standard gears from portescap with the exception of the nylon bevel gear which was unique to these units.
  10. Portescap as a company is still trading and supplies quality motors and drive trains to industry. It was kean who designed & commissioned suitable gearboxes for model railway use.
  11. It is a situation that I can't see a way out of. manufacturing of models is a hugely labour intensive process, but it isn't just wages that drive the costs. Everything would cost significantly more if produced here in the UK (the same applies to the Europeans & the USA). Indeed it was the move to overseas manufacturing that allowed the introduction of highly detailed models & liveries that we now take for granted. I fear that should, for any reason, manufacturers be forced to return to producing models on their home soil, it could spell the end for RTR, since very few people could afford the resulting prices. That pre-supposes that Hornby etc could even afford to find and equip suitable premises and employ/train sufficient staff willing to do the mind numbing repetitive work involved in making these things. Its a different world to the days of the Margate factory.
  12. i've always thought that the likes of Hornby, Bachmann, etc, etc, should combine the manufacture in China with a quality control dept here in the UK, where models are inspected & tested before being dispatched to the retailers. I know that is how firms like Roco, deal with their models. When I was modelling HO continental i rarely received faulty models. Though in mainland Europe they fully expect to pay more for a quality product, wheras there seems to be an element of UK models being built down to a price.
  13. A few years back a friend was celebrating a milestone birthday whilst visiting his sister in Australia. I sent him a couple of teabags with a note saying "have a drink on me". The card was opened by Oz customs, who fortunately saw the funny side and sent it on its way to the recipitant complete with their own humorous birthday wishes.
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