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  1. It can also mean the tooling is adaptable.
  2. The pic shows what appears to be a seperate chimney moulding, which would suggest Hornby could supply both chimney versions.
  3. Surely, when working to a budget, you have the money set aside for a delivery in Month x. If delivery times slip, you simply set that allocated money to one side ready for delivery in Month Y, perhaps using the extra time to set a little extra aside to allow for any price increase? Your still purchasing the same model. And if any other new items take your fancy, you would have to save/allocate money for those in any case.
  4. Denbridge

    New Hornby Rocket

    I think you may be confusing Rocket with the Iron Duke replica. The latter was built using parts from 2 austerity saddle tanks.
  5. Denbridge

    New Hornby Rocket

    These are only pre productiin samples to show the models and packaging.
  6. There is a post on fb from someone who states he called Hattons yesterday for an update on his garratt order. He claims Hattons informed him the project has been cancelled due to insufficient response.
  7. Well yes, unless you'd like your models to be at least double current prices, should manufacturing return to the UK
  8. Depending on the tooling design, perhaps Hornby will be producing more variants at a later date. They can only do so much at a time:)
  9. Denbridge

    New Hornby Rocket

    The original Locomotion No.1 appeared in the 1925 cavalcade. The replica wasnt built until 1975.
  10. Nice! My only concern would be reaching across such a deep layout to reach the storage yards, especially since you say you will be splitting and reforming trains. There is also the need to do any maintenance and address any faults/derailments that may occur. I'm only speaking from past experiences.
  11. One has to wonder why consistently unreliable layouts continue to be invited to shows? Why do the owners of these layouts continue to exhibit bad workmanship?
  12. There is a very nice 5"gauge live steam on currently for sale on the steam workshop website, should you wish to up your game
  13. I hope you are wrong, but see your point. It would be a shame if Bachmann didn't capitalise on the tooling for the Earl/Dukedog. Both a Duke and Bulldog would I'm sure, be very popular models.
  14. Those higher speeds are only allowed when the railways are closed to the public, for testing etc. Passenger services remain within LEO regulations. Usually 25mph.
  15. I considered these, I then saw the price. For between coach coupling, I'll stick with the TW method, which incidentally I first came across many moons ago at Pendon. So it must be good, right?
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