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  1. You could always switch to ultra reliable analogue DC. hat, coat, outta here
  2. http://www.cs.rhrp.org.uk/se/results.asp Try this. It should give you a complete listing of the fleet. Oops it doesn't. Click on start new search, then go to Stewarts Lane in the location tab, scroll to bottom of page and hit search.
  3. When Airfix launched its class 31 at the London toy fair, many years ago, they demonstrated it hauling around 100 of their Mk2 coaches. Though it was on a long straight track laid on the floor.
  4. I can highly recommend the brassmasters Cleminson 6whl kits.
  5. Preserved U Class No.1618 entered preservation with 2 spoked wheelsets & 1 disc set on its tender from Barry & BR. it ran on the Bluebell thus fitted for several years before overhaul.
  6. A friend of mine has made several enquiries about buying the range, particularly Blacksmith, most recently in the last couple of days. He has yet to even recieve the courtesy of a reply.
  7. I once sprayed a King Arthur and an unrebuilt West Country in Malachite at the same time, using the same paint, same undercoat, etc. They looked to be completely different shades from certain angles. I put it down to large flat sides on one, compared to the traditional round boiler on the other fooling the eye.
  8. I think (from memory) that inside the cab there is a cross piece over the top of the firebox, so you don't see the roof going to a point. Perhaps that is where the error has arisen?
  9. There is a huge backlog for many items, particularly from etching companies. It isn't just Squires who are affected.
  10. They used to be near East Croydon. I went along several times to participate in operating sessions.
  11. I well remember Winton being at Central Hall. His recorded commentary drove us insane by the end of the first day. Fortunately we became immune to it by the end of the week. Great layout though.
  12. Not really. It has been announced. Nothing more for them to say until ready for release.
  13. The reality is that most models have a development phase lasting 2-3 years or longer. The mistake Bachmann have made in the past was to make announcements early in that development phase, whereas the likes of Hornby choose to make their announcements once development is at an advanced stage, usually within a year of release.
  14. The ex K's nucast kirtley is being re-released by nucast partners.
  15. There was also A. Butler coal merchants of Henley, immortalised in the long coal train at Pendon.
  16. She is still in the band, but takes time out for her school work.
  17. Squires have quoted me around a month for chassis kits whilst they await etches.
  18. The ebay seller is Samantha, one of the current owners of Falcon Brass.
  19. In the past I've soaked them in a good dose of WD40.
  20. Another vote for York. I'm not old enough to remember steam, but York simply oozes atmosphere
  21. Squires keep telling me they are out of stock. Just last week they were saying at least a month before new etches arrive.
  22. Did you get your SEF chassis from Squires? They keep telling me they are out of stock.
  23. The SEF T9 chassis kit is superb. I'm slowly replacing the chassis on some of my old T9's. I've used portescaps in mine though the next ones will use high level gearboxes. I've driven both front & rear axles, depending on the motor used, my main priority is getting enough weight into the body. All I need is for squires to get some new stock. They've been oos with some chassis kits for ages .
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