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  1. Interesting start. I'm a fan of the Class 121, very useful in a micro. Are you using an Ikea Lack shelf as a base?
  2. Hi Jerry, I really like what you have achieved so far. I think the flexibility you have allowed yourself in positioning the buildings is the best way to go. For my two pence your could keep your new building along the rear adding your two original buildings. As has already been suggested you could put the industrial units in front of the fiddle yard. Making the bridge at a slight angle might open the layout up a little and create space for your dummy head shunt should you chose to do so. Sorry for the late late response to your question, I don't have a website for my micro, but I did take some pics of the construction so I could put them up in future.
  3. Hi Jerry, Good to see you posting again, I'm following this with interest. Excellent work! Here's my tip of the hat to Barber's Bridge, still a work in progress. I used the top of an Ikea Lack side table cut in half 55cm x 27.5cm. The two lane fiddle yard is made of two of the table legs 16" long.
  4. A great concept and very easy to view. Looking forward to forthcoming issues.
  5. if you are using the original Bagnall chassis, you could always fit the Hornby 06 cab as it is a direct fit on to the chassis and is about 3.5mm lower than the Bagnall cab.
  6. Slow progress, added a few more details, still a lot more work needed. Intend to primarily run my Heljan 26s & 27s with Bachmann 20 & 25 and Dapol 121. 1960s and late 70s eras.
  7. Hi Jim, The back scene is Johnstone's Blue Horizon tester from The Range DIY. You were right about my name, many years ago I used to collect PS productions. ATB Chris
  8. I have done a bit more ballasting and fixed the platform and station building in place. The grounded van body is hiding the point motor. Everything else is just placed to give an idea of how it could look. More greenery, a chimney for the station building and lots of details still to do.
  9. Thanks for the compliment. I laid the track using double sided adhesive Ducktape and pressed the ballast onto this carefully avoiding the tiebars. The other areas l ballasted with a mixture of grey ballast, green scatter and dried teabag dust.
  10. This is progress so far. Track down and ballasted. Station walls in position with an old Island station kit (that l have had knocking around for 35 years) cut down to low relief and roughly positioned.
  11. This is my first post here. I have decided to build a micro layout using mostly bits that l have to hand as l am unable to go to busy shops as my wife is still having to shield. I have an old Ikea Lack side table 55x55cm which l have sliced down the middle and joined end to end 110x27.5cm. I am using s/h Peco code 100 track. The layout will be a small Scottish Terminus as l have some Heljan 26s and 27s l wish to run.
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