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  1. Thanks for the advice, I went out and bought a Samsung 8" Tab A. It does the job. Cheers Brian
  2. So I have the new (2020) 37/0 and to fit the snowplow you need to remove the body. Once removed there are two holes in the chassis that the provided screws are meant to fit so you can screw the snowplough to the chassis. The hole isn't big enough, so enlarged with a drill. The hoses etc fill around the snow plough. Looks good. Cheers Brian
  3. Thanks Paul, It is a Generic Brand - Jinksz P10, Has all the right specs so don't know why it is incompatible. Tried both the iPad and iPhone versions on the iPad mini. Thanks Vecchio, Yes I am looking at Huawei, Samsung and Lenovo devices, the Z21 page specifies a minimum of 5GB of RAM, which is a limitation for a lot of the tablets (2 and 4 GB are common). Thanks for the help guys. Brian
  4. Hi All, I have a DR5000 running in Z21 mode for my O gauge shelf layout and have been using the black Z21 app on a couple of old iPhones and a new iPad, which have worked great. However both old phones batteries have given up the ghost. I find using phone size devices good as throttles but use the iPad to do configuration and as a mimic panel. It is however my main iPad, so I have bought a new 10" generic brand Android tablet running Android 10, it has heaps of memory but Google Shop says the new black app is incompatible. Any ideas, I did send an email to Roco support
  5. Thanks for that done and now tracks nicely through the crossing and double slips. cheers Brian
  6. I got mine this week, The White Knight, late BR version with smoke deflectors. Its a really good looking model, but I don’t count rivets. A few issues though: It is fragile, getting it out of and putting back in box, both smoke deflectors came off. Bith windscreens came off and one has gone walkabout. Two of the handrails popped off. All glued back on except the missing windscreen. It has an issue running through Peco crossing and double slips. The trailing arm jumps off the track. Runs fantastic as a 4-6-0. Cheers Brian
  7. Thanks for all your help Ian. Hopefully I can get this baby rocking and rolling in O Gauge. Cheers Brian
  8. Thanks Simon, I built the traverser over the last couple of days. Bit more work to be done. But very happy I have no droop when fully extended and the drawer runners give enough travel. Need to add walls to the traverser, and more bracing to the baseboard. After lots of discussion with Ian I have ordered 2 of these. Because the lead screw is attached to the stepper motor it looks like it will fit and I can get the travel I require. Also ordered the Nano and DCC TT shield and a few other bits from Ian. Will let everyone know ho
  9. Thanks Ian, Yes I think good advice to steer clear of belts. Let’s see what we can find to fit in about 110mm. Cheers Brian
  10. Simon, Thanks for the pointers to those screws, I will do some more research. It looks like I have about 110mm in which to fit the stepper motor, join and support bearing. Thanks Brian
  11. Thanks Simon, Pauls Moor St thread was a good read, but I see he hasn’t finalised the traversers. I have applied to join Western Thunder so I can grab the sketch, awaiting the email. I don’t think I can use a screw as my layout in on a shelf and it will go one way. See below diagram of intended plan. The bridge is 250mm wide and the baseboard is 350mm. The total travel is about 240mm. I need to measure the stepper and joiner to see what is the minimum length to see if it can fit just inside the frame. Thats why I was considering two
  12. Ray, Ian, Simon et al, Been reading up on all the Arduino posts on RM Web and I think this is the right thread to post in. Thanks for all the work you have done. Makes life a lot easier for us late comers. I have dabbled in various computers dating back to the Commodore 64 and done a bit of programming in the past, but have spent a lot of time since then as a project manager, so pretty rusty. However with the various sketches out there I sure I can modify the TT sketch to do the Traverser. Ordered a Arduino starter kit to get up to speed. I am looking to do a Traverser
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