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  1. The more research I do into this the more confused I am getting. All the photos I can find of autocoaches in brown/cream livery show them as having a grey roof. All the RTR models seem to have a white roof. I have been told they were white out of the factory but went grey very quickly due to chemical in the loco exhaust. Anyone have a definitive answer and source of information? Thanks David
  2. I searched some more and finally bought the MEK 500 ml from Amazon, which if you search for butanone, is what Amazon finds. £10 delivered is very reasonable Cheers David
  3. Hi, I just found this when searching for MEK etc and according to various science-based places Butanone is MEK, just another name for it. So I am confused, any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks David
  4. If I had known about those before I designed the control panels for the layout, I would probably have gone for them, they have everything I needed (12vdc auxilliary, CDU and hand-helds) Ah well, keep looking I guess. Thanks for the info, I'm sure this isn't the last layout I work on. David
  5. Hi, I'm looking for reasonably priced hand held controllers that will work with a variety of locos (TBD) that vary from new to old. We have one Gaugemaster but it has a reversing switch instead of a centre off knob. None of us like it very much and prefer the centre off types. It would need to be 16vac input & 12dc output as the transformers are already in place. I did see an old H&M model CUI but it appears to use 12vdc input and the H&M don't get good reviews with modern motors Suggestions please David
  6. All true, except the Minitrains description does not include the words 009 or mobile so it wouldn't be found with my search. The skill lies in identifying products so that SEO works (Search Engine Optimisation) so it really isn't Google's problem I'm keeping my eyes & Google open ;-)
  7. Nice idea, now where can I find an Airfix RAF Recovery Kit? and an original Minitrains bogie bolster? Especially if I can get them for half-a-crown ;-) Cheers David
  8. Thanks Pete, I can't seem to find the kit or a website for them, the domain name is defunct. We'll probably go for the Minitrains one, not as sophisticated but great price and we need to spend time on the rest of the kits & scenery. David
  9. I have seen that - adding a small piece of iron wire to the Bemo - very fiddly though Thanks David
  10. Yes, good prototype reference, but I'm looking for an RTR or kit - looks like we found it, thanks David
  11. Thank you!! Google isn't all it claims to be is it? David
  12. Hi, If I have read all of the above correctly, the Greenwich will couple to a Bemo-equipped wagon/loco but I suspect it won't magnetically uncouple. Is this true? Thanks David
  13. Hi, I'm new to this 009 stuff although I've been wiring a layout for about 6 months now. We've started acquiring rolling stock and we're looking for a mobile crane suitable for an engineering works on a preserved railway centred around an old quarry workings. I cannot find anything out there using Goggle search and reading catalogues. Does anyone know of a an RTR or kit version that would be suitable? Many thanks David
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