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  1. You will see in my post that I purchased a 3D printing file, not a physical model as such. That file is on my harddrive and, when I finally get myself a 3D printer, will be able to be printed as many times as I like (for my own use). Alex offered the same kind of purchase experience as John Wiffen of Scalescenes; he is based in Australia, but I purchase in £sterling and my purchase takes seconds to download. No issues with cost of delivery etc. I took the attitude that I liked what Alex was doing, and made a token purchase to show support despite no knowledge of 3D printing or even
  2. Hi Nic You won't need Photoshop skills with Scalescenes warehouses - John has designed them to be easily "kit bashed" so you can have taller and longer warehouses. The asbestos and corrugated iron textures are also available in plain sheets in the 'Scratchbuilder's Yard' part of his website. No affiliation - just a fan and happy customer! Steve S
  3. Thank goodness this is two decades out of my time frame! Steve S
  4. Regarding express geared 2-EPBs, was there any external indication that they were different from 'standard' 2-EPB units? I am guessing that if not then it is simply a matter of renumbering? Also, I seem to recall that the those were all later builds based upon the Mk1 carriage profile, same as the Bachmann model? Thanks again for all the information - being totally ignorant of such details, every nugget is pure gold to me! Steve S
  5. John Wiffen has made some very nice downloadable ship kits so far, from small fishing boats through to a large (90cm long) modern freighter/container ship ... now maybe if we all bombard him for requests for a 150-200 ton "dirty British coaster" he might turn his genius to making something suitable?! If he does, you could build a fleet to rival the East India Company's for a fraction of the cost of a single Artitec kit - and they would be to proper 1:76 scale, too! Steve S NB No connection to John Wiffen and Scalescenes other than a very happy customer!
  6. Hi Robert - that second photograph clearly shows a second MLV! I guess that means I need a second MLV just so I can occasionally run a "bigger" boat train consist!! Currently I have planned for my 'boat train' platform to take a loco, 8 pullman coaches and 2 utility vans as a representative length... or squeeze in 2 5-BELs ... and I knew I could run 2 x 4-CEP + MLV ... But now seeing 4CEP+4BEP+4CEP+MLV ... and the possibility of 2 x MLV .... Oh boy! Gonna need a bigger platform! Steve S
  7. Thank you SRman for the modelling-friendly advice, and to Oldddudders, Dagwortgh and griffgriff for their input. If I understand correctly, though, Bils and Hals could run together though? (Which SRman says is okay in model form because they are both Hornby motored). Obviously, I will want (when funds permit) to add 2-HAP units to my roster, but at £250 a throw RRP it may be a while! On eBay at the moment Bachmann 4-CEP units are selling for as little as £88 - half what I paid for a second hand set about six months ago, and £50 cheaper than my last eBay purcha
  8. Have just been reading a review of Bachmann's soon to be released 2-HAP (HM 161) and it mentions that the prototype was geared to allow it to run with the 4-CEPs and 4-BEPs (also to be released shortly), and later with the 4-VEPs (fortunately outside my "window" so don't need to worry about correcting the Hornby model!) I've read that 2-BILs and 2-HALs ran in multiple and also with each other; I have those from Hornby plus a Bachmann 2-EPB. Right now, I have two 4-CEPs and one each of 2-BIL, 2-HAL and 2-EPB, plus a (Bachmann) MLV (and, of course, a (Hornby) 5-BEL - well
  9. Your docks look "just right" and I am very impressed by your ships. The size of your docks also make the visiting boat trains very believable; as a matter of interest, how many coaches can fit on your quay? I am also very jealous of your Stodder & Pitt level luffing dockside crane - I still don't understand why a generic kit for one of these has still not been produced by anyone! Your fleet of diesel dock shunters looks just right, too (I have also acquired such locos as dock shunters). Likewise the class 07. Do you have any plans to have a go at improving the Tria
  10. Thanks for the reply! If I find some photos of grain elevators and PM them to you, I think you'll see that they are ripe for lasercutting as they are generally large buildings. I guess some sketches would have been better than my attempts at describing a modular system, as what you described is probably more like what I had in mind! Good luck with your plans - sounds as if you are going to be very busy! Steve S
  11. Hi Looking at the buildings on your website, some other ideas - 1) Tall industrial walls (a) plain (b) with personnel gates (c) with larger delivery gates 2) Wall and ornate gateway with pillars (mill or docks entrance) with either large solid wooden gates or "wrought iron" (if you don't want to get into producing those, perhaps sizing them for pre-existing and available products). 3) Gatehouse linking building - similar to (2) but designed to link your structures 4) A corner module - maybe a stair building, or supporting a water tank - something to allo
  12. A little late replying, but... Delighted to see you have made full buildings available! Moving forward, how modular are your big warehouses? I am thinking whether you could make eg "extension" packs to eg lengthen a warehouse? Or would that involve redesigning from the ground up, so that you have plain wall/window, large door, personnel door and right hand/left hand end modules? Theoretically, a building could be ordered to any length based upon multiples of a standard module. Whether that is a commercially viable idea is a totally different matter! Scalescenes make a n
  13. Well, I'm honoured to have that distinction! I made a point of purchasing even though I don't have a 3D printer because I strongly support the idea of trading downloadable 3D print files the way that John Wiffen and others have developed the diwnloadable card kit. I do think that home 3D printers will become more common and younger modellers will make more use of them. The Scalescenes sales model means John is rewarded for his creative efforts without having to carry stock or worry about postage, and the purchaser gets instant access plus unlimited printouts of the purchased item.
  14. To match the ground surface around the warehouse, you could simply reprint that section of the Scalescenes download. If you open the file in Acrobat Reader or Preview (on a Mac) you can use the rectangular tool to select just that section; copy it and then paste into a Word document (or word orocessor of your choice) making sure everything is set to 100%. You can then repeat paste so that you get several sections on one page, and if you are willing to faff about a bit, you can even overlay the images to create a larger section (this involves using the crop function and transparency function wi
  15. Excellent article in the Railway Modeller - it certainly would be interesting to see a layout develop along the suggestions made therein! Steve S
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