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  1. Hmmm, I didn't think I needed any more 92s than I already hd on order from Revolution but I might be about to prove myself wrong!
  2. I may be forced to swap to OO from N if that was to happen
  3. mmmm.... but I'm buggered if I'm painting it myself though Come on Dapol / Farish - pretty please
  4. Loving your work on the DVTs - I must have a go at mine!
  5. Anything is realistic if you want it to be! Good idea with removing that track on the left - less is more sometimes - I know I'm often guilty of just fitting in as much track as I can without thinking it through
  6. Ditto - when buying a few bits of kits etc there is only so much discount you get elsewhere - often due to the free delivery it is better to go with Gaugemaster than the big 'discounters' who then charge £4 or more for delivery
  7. Cracking picture - I love the grass growing out the top of the bridge
  8. Order duly placed for some 'ONE' containers - will certainly add some colour to the layout!
  9. Just stumbled across this thread - love your weathering Jon very subtle and realistic looking
  10. Looks a fun little layout - will be following its development with interest as it's my preferred era too
  11. Cracking write up and images in BRM Mr Newbryford - layout looks fantastic and well worth travelling to see!
  12. Thanks Jack - doesn't sound like we will see Q2 2019 as per the original announcement though!
  13. Looks a fun little compact layout - I like all the underground stock!
  14. All the talk is that they're only just going into production in the last month or so - August suddenly seems a very sensible bet
  15. Not a peep from anyone on the Dapol digest since the initial announcement - obviously sleeping very well!
  16. Cracking piece of work - reminds me of my days at Roade cutting!
  17. RRP confirmed today at £144.95 - seems Farish prices are still creeping up sadly, even with the usual 15% discount at the box shifters it's over £120 which has put me off for the time being as there are other models coming out that are better value so will get my £££
  18. The Large Logo one saves me a repaint - looking forward to these coming - Colletts have them for pre-order with a 20% discount
  19. pantrogla

    Dapol class 86

    Sorely tempted by the Caledonian Sleeper one of these come pay day!
  20. I see from the Revolution website this is now in tooling with the first sample expected in August - exciting times!
  21. I'm suddenly thinking I need to dabble in a sound fitted 92 now I have the option to....
  22. Likewise - the deed is already done - least I can for my unashamed plagiarism of ideas!
  23. Agreed - think it is up there with some of the best ever created
  24. Saw this today at the Hull Show - one of the best layouts there, and certainly also one of the most detailed - top marks Shaun!
  25. The hot weather over the summer derailed progress! However recent weeks have seen me back on it, platforms are now largely complete, just the eastern end to sort where they join the concourse, ballasting done and smaller details starting to be added now The photos are slightly unkind on the AWS ramps - they don't need toning down as much in normal light - what needs work is the colour of the ballast now
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