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  1. Granted, the photos aren't overly good. You already know my issues with cardboard.
  2. Nice to see someone else who listens to him! First for today is this little thing which I was just discussing on eBay Madness. I love seeing these sorts of things, they always look so goofy. Following up is this slightly nicer model, a scratchbuilt Wisbech and Upwell Y7 made from cardboard on a Triang Nellie chassis I think. Link in the picture as per usual.
  3. I know, right? You see why I talk so much about this stuff on my Wild Kitbash thread? Because to me that's the point. For every awesome bit of bashing out there, there's a load of bits that are as funny as they are bad. That's the entire reason I made the thread.
  4. The one that always makes me laugh is Trackmaster Thomas bodies whacked onto Hornby chassis. See those on a few sites and they always just look daft. I know OO locos aren't perfectly proportionate by their very nature, but seriously. Look at this. I see these all the time when looking around on eBay and they always crack me up.
  5. Cute. However, I would personally give the shunter a slightly taller chimney so that it's taller than the cab, otherwise the smoke would blow back into the cab through the openings rather than it all being carried over. Glad to hear they're both running though.
  6. I found a Twitter post saying exactly that. Yeah, I definitely agree. Give it circular spectacles and that's vintage Thomas.
  7. Well, the bit I was referring to was that the locomotive is rather too "lanky" in proportions and the chimney a bit too short.
  8. Immediately makes me think of this disproportionate beast for some reason:
  9. Agreed. Why many of mine were built from models that were broken already in some way. Any photos? I'm interested to see that someone actually did something like this.
  10. I actually quite like that for some reason. Has an almost dieselpunk look to it.
  11. That's actually quite simple. Save the picture, insert them into your post, double click the photo and copy-paste the link into the URL bar that pops up. Also yes, dealing with eBay stuff does that unfortunately.
  12. Hello, and welcome to a new edition of "Let's Review Red's Random eBay Finds"! Start off with a pair of cute saddle tanks, one a Percy on a Dapol chassis, the other a nice Hawthorn Leslie Bachmann Jr bash which just needs its slide bars popped back on. Both linked via the pictures if anyone is interested. Secondly, is this lovely scratchbuilt tank loco body shell. If you don't recognise the style, this is from al305, who I think might be the guy who made the scratchbuilt Pacific tank that became my No.10 from a year or so back in my workbench thread. Certainly looks to have been made in the same manner. ...guess we're having a nice item day. Little box tank on a Nellie chassis, think it's either a Nielson or an Andrew Barclay, Pretty low price at the moment too, if anyone is interested. Also gave me a chuckle that they noted that the body IS CAST IRON in all caps. So far so good. Aaand spoke too soon. How the hell do you not notice that your pannier tank's boiler is put on backwards before selling it? ...someone call LeoKimVideo. I'm done for today.
  13. I know, right? Nice take on one of the GWR "long Pecketts". Great work.
  14. Aah right. I'm more a pro wrestling fan so I immediately thought of Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Mick Foley and the like doing stuff like the gif.
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