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  1. Hmm. Is it named after the traditional folk song like mine?
  2. Right handed. The vice is just where it is so I don't crack my elbow on it every time I walk in the door.
  3. Speaking as a person who uses a tank engine for his own top end trains much of the time, I have no issue with that.
  4. John Lennon's ghost called, he wants his glasses back.
  5. This just reminds me of the Mortal Engines reference Frankie Boyle made in that one Mock the Week episode. https://youtu.be/ADhcy2BiTwg
  6. Also found this as I was logging out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scratch-Built-Bogie-workmans-coach/184024033007?hash=item2ad8afe6ef:g:Sk4AAOSwafddoMpM This is adorable. Someone put some real time and effort into making this as this looks really neatly done. Odd colour scheme though.
  7. I can't play the guitar but can play the harmonica. Maybe that's why I'm single...
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Plaster-of-Paris-Cottage-00-Gauge-Built-Kit/303138637677?hash=item469478876d:g:w9QAAOSwxdtaqrph Just found this too. A small cottage made of plaster of paris... with no door. How odd.
  9. Wow. The proportions on that are driving my OCD totally bonkers. EDIT: I've just discovered it's a statue of Peter the Great. That explains the odd proportions and the dwarf. I remember being told about this too. The 1707 Battle of Almansa, the French were led by the Duke of Berwick and the English by Henri de Massue, an exiled Huguenot who became Earl of Galway. The English were also subcommanded by an 80-year-old Portuguese man.
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