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    Generally: Model railways (obviously), Warhammer 40k, science fiction, rock and metal music, cinema

    Railway-related: Steam in the East of England (all eras but especially GER) and East Midlands, industrial tank engines, Colonel Stephens

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  1. Blech! What a horrid lorry! Joking and reference aside, excellent work as always Corbs.
  2. Looks more like she's stapled a litter of Pomeranians to her hat.
  3. So basically it needs a taller, more prominently-flanged chimney.
  4. Berkham now has its station building. It still looks rather different from my dad's original sketch but it's still recognisable as the same concept.
  5. Fair enough. Any chimneys you'd recommend? Yes, they are rather diddy.
  6. image.png.a849874803943c662fffa9f836bba514.pngI love it when my own stuff turns up on Google Images. Makes me feel like I've made an impact in the two short years I've been doing this.

    1. DanielB


      It's a great confidence boost, isn't it?

  7. Finished the coach and ore truck from last weekend.
  8. My haul from my recent trip to a collectables place in King's Lynn: Two more Hornby four-wheelers, because you can never have too many of those in my opinion, A Ratio kit four-wheeler, A Hornby starter kit goods shed which I plan to resurface to make it look less crap, A Ratio cattle dock, A Hornby Dublo ore truck to get some new couplings, A pair of Triang wagons, A Triang Pullman coach to be renamed, A Triang Royal Mail railway post office van, Two lorries, one of which is slightly too big a scale but not so much as to be unusable, And a book on Norfolk's railways between 1927 and 1966. Not a bad lot if I do say so myself.
  9. Indeed, our part of the country does have some fantastic place names.
  10. Imaginary livery, but it does look gorgeous.
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