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  1. ? I have no context for this. Sorry for vanishing for so long. My mental state at the time and the endless political talk just weren't gelling well. The Kelsby Light Railway has been going along well though, as you might have seen from my other threads.
  2. After a year and a half (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) of absence, the Village Alchemist comes in from the cold. "Hello guys. Been a while. What did I miss?"
  3. A little clip of KLR No.7 Gremlin running through Kelsby yard to the sheds. Decided to video this as I was using Gremlin as a transporter for some of my materials while working on the other end of the layout on Berkham yard.
  4. Mmm. Henry. There's a few RWS modellers I know that might be interested in this. Have a weird GWR 101 (I think) knockoff with a terrifying repainted Duck face. Next up is this rather badly painted half-completed attempt at a TVS Duncan. Like the colour, hate the finish. I really do find some weird crap for this thread. A Bachmann Santa Fe diesel with Snoopy painted on the side (that said, the Snoopy is painted really well.) It's one of those things where I sit there and think "Well, it's interesting, but why does this exist?" If I could talk to the person who made this to see what gave them the idea for this, I really would love to. On to something a bit more practical for most of the people on this thread. Here's a OO scale engineer's crane, made out of a cheap toy digger and some odds and ends. I'm actually a real fan of this, as this is very much the sort of thing I can genuinely see existing on a small railway somewhere as a track maintenance tool or something like that. Onto buildings now, and I found this lovely little scratchbuilt post office which... honestly puts me in mind of the local one to where I used to live in Great Ellingham. It is a gorgeous little structure. Then there's this gorgeous scratchbuilt pithead, which looks very nice despite the shaky low-qual photography. I can also think of a few people that could have some use for this.
  5. Very nicely done. Also you gave it proper cylinders and slidebars, which is a massive plus in my book as that is a huge pet peeve of mine.
  6. Fair. Reminds me, you still need to send me that M&GN A Class.
  7. I'd hope so, he paints this kind of thing for a living! Joking aside, he's just doing these as something to do when he's bored. As such they'll pop in as and when he finishes them.
  8. After nearly a year with no updates, here is what's happened on the KLR layout over the past year: Berkham Station has begun construction in earnest. Big props to my best friend Jake Read, who came up with a simple but effective track plan after I spent months smacking my head against a brick wall about it. Sometimes all you need is a layman's viewpoint. The main line and the Alnerwick Quarry branch are really taking shape, with assistance from the first of many back scenes painted by my Dad, a professional landscape artist. And the Quay at Hewe is now totally finished, with the river now poured. Very happy indeed with it. The pig field is finished and now has pigs in it, thus finishing every board up to Hewe Quay.
  9. Those are incredible! And they look great with that W1! That is utterly adorable. Like a tinplate approximation of a Crystal Palace tank, I love it. And that's just kind of odd. What the heck is the huge disc?
  10. Yes I AM still alive, thanks. 

    1. Hroth


      Glad to hear it!


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      I was wondering. 

  11. That's interesting. Don't see many wooden body shells.
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