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  1. Hmm. I knew there were a lot but not that there were that many. I'm sure that keeps the collectors busy
  2. Very nice... though again, guilty of my biggest pet peeve, which is the lack of proper slide bars
  3. Highlight the image in the editor, then click the hyperlink icon and insert the url. It'll link it to the image rather than the text.
  4. Sorry to hear that mate. Still, try and keep yourself busy. The worst thing you can do when you're ill is compound it with boredom.
  5. It's another low-effort Thomas bash, so you know that means I'm torturing myself again... Let's move onto something more positive. Like this three-rail Turbomotive. Links in pictures as usual, bar the Thomasbash as who the hell would want that? Or this... two-rail Turbomotive. Or this actually really interesting looking wooden engine shed. Looks like something you'd see on a logging line in the US.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, everyone has bad days. Hopefully you get your mojo back soon.
  7. Well, it's now been two months, but here it is. Meet Raven A2 KLR No.16 City of Norwich, which will now be on express duty between Telham Town and Kelsby. Very pleased with how this turned out.
  8. Yes. But that then makes me depressed so I quickly stop.
  9. Ooh, right up my alley! I'll gladly take them off your hands!
  10. Kind of curious as to what would be now. Still can't get over how cute this is.
  11. What on earth does that 08 have on its roof?
  12. Galactus much? Great to see you having some inspiration come to you Martin. Looks very complex.
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