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  1. The link to sdjr.net are dead, does anyone still have the information from the site anywhere?
  2. In 1914 the LB&SCR tried using two of the E2s (first batch) on six coach push-pull trains between London Bridge and Crystal Palace. Apparently they were not a success, but I can't find out what the specific issues were. Does anyone know what they were, and if they could have been rectified? Thanks
  3. Ah, thanks! I do like the Churchward Counties, they look built for fast running!
  4. I'd been hoping there would be a way to throw in the Saints (were any running in their Atlantic form in the post-WWI era?), as well as the 4-4-0s such as the Cities and Bulldogs. Did any of the 2800s use this line?
  5. Here's the short list I drew up for what locos were there in the 1918-22 period: GWR: Stars 3100 2-6-2Ts GCR: Directors/Improved Directors Lord Faringdons 9Q (several were at Neasden, so I'm guessing they would have worked around here) 9N
  6. I like the idea of an SE&CR/Brighton layout, though I hestitate between including the Southern Belle or the SE&CR boat trains, and you really can't have both on the same layout realistically!
  7. Thanks, I was speculating on what locos the DN&SR might have bought had they remained independent a la the S&DJR and M&SWJR.
  8. I've been intrigued by the humble Hull & Barnsley Railway for a while now, and I wondered if this held any potential for a layout. As the H&BR had running powers over the Midland to Sheffield, this could put an interesting spin on an otherwise orthodox Midland layout. Maybe a "might-have-been" concept where the H&BR got running powers to Manchester over the GCR?
  9. I've thought myself about what possibilities modelling the M&SWJR as an independent company (a la the S&DJR) in the 1920s-30s, or the DN&SR if it had remained an independent company and built the planned extension to Southampton. Any ideas on what a DN&SR "house style" and livery would look like? I've always found the Hull & Barnsley style and black livery attractive, and I think black could provide a good contrast to GWR brunswick and LSWR sage green. Maybe an extra Stirling brother took a job on the DN&SR?
  10. What years did the "peak period" you describe embrace? The Directors were introduced in 1913, and then WWI begins, ending so much of the colorful Pre-Grouping days.
  11. Very true, my apologies. I had intended to ask if the engines ever worked often on the GW&GC at any point in their working lives, with special reference to the 1918-1922 period.
  12. Looking at BRDatabase, several B7s were based out of Neasden throughout the 1910s-20s, so there's that.
  13. Thanks, this should be useful. Would the Oakwood Press book on the GW&GC have much on this?
  14. Does anyone know what the main types of engines were used on the Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway? I was wondering if any of Robinson's 4-6-0 or 4-4-0 types would have worked there at some point.
  15. A big thanks to everyone who has replied to this, I didn't think it would get so many replies that quickly!
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