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  1. Does anyone have any ideas for where a possible Lanky/GCR joint line could be located?
  2. By the way, what was the process used to go from the tractive effort calculation to the LMS/BR power classification system (5MT, 7P, 8F, etc.)?
  3. I hadn't planned on focusing overly much on the war itself, but I'd like to expand on this to decrease confusion. We'll assume Germany goes on the offensive against Russia, waiting until France declares war on them rather than vice versa, and fights a defensive war against the latter. In this scenario, it is the Germans choosing an alternate course, not the British.
  4. The Great War irrevocably changed a number of things, among them Britain's railways. They still had some bright years ahead of them, but things were never quite the same as they had been before the war. To help explore just how much the war really affected the railways, here's a what-if scenario: in August 1914, Germany does not invade Belgium, and Britain either doesn't join the war, or only joins in a limited capacity (sending the BEF, economic support). The war is not the focus here, but rather how the railways fare without it. It seems mergers were on the horizon before the war, but how will they happen without the Grouping? Hopefully strange like combining the L&YR with the LNWR or the H&BR wth the NER won't be taking place.
  5. @Compound2632 How could things have gone if the NSR managed to acquire the South Staffordshire Railway, assuming the line was built later. The NSR with a connection to the OW&WR could be interesting. GNR fans: does anyone know what engines worked the Stafford & Uttoxeter Railway in the years 1905-14? Railways included in this universe's NSR: GCR (Macclesfield to Stoke?) GNR (via Stafford & Uttoxeter) GWR LNWR Midland (at Derby and Burton)
  6. Just for clarification, would this be the "true" Jenny Lind with inside cylinders, or the outside cylinder engines? Does anyone know if what liveries they carried in the 1840s-50s on the Southern Division? I ask all this because of an idea I and a friend had of a fictitious small railway in northern England buying a secondhand LNWR Single in green livery in the early 1850s, and wanted to see if it could work.
  7. Does anyone know if a picture exists of the two LNWR Jennies?
  8. Does anyone know of any LNWR 2-2-2 locos, especially from the Northern Division, that looked similar to the Jenny Linds? I noticed this picture of Southern Division No. 35 looked somewhat similar to the Jennies.
  9. Right then, just ordered Bill Simpson's books on the OxCam line, hopefully I'll be able to find some things out.
  10. Here's a partial roster of NC&StL locomotives in the early 1950s. To account for the larger size of the railroad in this universe, extra engines will be added. 550-562: J1 4-8-2 565-569: J2 4-8-4 570-589: J3 4-8-4 600-628: L1 2-8-2 650-659: L2 2-8-2 660-671: L2A 2-8-2 1-4: ALCO S1 5-11: ALCO S2 15: EMD SW1 19-23: EMD NW2 24-33: EMD SW7 34-38: EMD SW9 41-44: BLW VO-1000 46-51: BLW VO-1000 60-62: BLW VO-1000m 69: BLW VO-660m 700-731: EMD GP7 750-754: EMD GP7 800-808: EMD F3A 809-831: EMD F7A 900-911: EMD F3B 912-919: EMD F7B
  11. Yes, I had noticed there's no actual plate to fill the tenders from!
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