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  1. It may be better to have the Spalding and Bourne Railway be the "Leicester, Spalding and Bourne", and have the M&GN get running powers over the Syston and Peterborough.
  2. I've wondered about the possibility of having the M&GN tap the Leicestershire coalfield instead of the GN & LNW Joint. Of course, the M&GN was an east-west line, which would make an extension to Leicester probably the most likely expansion they could do by some means. @Edwardian, I think you said you were fond of the GN&LNW Joint, do you know of any ways to expand the M&GN?
  3. I remember an idea I had for a "Birmingham & Peterborough Direct Railway" - and I'm sure if I look hard enough, I'll find a real proposal along similar lines. It would very likely be a bustling trunk route, not to mention satisfy my desire to include as many other companies as possible via junctions. There's a wicked part of me that would the various lines between Birmingham and Peterborough to remain independent until the 1880s, to be merged into a mega-Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway!
  4. As I said, lovely little line - had connections with no less than four companies.
  5. I've been looking into the Neath & Brecon Railway - lovely little railway, and a busy one too, with the Midland Railway using it to get to Swansea and plenty of coal traffic. I can't find any images suggesting what liveries were used for engines, carriages, and wagons. Does anyone have any information on this?
  6. Oh crumbs - I didn't see the OP wanted completely freelance companies, not real ones operating over fictitious lines. Do we have a thread for those?
  7. Thank you John, Roy Williams' The Midland Railway: A New History may be worth a look as well.
  8. While Ellis and Nock are almost always solid choices, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed there haven't been proper multi-volume histories of these companies.
  9. Does anyone know what the common lever colors were in Great Central signal boxes?
  10. At the moment, I'm looking for books on Great Central signalling and signal boxes. The GCR Society's bibliography mentions A Pictorial Record of LNER Consituent Signalling, which looks good, as does Great Central Signalman, but I'm naturally looking for others as well.
  11. While calling any book the "definitive" work on its particular subject is risky business, the term seems justified in the case of titles such as George Dow's history of the Great Central, John Wrottesley's on the Great Northern, and John Marshall's on the Lancashire & Yorkshire. Have there been "definitive" histories of the London & North Western and Midland Railways written?
  12. One feels for the traveller from Sheffield or Marylebone, who couldn't simply get in and get off at Liverpool Central, but would have to either reverse at Manchester Central or catch a hansom cab.
  13. Ah, I believe I understand now. It strikes me as odd that trains coming from Sheffield over the Woodhead line couldn't just run to Liverpool Central via the MSJ&A.
  14. Was looking into the MSJ&AR, and I was wondering if there were any through trains operated between Liverpool Central and Manchester London Road. It would seem at least possible, as the MSJ&AR allowed for it, but as I couldn't find any explicit references to such, I didn't want to assume. I suspect they must have, otherwise I'm not sure what purpose the junction at Cornbrook with the CLC served.
  15. It would be fun to see Green and Indian Red that far south, though I wonder what goal they would have in mind in acquiring a line to Aldershot. Of course, railways have built to all manner of odd destinations - see the SER at Reading, or the Metropolitan at Verney Junction. ----------------------- I've considered several proposed lines over the years, most related to the MS&LR/GCR: - Edward Watkin's proposed Blackpool Railway; - the Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway, assuming it had made it to Southampton and started operating its own trains; - the Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway west of Chesterfield, because of course; - the Macclesfield, Knutsford & Warrington Railway, with the CLC and NSR jointly operating the line. Here in the US we call these "paper railroads" - loads of potential for real companies running over fictitious lines; - Watkin's proposed working union between the LSWR, the LB&SCR, the LCDR, and the SER; - Watkin's Welsh Railways Union (the Manchester & Milford may actually connect to the former city here)
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