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  1. I've recently become fascinated by the Ivatt 4MTs, better known as Flying Pigs/Doodlebugs/Mucky Ducks. One of their most famous stomping grounds was the Stainmore Route, and I wanted to know more about their duties and reliability on that line. If anyone has numbers for the locos that worked there the most, I'd be very grateful.
  2. I was fiddling about with the power formula, and I decided to try the L&YR Class 28, a 3F. The class had the following dimensions: 180 PSI boiler Two 20.5"x26" cylinders 61" drivers Piston speed: (2 x 26/3.14 x 61) x 25 x 88 = 594 Checking the curve, the MEP is about 42.5 - 0.425 x 180 = 76.5 2 x 2 x pi x (20.5/2)^2 x 26 = 34,308.39 34,308 x 76.5 / 3.14 x 61 = 2,624,591.84 2,624,591.84/2240 = 6.1 long tons In other words, a 5F. Can anyone tell what I'm getting incorrect?
  3. We've no money for that, we're on a budget!
  4. Ah, thank you! This was what I managed to get, glad to see I wasn't too far off.
  5. I appreciate your vote of confidence. I was trying to figure out the power class of a 4-6-2 pacific with two 20" x 28" cylinders, a 220 psi boiler, and 80" drivers. The nominal TE is a decent 26,180, but that tells nary a thing for power class.
  6. Thank you! The American public education system did a uniquely poor job teaching me physics.
  7. Sorry, I'm afraid I'm a bit slow on the uptake today - to calculate the piston speed of an engine with 28" stroke and 6'8" drivers at 50 mph, what should I do?
  8. Right then, so is there an explanation somewhere of how to calculate the mean effective pressure and piston speed? It would seem that is all one needs to begin using the formula for themselves.
  9. I've already brought these up in GCR ideas thread, but thought I'd put them here: - The Macclesfield, Knutsford & Warrington Railway: would likely have been CLC with NSR running powers or joint CLC/NSR. - The Blackpool Railway: possibly joint GCR/Midland, maybe L&YR at a stretch - The Manchester & Huddersfield Railway: was nearly included with the MS&LR at its formation
  10. Ah, thanks! Please keep your videos on YouTube coming, I quite liked the one on LB&SCR 4-4-0s.
  11. Alex, do you happen to know if any of the SE&CR Pullmans ever strayed onto the North Downs line and Reading?
  12. Well, you're not wrong. There's the Huddersfield & Manchester Railway, which nearly ended up joining the railways that formed the MS&LR. The GCR in Huddersfield - that could have potential.
  13. Does anyone know of a way to get the GCR to Peterborough? One idea I had was for the Midland Counties Railway to not build the Syston and Pboro for whatever reason, with the line later built as a joint effort between the GCR and someone else. The route would likely be something like Leicester-Oakham-Stamford-Pboro.
  14. This is a somewhat more frivolous what-if than I try to post here, but I got it in my head, and now can't get it out. Had BR perhaps been less short-sighted and not closed the Great Central Main Line, what classes would have been likely to have worked the line in the 70s and 80s? I would guess similar engines to those on the rest of the Eastern Region or Midland, but I'm not sure.
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