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  1. A very big thank you to all who have answered so far!
  2. Thank you, I knew better than to trust my counting.
  3. Counting up based on wheel arrangement, I have: 34 0-6-0s; 14 4-4-0s; 12 0-4-4Ts; 3 0-4-0Ts; 7 0-6-0Ts; 10 2-8-0s Which gives a total of 80 locomotives. Which one did I miss?
  4. Ah, thank you! I had always thought you were a Midland fan, didn't know the Slow and Doubtful was an area of interest for you.
  5. Does anyone have a number of engines on the S&D at some point from Grouping to 1930? I've tallied up the engines mentioned in the Wiki article, but as it doesn't take several of the rebuilds/reboilerings into account, I wanted to check my figures by someone else.
  6. Thanks, any chance a stray Patriot could work its way over there?
  7. Does anyone know what engines worked the Leeds-London trains on the Midland Main Line in the late 50s/60s timeframe? Also, what sheds did they tend to be stabled at?
  8. Does anyone know if the Cromwells could fit in the UK loading gauge? I know they weren't perfect, but I just love them so.
  9. In Volume 1 of his history of the MS&L/GCR, George Dow laments James Allport's departure from the MS&L for the Midland. Under Allport's leadership, the Midland became a major trunk line, and his forward-thinking led to the provision of third class on all trains, and the abolition of second class. Had Allport stayed with the MS&L, how could the history of that company have been altered?
  10. While Hawksworth dismissed the mythical 4-6-2 frequently attributed to him as being nothing more than a "draughtsman's dream", it does have a certain charm to it. Had it been built, how would it have compared to the express locos of the other regions? Weight-wise, it seems a bit worrying, at least to me.
  11. Yep, pages 175-182 of Volume 2. Still in Volume 1 at the moment, so I'm not quite there yet.
  12. Does anyone know of any Class Fives having their original Stanier boilers replaced by Ivatt ones, through overhauls and the like?
  13. Does anyone think it likely the Knotty could have gotten running powers for the Macclesfield-Warrington line had it been built, or would it have been solely CLC?
  14. When it comes to trying to establish canonicity in Awdry's Railway Series, I tend to use this general principle: - When Awdry's writings clash with illustrations, go with Awdry's writings, - When an illustrator clashes with another illustrator, go with the chronologically later illustrator (Awdry famously had trouble with his first illustrator) Unless otherwise specified or depending on cirmcumstances, of course.
  15. Here's an overall view of the yard: One can see a shunting signals controlling the yard here:
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