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  1. Here's three pictures of the world renowned Keddie Wye in Keddie, California. The Keddie Wye was built by the Western Pacific Railroad inside the Feather River Canyon and is a mainline route of the Union Pacific Railroad today. Keddie is about 137 miles(219.2 kilometers) northeast of Sacramento. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/211267/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/507434/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/383691/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  2. Here's a couple of pictures of a train crossing the Joso Bridge in Joso, Washington. The Joso Bridge spans across the Snake River and the trackage on this bridge belongs to the Union Pacific. Joso is about 110 miles(176 kilometers) southwest of Spokane. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/548407/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/562441/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  3. Here's a beautiful picture of a Union Pacific Railroad train in Lake Point, Utah. The train is on the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake. Lake Point is a suburb of Salt Lake City. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/406599/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  4. Here's a picture of a Union Pacific train in Gretna, Louisiana. The train is running down 5th Street. Gretna is a suburb of New Orleans. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/92509/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  5. Here's a picture of a BNSF Railway train in Beaumont, Texas. The train is traversing a narrow street called Long Avenue. Beaumont is about 85 miles(136 kilometers) east of Houston via the Interstate 10(I-10) freeway. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/585286/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  6. This picture was not taken in front of the train. This picture was taken in the back of the train. This is a picture of a Georgia Southwestern Railroad train in Columbus, Georgia. The train is shoving backwards along 6th Avenue towards the yard. Columbus is about 110 miles(176 kilometers) southwest of Atlanta via the Interstate 85 and 185(I-85 and I-185) freeways. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/248384/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  7. Here's a picture of a CSX Transportation train in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The train is doing some quasi-street running down William Street. Lawrenceburg is a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/687171/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  8. Here's a picture of a Canadian Pacific train in Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada. The train is hauling coal into Black Canyon which is along the Thompson River. Ashcroft is about 200 miles(320 kilometers) northeast of Vancouver via Trans-Canada Highway 1(TCH-1). https://www.railpictures.net/photo/705293/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  9. More pictures of the "L" train in Downtown Chicago. Here's three pictures of a train crossing the Chicago River. In the third picture, the Willis Tower(formerly the Sears Tower) looms in the background. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/639419/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/660534/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/360342/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  10. Here's three pictures of the Union Pacific in Las Vegas, Nevada. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/171767/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/155874/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/636989/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  11. Here's a picture of a local Union Pacific train in Reno, Nevada. The train is running over the Interstate 80(I-80) freeway with the downtown skyline in the background. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/621374/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  12. I don't know what the steel work is for exactly. It looks like a bridge is being built. Wendell Idaho, USA
  13. Here's a picture of a Twin Cities & Western Railroad train in Downtown Minneapolis. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/717437/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  14. Here's a picture of Amtrak's Acela Express train in Philadelphia with the downtown skyline in the background. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/692928/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  15. Here's a picture of the BNSF Railway yard in Downtown San Diego. The red train cars in the middle of the picture are the light rail cars for the San Diego Trolley. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/721461/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  16. Here's a couple of pictures of Washington, DC. In the first picture, two Washington Metro trains are crossing the Potomac River. The second picture features a Norfolk Southern office train with the United States Capitol building in the background. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/544466/ https://www.railpictures.net/photo/448218/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  17. Here's another picture of a CTA "L"(elevated) train in Downtown Chicago with the spectacular Trump International Hotel and Tower in the background. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/578407/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  18. I would count it as a "giant landscape" photograph, Daniel. Nice picture of the steel industry in the Pittsburgh area. Wendell Idaho, USA
  19. Here's a picture of Amtrak's Cardinal train in Newport, Kentucky. The skyline of Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio is in the background. Newport and Cincinnati is on opposite sides of the Ohio River. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/715021/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  20. Here's a 1981 picture of a Norfolk and Western train in Newport, Kentucky. The train is running down Monmouth Street. Newport is a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/46437/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  21. Here's a picture of a MTA(New York City Transit) "subway" train in the Brooklyn part of New York City. The train is above the ground with the Downtown Manhattan skyline in the background. Happy New Year to all of you! https://www.railpictures.net/photo/703536/ Wendell Parks Idaho, USA
  22. Here's a picture of a Union Pacific train in my hometown of Compton, California. The train is exiting from the Mid-Corridor Trench of the Alameda Corridor and heading southbound towards the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The Downtown Los Angeles skyline is in the background on the left. The iconic Los Angeles City Hall(the tall, white building) is in the background above the tracks. The Alameda Corridor is a freight rail "expressway" that runs parallel to Alameda Street between the two ports and Downtown Los Angeles. The Corridor eliminated more than 200 street-level railroad crossings to keep the traffic flowing. Merry Christmas to all of you! https://www.railpictures.net/photo/653413/ Wendell Parks Idaho, USA
  23. Here's a picture of a Union Pacific train in Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The train is crossing the Robert Street Bridge over the Mississippi River. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/417291/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  24. Here's another picture of a Union Pacific train on the Big Ten Curve in Arvada, Colorado. The Downtown Denver skyline is in the background on the right. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/442874/ Wendell Idaho, USA
  25. Oh, okay. Thank you for the information. Wendell Idaho, USA
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