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  1. Just a heads up, I’ve spoken to Colin this evening and the MLI magazine is not to finish publication from Issue 246 as stated on another topic. The note on the website re not taking any more subscribers was due to the fact that the magazine was being transferred to another publisher but this is not happening now and the product is staying with Key Publishing. regards Antony
  2. Has there been any advance on the Class 117 front, I've done very similar to you with the DMBS vehicles and had a go at a DMS, the only problem I've got now is I'm not that good at painting so trying to find someone willing to do it, I've got three to do, a DMBS and the DMS in chocolate and cream as 117305 and an NSE DMBS Regards Antony
  3. Has anyone noticed the bend in the chassis? I've just got a green small yellow panelled model and the chassis on both sides looks out of true I already swapped it with the one they picked out as when looking closely there were glue smears around the hand rail holes and what looked like paint overspray that had half heartily been cleaned off, what I'd deem a ' Friday afternoon' job, I just missed that the chassis looks out of true
  4. And the amount of daylight sleeper moves with DRS or first group class 57s, like the one today with 57602 rescuing 57312
  5. One little look at the layout, I would swap the HST/avoiding line to the outside line, as the HST can then be set in motion or stopped without interfering with any shunting or local units running, you could then dispense with the crossover and use the two points for more sidings or another loop in the middle, then you would be able to try out dcc on the outer loop and keep the dc for the Middle or visa versa
  6. http://antony-christie.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/the-hullaba-looe-railtour-10th-february.html
  7. There is also a picture of mine in the Modern Locomotives Illustrated 209 on HSTs part 2 and another (of the first time it happened) in Colin Mardens HST book of similar moves. On the reliability of the class 57/6s, I've worked out including powercars and other rescues etc, there has been more than 30 different locomotives either haul or rescue the sleepers since 2004, when the last fgw 47 was meant to have gone...
  8. Just asking what do people use to strip the paint from Dapol n gauge, specifically the 121/122 dmus, as I'm converting them to a class 117, the ones I have are in regional railways and nse liveries. TIA Antony
  9. 57303 dragging the dogs breakfast that is 310, Pride of xxxx, at Penzance last night before 303 failed at Taunton http://antony-christie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/double-drs-on-1a40-at-penzance-18th.html
  10. The ETS was being used from the 57, about all its any good for is being a generator car
  11. Wonder if something like this would work on an 8 by 2 board, I would think I wouldn't get the fidle yard area on the right but I did put some track down to see
  12. A picture to show the power cars about to work the Up sleeper off Plymouth with 57310 in tow http://antony-christie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/more-problems-for-fgws-part-2.html Antony
  13. First Great Westerns Night Riviera service has been suffering from low availability of the Class 57/6 fleet now that two of the four locomotives are in Derby for works. The hired in locomotive from DRS, No. 57310, is also a source of problems and after multiple failures during the preceding weeks FGW have said no more, and the locomotive is due to be dragged to London tonight to be changed. The locomotive sat down at Exeter this morning and had to be dragged by two power cars Nos. 43149 and 43187, with the train seen passing Dainton bank. Tonight's train is due to start at Plymouth no Penzanc
  14. Why am I thinking of names like Pile's Mound underground station with a poster saying Taking the 'P' (not too sure on if there was a 'P' stock (I know of D stock, R stock and S stock...)), Take a day return to Bognor?
  15. A few pictures of the Class 374 taken yesterday at St Pancras, including the interiors and cab http://antony-christie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/the-new-eurostar-class-374-siemens-e320.html Antony
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