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  1. G&A Track

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Dapol just updated their facebook page Class 21's now on there way to all good Dapol Stockist.
  2. G&A Track

    Dapol Class 21/29

    info I got from Dapol 14/11, “The Class 21’s are on the ship and should be here first or second week of December. The Class 29’s are going through QC now and will be a few weeks later.”
  3. Hi Stephen, Thanks for your response, we were thinking of size about 10’ so that good est. Your info has helped, much appreciated. Thks, Alastair
  4. Hi again, Thanks for the additional pics, what can I say just excellent. I/we are working on a similar theme but don’t think will come anywhere close to be as good your models. Might have to ask you to construct ours…………..haha!!!. Cheers, Alastair
  5. Hi, just came across your latest pic of the signal box based on Dyce, Aberdeen. Its fantastic, would like to see the other side of the box, if possible? How did you go about model sizing the signal box. Did you have a drawing to work from? Thanks, Alastair.
  6. Hi Folks, Currently working on our layout and plan to build part section of the Kittybrewster wagon / carriage shed but not sure about the height, sizes etc could be from this photo attached. Any help would be appreciated as guide to what you think the sizes for below: Height Wall Window Arches Stone work Thanks again, Al
  7. Hi everyone, I’m currently with my brother building “OO” layout of Aberdeen north line during 1950 / 1960’s. Have been searching for a while for detailed info of Station Building and Signal Box (North / South) at Kittybrewster to enable us to scratch build these items. Can anyone help with plans/drawings/decent photos or point us in right direction to find good details for each to construct. Look forward to hear from modellers out there. Thanks, Alastair
  8. Hi Richard, Just watched your recent video again, excellent demo building that embankment. Hoping to start some scenery work soon myself and likely will use celotex. Interested to know what type of tool (Knife!) you were using and where to get same. Can you help advise thanks. Al
  9. We (Brother & I) are currently building our layout based on GNSR / BR Era 5 1956-1966, location being north Aberdeen - Inverness route and would like to know if anyone can tell us the type of ballast used. Looking at various photo’s etc the ballast looks like to been a mixture ash / cinders !!! but not certain. Our build is main line with a adjacent goods yard area and layout is end to end. Any feedback info would be appreciated from forum members. Thanks, Al
  10. Hi All, I’m looking for some assistance / feedback on issue about rolling stock for our layout. Our layout is based on Era5 1960s, region North East Scotland (Aberdeen - Inverness - Fraserburgh etc) Question we have is:- Gresley Non-Vestibuled Suburban Coaches (BR) Have search high & low but still unable to find confirmation (details / photos) if these coaches were used on this region area routes during 1960s Look forward to hearing from forum. Thanks Al.
  11. Hi All, I’m looking for some assistance / advice on issue we have with our layout. Currently have put down phase one of our DC layout, 1) Main Up Line; 2) Main Down Line; both into station covering 8 platforms, 3) a Return Line. All 3 lines are being powered separately with own bus wire, and are using Seep PM-1 point motors with Peco Electrofrog turnouts on these lines. Question we have is:- Where should PM-1 terminals D & E be connected to on layout? Have search high & low but still confused as all findings relate to DCC which understand, but would appreciated clarification on connecting D & E on DC layout. Look forward to hearing from forum. Al.
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