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  1. Cheers Luke.. It's in limbo at the moment.. will be making it's way to a new home as soon as we can co-ordinate ourselves (buyer lives quite a way from me)
  2. Thanks Stu.. wow, Ulthwaite is going back a bit! It's not in my possession any more, but it was passed on to someone in one piece, so maybe somewhere out there... ;-)
  3. Thanks for a great show Nick, and for inviting me along to build/exhibit something! A good experience and I look forward to next year!
  4. Well..Winkford Green had it's outing on Saturday. Despite some nerves about how it would go, the layout ran fine all day.. the only real issues I had were around the Kadees and the magnets, and they were minor and to be expected as I'd not had the time to really run things and set up the couplings. Nice to meet and chat to people and very nice to get some positive comments and encouragement too. (always interesting to receive some unsolicited 'advice' too!) As to what's next.. I had a couple of invitations.. but as I suspected, I don't think exhibiting is really my thing.. so I either do some work to convert the layout for home use, or more likely, I'm looking to pass it on to someone who might like to take it on (for reasonable recompense of course!) or I'll end up breaking it up and salvaging bits for the next one! If anyone is interested in the layout, drop me a line :-)
  5. It does look like a good line up. (a little daunting as I've built my layout specifically for the show over the last few months, so it's still very much a work in progress :-) )
  6. Mutton looks absolutely cracking, right up my street. I just hope I'm not next door to youas this will really put my little offering to shame!
  7. I only just 'discovered' what a huge difference using different DC controllers can make ( I normally use DCC these days).. testing slow running on my new little layout, I found that the KPC feedback controller was not friendly to some locos.. my trusty old gaugemaster Combi was okay.. but when i plugged in my Kato controller, the difference was really noticeable.. especially with the Oxford Adams Radial.. what I assumed was a noisy motor and reluctant performer just glides now! every day is a school day :-)
  8. Interesting concept.. will be watching with interest :-) Re the DCC.. and sound particularly - I'm a fan. I think it makes a huge difference, not only to 'realism', but I think it actually influences how you operate. I mostly play with US HO stuff, and i think the sound somehow helps you to run slowly and more realistically, rather than banging about. BUT - I cannot understand why people don't turn down the volume! Especially at exhibitions.. I don't think you need to be able to hear locos on a neighbouring layout ? One drawback of 'entry' systems like the Bachmann one, I started with this, but it was only when I got the NCE Powercab that I really started to enjoy DCC more - being able to simply program things like momentum and turn the volume down on sound locos! ;-) I recommend that system without hesitation. Having said all of that - I'm using DC on Winkford Green. I'm not going to be adding sound to these little OO locos and so on a small 'one loco in steam' layout, I didn't much see the point. Horses for Courses.
  9. You may be able to do this using more cardboard (!) - If you use corrugated cardboard and laminate layers with the corrugations running 90 degrees to each other? Only ever made one shoebox layout and I think I cheated as I built a ply box to fit inside the actual shoebox :-)
  10. This reminds me of a micro that Shortliner was a big fan of.. Maldon Market Hill.. we were 'chatting' about it recently as I was planning my little Winkford Green layout; http://www.carendt.com/small-layout-scrapbook/page-59a-march-2007/ ..there are a few ideas for this 'switchback' trackplan scattered over Carl's pages..
  11. Thanks Keith.. the station building was rescued from a OO9 layout I built a few years ago (along with the goods shed and signal cabin).. that layout was called 'Winkford'. I think the building was a Wills kit.. but honestly I can't be sure as I've had it a while.
  12. Some testing underway today.. making notes of the little fettles that need doing.. (interesting comparing the different running qualities of the locos.. the Hornby Peckett is brilliant, the Terrier is a little more hesitant (need to have a look at the pickups). The coach is an old Triang clerestory picked up cheap on ebay.. stuck Kadees on but that's it so far. Wishing I hadn't designed this to be operated from the rear, but haven't worked out how I can change that yet. (one job this evening has to mackle up a 'blind' to stop me being dazzled by the LED strips on the rear of the fascia! Overall quite pleased but it does feel odd after spending the last weekend playing with US HO stuff..
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