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  1. Bit of a bargain, I believe, Hornby Virgin Mk3 First Open (FO) 11074 Era 9 Model Train Coach for £23.39 via: https://www.365games.co.uk/model-kits/Hornby-virgin-mk3-first-open-fo-11074-era-9-model-train
  2. Got myself a £5 credit from Hattons and didn't physically use it in the store.
  3. Offer valid to 13/09/2020 and also includes Rails of Sheffield. You can check for other eligible 'Shop Small' retailers via https://www.americanexpress.com/en-GB/maps?country=GB&near=&cat=Shop-Small&name=
  4. For Amex cardholders Hattons counts as one of their "small shops" with a £5 credit when you spend (I think £10). Cardholders can activate the offer in their Amex UK app under offers.
  5. For info, successfully fixed my loco. The Dapol spares pack consists of: 2 x buffers (one LHS, one RHS) 2 x springs 2 x sleeves My only observation is that if when refitting you experience a problem of it not seeming to want to slide home, try spinning the sleeve around so it faces the other way. I think they are very slightly narrower at one end than the other.
  6. So, I've still not entirely finalised an updated trackplan - but have managed to get AnyRail to print the last layout plan for overlaying on the board that arrived today and which I have matched up to the frame, and am pretty happy with. I can heartily recommend AnyRail. I bought the paid version as it is pretty useful and am sure will get lots of use out of it. It also makes clear how important, for making the scenic board of decent value, that having a decent off-scene fiddle yard extension (or loading point) will be, on the top right and on the left of the layouts. I'm intending to create some basic 6-inch wide and perhaps 2ft long boards, one for the top right and one for the left hand side, where I intend to be able to load up to a 2-car DMU into the scene. I have a number of 3 and 4 car D/EMUs... but that would mean adding about 3ft to both ends of the board to allow the odd bit of 'through train' action. But, to be honest, if I had space for 3ft on either side, I'd have built a layout twice the size anyway! And for loading locomotives onto the boards for entry to/exit from the layout, I have ordered some Peco Locolifts (SL-43) which seem to have favourable reports and are stackable, so can hopefully avoid the agony of loading locos out of/back into their boxes between running sessions. Looking forward to cork arriving soon, finalising the track plan, fixing the plywood to the timber frame, and getting cracking. The unwanted delay in arrival of Peco track may be a blessing in disguise. It is certainly causing me and affording me time to think hard about the trackplan... Though I do just want the track to arrive so I can start to get it laid!
  7. Thanks all - since I think I need the sleeve and a new buffer, will just order the spares pack. Many thanks to all and @Andrew liszka for the offer too.
  8. @Andrew liszka, I've also searched for 'spares' and found this page on DCC Supplies which describes a pair of spare: buffer, sleeve, and spring. I suspect the 'sleeve' is perhaps the c-shaped clasp you mention and the piece I have managed to disintegrate/lose?
  9. Hi @lippy I've tried investigating the other buffers, but fear causing more damage. They do appear to be retained by something - whether a small plastic clip or glue or similar. @Andrew liszka the buffer is at the No 2 end and on the RHS if you face it head on, as per below photo. I was only able to recover the spring and the buffer. I think the c-shaped clasp you mention, if plastic, disintegrated/broke - as evidenced, perhaps, by the small black plastic fragments that fell out of the buffer end when I gave it a tap... Any further reflections/observations, most welcome!
  10. Hi all I had a bit of a 'mare and ended up hitting the end of my Dapol Class 68 in OO and in the process managed to send one of the sprung buffers flying across the room. Amazingly, I managed to find both the buffer (stil intact) and the small spring that goes with it. However, when I went to reattach it, the spring fits inside the buffer easily enough, but I can't fathom how the spring and buffer re-attach to the loco? When I slide the buffer with spring back on to the buffer mounting on the chassis, it isn't retained. Anyone had any experience of this? I can't be the first to have done this! I assume either some magical tool is used in the factory, and/or there is some tiny piece of plastic i've managed to lose/destroy, or perhaps some glue is needed? Worst case, I shall do without the sprung functionality and just cement the buffer in place... ...but would love to try to restore it to full order! Thanks.
  11. Thanks @sb67, will take a look at Buxton before I finalise the track plan. I've busied myself, making the basic frame (overkill, I expect with CLS timber) for the layout, but resisting the urge to fix the two additional supports until I'm sure where I will be putting the turnouts and any corresponding motors, or anything else that might need a hole and access from underneath the baseboard! The 12mm plywood top should be arriving in the next week or so, allowing me to print out the various track plans, lay them out, and see which design wins out! Here's hoping Peco's production of finescale streamline track has resumed, or I could be waiting a while before making any further progress, as it seems to be out of stock virtually everywhere! I'm pretty pleased with the Accurascale Rawie buffer stops I've acquired, the Guagemaster floodlights, and the DCC Concepts Cobalt Alpha Mimic Ground Signals - even though they've yet to come out of their boxes! Looking forward to getting them installed in due course too! But mostly, it feels good to have got the frame basically sorted, and to now be in a position to get cracking once the track arrives.
  12. @mdvle: thank you for these observations - I'd not even thought about the 'safety' type argument you put forward, and nor had I considered the possibility of flipping the station to the rear and the fueling/stabling to the front. I very much like these ideas. I will be reworking things to reflect many, if not all, of your suggestions. @JohnR: thanks also. I think I'm going to flip the station to the rear... Thanks all for your thoughts on this - just shows how many heads are better than one, particularly in my case!
  13. Thanks for the alternative view on this... You may very well be proved right on not having room to model it convincingly. Some of the best small layouts I've seen do K-I-S-S, as they say. I suspect that I shall end up making a call on whether to go station + yard, or just pure yard, once I've got the track down and have a better idea of just how little space I actually have! I'd be sorry to lose the station element, if only because I don't want the scene to end up being too 'industrial'. I like the idea of a small branchline station where perhaps the solitary member of staff takes pride in the station's appearance, with hanging baskets, and so on, and a similarly 'nice' station forecourt with arches. If the 'yard' only wins out, I would likely rethink the foreground scene, probably just using the space to enhance the yard, rather than add to an already ambitious trackplan. I think the heart says station + yard, but when laid out, perhaps my head (and reality) will rule in favour of 'just' a yard!
  14. Thanks. Is it conceivable that in the scenario of this depot/fueling point getting busier due to a surge in demand, additional (new) track might have been added or reintroduced? I ask as I quite like the idea of having some old, well-worn elements, and then perhaps having 'new' elements (looped in red below) help explain the clutter? Would this/does this ever happen? And, if that might be plausible, would the pointwork at A and B be more likely to have long since been simplified/removed and thus also need to be 'new', or would it be plausible that they were retained (even if the sidings coming off them, looped in red, had previously been removed/left to corrode)? Thanks for your time!
  15. Cheers Keith. I think that might be a nice idea - to model it in low-relief... perhaps just enough depth so that with doors open there's some of the 'inside' on show, but leaving as much of the track clear for locos etc. I will be scratch building it, so definitely an option and one I will likely pursue! Thanks!
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