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  1. Hi, I hope this does not infringe RM rules but I rang Westhill yesterday and got speaking to Chris Hunt, he of the couplings production, and he told me he will, hopefully, be launching a new product at the upcoming exhibition in, I think, Milton Keynes. This product is aimed at people like myself with older coaching stock without NEM pockets and apparently will provide a hassle free method of conversion without a total butchering of the stock. I will be getting back in touch with Chris when that exhibition has taken place and perhaps the new product will answer my, and others, dilemma.
  2. Thanks, Dungranges' conversion option is very interesting and may be worth at least a trial attempt, however Michaels' point on possibly having to get into replacement with new stock may be nearer the final outcome I am afraid, the amount and variety of my current rolling stock may be prohibitive I fear. Unlike years ago when starting off and impulse buying stock without any real research or definition of what the final culture of the layout may become I may well settle now for a much reduced array of stock of modern manufacture and just use the old stock for background and atmospheric purposes, I suppose we ought to be grateful for the modern advances in technology, which should ensure hassle free train running, and fork out the cash!
  3. Again many thanks to all respondents, Here's the kicker, most of my 00 gauge rolling stock is quite old and does not have NEM pockets, fully aware that there are multiple versions of Hornby, Bachmann etc. couplings involved here are there conversion kits that will allow me to retro fit NEM couplings and has anyone done that type of project, how successful was that and where does one buy the conversion kits from, if available?
  4. Many thanks, Has anyone any idea on the availability of both Hunt and MagNem products and where they can be bought from? Also, most of my rolling stock is not NEM compatible, is that a deal breaker for these types of couplings or can the rolling stock be adapted/modified somehow to take these couplings?
  5. Hi, Apologies if the terms in the title are amiss and if this is not in the right forum location, my query is if there is an area on RMW dealing with couplings or can anyone point me towards some previous topic discussion please. My interest is in achieving better and more secure couplings on fixed rakes rather then swapping around rolling stock so the Hunt's products appears to be suitable. Also seen a while ago mention of what I believe are called MagNem, which are a further refinement on the magnetic coupling theme with greater flexibility if one did wish to swap stcock around, from last experience I believe the Hunt's were out of stock.
  6. MOH

    NCE and Sound

    Thank you for that info.
  7. MOH

    NCE and Sound

    Thanks to both of you for your prompt responses, good that the Power Pro will be compatible, that demo on the video is very impressive and I will delve into that.
  8. MOH

    NCE and Sound

    Hi, I have an amount of credit with Hattons' and fancy purchasing my first ever DCC sound fitted loco, probably in the Bachmann/Hornby/Heljan 1950's to 2960's diesel range, can anyone suggest any particular 00 gauge model(s) which have good quality performance in general and in particular the sound aspects? Also can anyone confirm whether my controller - NCE PowerPro - supports the full range of sound features, the model is circa 10 years old now.
  9. MOH

    Train Tech

    Apologies, I meant to reply earlier and thanks to those who offered their advice, the solution was of course simple, a little push in prong on the gangways at each end did the trick, job done and the lights look great. I know folks consider these lights are expensive and to do a large amount of coaches would run dear but they work very well with no flickering, for my use they fit the bill.
  10. Hi, I have just taken delivery of a second batch of Train Tech coach lighting kits and am about to fit those to some Lima coaches, however the snag is I cannot see any obvious way to separate the coach body from the frame, these are 00 gauge and I would reckon they could be from the 90's. Has any kind soul any experience or tips on how to get inside these coaches, I did successfully install these kits on Bachmann stock without any bother but these Lima coaches have me flummoxed.
  11. Many thanks folks, I eventually sourced lamps from China which happily have a much reduced brightness so no need to add to their opaqueness, however they are probably not really close to any form of prototype but I should confess this layout is purely for recreational and fun purposes with as much emphasis on having stock moving on rails as accuracy of time scale etc., plus it amuses the grandchildren who think it's marvelous to have it lit up. In total I have fitted something like 400 hundred individual bulbs (in buildings) and lamp fittings using approx. 200 metres of cable all on 3 volt supply, so it's been a bit of a slog with many, many hours of lying underneath baseboards and retro fitting to buildings to get the job done, of course had I planned things even half properly there would have been far less hardship but like a lot of people I very much got the horse before the cart and have paid handsomely in time and money for not having the knowledge to do planning, the learning curve has been steep and costly but hey nothing worthwhile comes easy. My standard of modelling won't win any awards and I have to rely on buy and position for an awful lot of stuff but during this infernal lock down the layout has been a great source of enjoyment and a lot of work has been completed.
  12. Thanks everyone, for once in my modelling efforts I may have stumbled across something in advance of my committing time and money on an exercise, definitely interested in the magnetic couplers, the only caveat for me is identifying the correct type/s to buy, as said before I had no idea just how important the coupling systems are.
  13. Hi, Anyone got recommendations on where to source station platform lamps to be used on 00 scale which would chime with he late 50's early 60's era, open confession, I did purchase a bundle from China but those were useless and also purchased a bunch through Amazon, again presumably originated from China, and those were way over sized and wrongly described, these lamps are for lighting up and need to be 3volt leds.
  14. Interesting range of experience and views in that thread thanks, I am still amazed just how crucial good couplings are to smooth operating of model railways, I am unlikely to reach exhibition level but anything that virtually guarantees no uncoupling in operation earns my interest.
  15. Great stuff and thanks to all respondents, I should have stated in my OP that I am using mainly flexi track with set track 2nd and 3rd radius curves, I never realised that couplings had such a wide variation in size and types to be honest, another steep learning curve coming on with this. Just as a curve ball, I have seen on YouTube where a new(?) product called Hunts Couplings are being showcased, anyone had experience of these?
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