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  1. In Jack Braithewaite's book on Johnson locomotives there is a picture of a Class H 0-6-0 running through Matlock Bath taken pre-1903 (but not long!). Appearing is a part view of the goods shed taken from the opposite direction. Crimson Rambler
  2. Dundee was famous for jam and marmalade manufacture and its jute mills for producing sacking, all of which would have been consumed in the industrial areas of the rest of Britain. Crimson Rambler
  3. Some barrels alongside Midland No. 6 class (or Class C) 0-4-4T No. 137 photographed alongside the Cannon Brewery, Fulham. The engine, built in 1875 was shedded at Kentish Town for at least twenty years, but my guess is that this view dates from the early to mid 1880s. Crimson Rambler
  4. Fascinating coaling stage drawing - but where is the chimney for the fireplace in the workmen's hut? Crimson Rambler
  5. What no D.299 wagons - hopefully there was at least one! Did the fireman get so engrossed with the filming that he forgot to raise the scoop before the tank overflowed? Poor platelayers! Excellent bit of film though - thank you for posting it. Crimson Rambler
  6. I like the shot of the backwards running 780 class 0-4-4T with the fireman perched on the cab lower side panel. It's a pose seen in photos of engines at rest but presumably secure enough for venturing out on the main line. The M&GN No. 44 is indeed a delight - as dear Jack Braithwaite might have said - such elegance, pity though about the extended smokebox and the awful chimney! Crimson Lake
  7. Sorry I am unable to put in a professional link but if you go to Youtube and type in as a title - Early-Mid 20th Century locomotives, Trains Decade 1920's - you see initially some Great Western engines but then it goes to the Midland division of the LMS. Included in this section are some gems such as moving shots of Kirtley 0-6-0s, 0-4-4Ts and also 2-4-0s but the latter are inside framed version. Enjoy! Crimson Rambler
  8. A small correction if I may - in a post of 24th August 2020 I stated that Bernard Laycock was not a founder member of the S7 Group. That is not correct – although I was sort of half right! He was present at the inaugural meeting but resigned not long afterwards. After a lapse of many years he later re-joined. In case some of you might be interested below is the flyer Ken Cottle wrote proposing a S7 society - to which one RJE has added a comment to say that it now exists. Crimson Rambler
  9. It's certainly a very attractive idea - and I'm very strongly drawn to it. But perhaps not an exact replica I think more something in the spirit of it - rather like the layout is inspired by Sharnbrook rather than a model of it! However, first things first, I have to put the boiler book to bed. Crimson Rambler
  10. Been thinking a bit more about unlined/brown Midland goods engines but I'm reluctant to post my random thoughts on this forum as it has nothing really to do with wagons - Midland Railway Company is perhaps a more appropriate home, while hopefully others will also have observations to make. I seem to recall a discussion on RMweb about how barrels were carried in wagons - whether upright or on their 'sides'. Here are a couple of views shewing them standing upright and seemingly loose loaded with no visible packing or restraint:- The goods train t
  11. Thank you Compound2632 for the 25ins plan reference. It does seem to tie in, especially because Goslin states the Radlett end crossovers were introduced in 1913 and this was followed by the closure of Elstree South signal box. Please also find a close up of the train from the tender to the box - I would be very pleased if you are identify any of them. I forgot to acknowledge Bill Bedford's comment on the spoil in the goods yard - that was most helpful. The lack of lining on some goods engines - when did this practice start and when did it end? Was
  12. Compound 2632 - please find the opposite end below:- Unfortunately while this is a large print it is a bit dark whereas a postcard print I have is much better in this respect. Let me know if you would like the latter scanned. David - my first thought were that it was say 1892/3 - not least because of the absence of MR on the tender side. But there are one or two Spinners photographed at St Pancras or KT with no lettering but fenders so I did some more delving:- The Midland had been busy during the '80s and '90s quadrupling its line
  13. Another coal train for Compound2632 - presented as relaxation from things Great Western! This time its No. 1217 a Beyer Peacock built Class B 0-6-0 heading south through Elstree on the up slow line. It is one of the fifty or so of this class that lived at Wellingborough around the end of the nineteenth century. The photo was taken from the bridge that separated the coal yard from the goods yard and marked the northern limit of the platforms. It's a view packed with nostalgia for me as I used to watch 8Fs and 9Fs from the same vantage point going to and from school - but never saw a
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