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  1. 10th ? You may have a few days to wait yet, then. I'm still waiting for something that's supposed to have departed 8th December and hasn't shown yet, believed stranded in some Royal Mail facility in Sheffield. As I said in an earlier mail, if folks wanted stuff for Xmas I hope for their sakes they used a different postal area....
  2. Where I live I spoke to one of the postmen, and whilst it appears that locally they're reasonably up to date on parcels, on letters they're delivering only once every few days due to shortage of experienced staff; masses of agency people, the experienced staff are off not because they've had any actual cases of Covid in the sorting office but because staff have been told to stay away due to possible close contact with someone who potentially has. Correct thing to do, of course, but causes all sorts of further (much less important in the general scheme of things) problems. I just hope what
  3. The Royal Mail problems seem quite regional. I too am waiting for something from Sheffield which is supposed to have shipped 48hr last Tuesday, but I've had deliveries from the South West and West of England, both ordered since last Tuesday, in line with their purported timescales. Must be a lesson there if it's something needed specifically for Xmas.
  4. If you look at the Rails website at least 2 of the locos used for the photos have one of the front buffers pointing noticeably inwards and not flush with the front buffer-beam. I received mine (7310) this morning and, sure enough, one of the front buffers was rattling about in the packaging. Upon inspection, it did not appear to have been glued at all, but was easy enough to push back into its correct position. I didn't use any glue, as having trial positioned it it was a pretty firm, snug fit so left it as it was - if it comes lose again I'll put a tiny dab of glue 'n' glaze on it
  5. Yet the Dapol website itself says "Due in shops mid-November". That's now. Not so much Rails' prediction as Dapol's. The reason for the delay could be many. Shipping issues, quality issues, a.n.other - take your pick. Assuming it has been delayed of course, and saying it will be delayed for a few weeks is in itself incorrect. I'm one of those who would like one, but after the OO Terrier saga decided to wait and see what the feedback was on these models once delivered. Any potential delay doesn't change that in the slightest.
  6. £260-270's about right for a discounted 117 (apart from the Kernow GWR150 special - add £50) and I think I've just read that each 104 unit will only have one powered vehicle, ie, a bit like the Bachmann Derby Lightweights, whereas the 117 has multiple motors. So logically doing away with one motor should keep the costs down - although that theory doesn't seem to have worked with the Ethel preorders, which I believe are motor-less (but still contain at least some electronics), unlike the standard items. Standard and Ethel appear to be priced the same. As a PS, I've just pre-ordered a Mexic
  7. I personally saw a step change between the initial and final batches in terms of quality. Whilst mine are mostly Hornby (and they're not perfect - a recent delivery had one of the condensing pipes broken off) a friend of mine has some of the Dapol versions. Two from the first batch - suffering from missing detail, broken detail, broken darts. One took two attempts to get a good 'un (and even that needed a second set of steps sent to achieve it, for him to fit himself), and the second three attempts, but the final two from the final batch were absolutely spot on, and IMH
  8. Has anyone received a "Brighton" yet ? I've seen one of the new delivery of Boxhill, and it appears to be pretty good, with no glaringly obvious faults. Brighton, though, appears to be in short supply. This could be for perfectly legitimate reasons, ie, busy despatching from other deliveries (ie, Bachmann) or problems caused by Sheffield's Covid status. Having seen the Jenny Kirk video, however, I'm just a little concerned that history is repeating itself - on that video, whilst Boxhill appeared to be OK, Brighton looked to be suffering from one of the problems that has intermittently pla
  9. Just a pic of the packaging to confirm the new format, this time of my Army one....
  10. And once they're buying their Bachmann stuff elsewhere and find a retailer who gives good discounts, service and back-up, there's a very good chance they'll buy their other stuff from that retailer. I doubt as far the uk market's concerned that it's hardly affected Bachmann, if at all.
  11. I'm afraid I went for it in a big way and bought the four non-BR liveries. All now in my possession. Nice to see they are now in plastic clamshell packaging - the smokebox dart and rail above the smokebox door always looked in mortal danger in the original DJ foam packaging. This is much better. And it's then packed in a heavy duty foam-lined printed box and lid. The NCB Blue/yellow one is the one that's had most running, including up/down gradients. Perhaps the merest hint of cogging going downhill in reverse, certainly nothing to get excited about; t
  12. Re the Apple Green one, as concerns being in service this is hypothetical, so why not issue it with "British Enterprise" etched nameplates (not printed, so could be displayed at the buyer's discretion) ? I think named and in Apple Green it would look superb.... Oh course, it wouldn't be authentic, but then again the only truly authentic one is Battleship Grey un-named.
  13. I made my decision, and ordered the Biffa class 66 today. A Bachmann one. It may not be as sophisticated as the Hattons one, but based on the 6 or so I've got already it'll work and be trouble free. And still have a decent level of detail, plus working lights. And be over £25 cheaper. Now, contrary to what the above may make people think, the above was done somewhat reluctantly. I really wanted the Hattons one to be good - and have decided not to order a 66746 Belmond as a result of the issues aired on this forum and personal experience of the couple I've had so far
  14. Similar attitude. Yes, I know if it follows on from the DJ models it's got the geared drive system, that going by the reviews at the time never seemed to bring much to the party apart from being a bit of an oddity. However, I'm not going to turn this into a criticism, as I've pre-ordered the LMR version, and am hoping that the rest don't sell out too quickly as I will very interested to see actual pictures of the other non-BR ones once they're received by the retailers (which given the items are supposed to be in stock already at Bachmann should be toute suite). Both NCBs (I always though
  15. Re the (ex-DJ) J94/Austerity - and I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere - does anyone know if they're persisting in packaging it with the foam surround or supplying it in a clear plastic clamshell like pretty much everything else these days ? I admit I've never managed to mess one up, but I've seen loads of pics of things adrift (usually the rail above the smokebox door, occasionally the smokebox dart), so if they went to the near-universal clamshell it would probably be a good thing.
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