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  1. It all looks absolutely fantastic, and you’re obviously very talented. Have you had issues coupling the carriages together like others have reported?
  2. Thanks for that Bob. Haven’t got a layout or stock yet, and have been deliberating what to do about track for a while. I’d much prefer the set track as I’m a total beginner, but thought the Skarloey locos and carriages may be just a bit too long for 9” radii, but too short for the insulfrogs and stall. Sounds like they’re maybe just about ok in both regards though.
  3. Hi Bob, all looks great. Just out of interest, I take it that Skarloey, Rheneas, and the red & blue narrow gauge coaches all run fine on the 9” curves? Also are you using the Peco set track insulfrog turnouts, and if so, have you had any problems with Skarloey & Rheneas stalling on the frogs?
  4. No I haven’t yet, but will do. Thanks very much for that
  5. Thanks for your help, moved the kit on in the end. I’m waiting for the Bachmann quarry hunslets to arrive and checking everyones’ reviews on here and on the NGRM. Probably going to end up getting those or the Skarloey/Rheneas line but who knows. Many Thanks again.
  6. Yep all noted. I am a beginner, and was always planning on finding someone else to do the fixes for the loco. However the flexi track issue is probably going to be one spanner in the works too far, and it’s all my own fault for not checking before hand the lack of set track points going beyond 9” radii. Still pondering but I may return it to be honest. Thanks for everyone’s help, don’t want to take over this thread with my own issues any longer, cheers.
  7. Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with the last bit!
  8. Ok, may buy a length of it and have a practice. Thanks for the advice on the pins also.
  9. Thank you for your advice. If anyone’s going to mess it up then it’ll be me though trust me! Ive got a lot to ponder. May attempt to do it myself when the time comes to build the layout, or find someone else to. Also considering returning the loco. I was always planning on finding someone to modify the pony trucks and the connecting rods. That stuff is a million miles out of my capabilities, I just wanted to get the loco sorted out to start with and then learn how to maintain and take good care of them myself over the years. But now the issue of flexi track being involved is mak
  10. Thanks Paul. It was seeing yours and Nile NG’s fixes on here that convinced me to go ahead with the purchase of this loco, knowing there are people out there who’d be able to get the model sorted out and running reliably. Just a bit of a blow realising I’d have to have a bash at flexi track for the run round loops as I really don’t trust myself with it, and wanted to do all the track work myself using set track.
  11. Yeah, thought as much to be honest Hobby. I have one still under warrantee but don’t have a layout yet. I’m fine with using the Peco 18” streamline turnouts in principle. My main issue thinking ahead is using them to form run round loops. This will be my first ever layout, I’m a total novice, and wanted to keep things as simple as possible. Therefore I had wanted to use set track throughout, and use 9” set track turnouts to form the run round loops. I’m now aware I’d have to learn how to cut flexi track to form the run round loops when using the stream line points whic
  12. Paul RhB, do you think there’s any realistic prospect of Heljan releasing a 3rd batch of these locos to address these issues you mention?
  13. Hi everyone, I’ve recently bought the Langley Models Darjeeling Himalayan loco body kit. However I can’t seem to find the Arnold 0-6-0 n gauge chassis needed to complete it. Wondering if anyone knows where I could get it from, or if there are any other chassis out there that would fit and do the job also? I read somewhere online that the Arnold chassis is somewhat poor in operation anyway, so I was wondering if people had an opinion on whether my best bet would be to: - persevere in finding the Arnold chassis - use another chassis (don’t know if this would
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