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  1. My point still applies, why would they bother? They have a product making it less an authentic model doesn't make it more Generic with a coat of paint. From what I remember, Hornby's range from the 70s had something like a Thompson for the LNER and the other design was used for LMS, GWR, SR and BR B/C & B/G whereas Lima made Mk1s in maroon, chocolate and Cream and Southern Region Green with the BR crest which was prototypical if not very accurate.
  2. I can't help but think that if you had a product tool that was ready for production why would you change it just to paint it in other liveries? Surely most who are looking for a 4w or 6w coach for their "train set" don't care what it is based on, just whether it looks nice behind their locomotive?
  3. From what I remember, J15, J50 I don't think I paid much more for the K1, the 2EPB - Usually things that were over ordered and being sold off cheap. Think the RR P2 was less than 80. Sure not as fancy as the new V2 but good locomotives that work.
  4. My mother stopped going to the butcher when a shoulder of pork cost more than 2'6. It is part of getting old. I have some Rapido items and the DCC Sound is over $325, make it a steam loco and the wrong side of $500!
  5. 200 quid for a locomotive appears expensive to me when over the past five years most of my locomotives have been bought from a certain place in Merseyside for around fifty quid. If you think it is reasonable, then you will probably buy it. I'm willing to wait and see.
  6. Would have expected a bit more interest in this. But then again B'mann have been talking about a new V2 for years. Price seems a bit steep but it is what it is. Personally, having a G5, A2/3, W1, NER Railcar and J26 & J27 already on order, I can wait. If an LNER Durham School had been on the list would have been tempting mind.
  7. I would say more than 50% of the time empty as once they were filled they were off to Consett and after two hours they were empty and would be until reloaded. The thing that is annoying me is that this is a company with a .co.uk website, so I take it based in the UK, although production is in China, but they have a Canada contact address and so can charge me sales tax on my order. They have also taken my money now although they only hope to deliver in the first quarter of 2021. I don't think I will order anything else from them. End of rant! Happy Christmas!
  8. I think you may have hit the nail firmly on the head!
  9. Looks like the A2/2 A2/3 may arrive before. Who dropped the tool?
  10. Mark, I believe Romford made their own axles. Richard
  11. Hatton's have knocked ten quid off the price, so I finally took the plunge. Don't tell the wife!
  12. Hi Paul, I worked at W&H at the time so it would have been Romford's 5' 1 1/4" works out to about 21mm and a 40:1 gear set and DS 10 motor. Not sure if you can still find a DS10 but it was the smallest we supplied. Not sure if I wouldn't use Alan Gibson wheels now. That was for the J21, I used the white metal blob they called a chassis. The Q7 came with wheels with plastic centers. Not sure who made them but this was at the time DJH had just moved to Consett and before they used Romford's. Best Richard
  13. I should have most of a Nu-cast J21 somewhere as well as a DJH Q7. From what I remember I built the tenders. One day I will look for them or more correctly I will open some boxes and be surprised at what I find. Probably safe to think that nobody will make a RTR Q7 - that should get them rushing to release it!
  14. Unfortunately, I had sound and didn't learn anything of importance. Perhaps we will see it in early 2021, perhaps not. Quite looking forward to seeing it. Strange a NER version isn't in the first releases, but that has probably been mentioned before.
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