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  1. Hope this works, the lighting wasn't that good.
  2. It arrived across the water, weathering by TMC and I think it looks quite good.
  3. New site looks great but I think there are some pre-orders missing. Can't see a tab for completed orders either. Thanks!
  4. I still haven't seen an activate your account email. But I am in the Colonies and we only got electricity last week!
  5. You could say the Cauldron wagon did exactly the same thing. Where the HAA was different was the mechanical loading and unloading of the wagon and being able to get colliery and end user to install equipment to facilitate this.
  6. I feel old. When I was a student, I would cycle to Hendon Beach in Sunderland. There I would see 36 HAAs being pulled by a 56. If I remember correctly, although there were trains from Wearmouth Colliery, the docks branch would be used for crew changes for the flows between collieries in Northumberland and the power stations in Yorkshire. Thought this was part of the continuing history of coal and railways which had started with the Londonderry Railway in 1854 and would go on long into the future. However, all have now gone or been repurposed. So I think I might give Locomotion Models some of my pennies.
  7. Of course now you will need to supply coal loads in singles too!
  8. Possible CC43515 a Coke Cola tram now says coming in November.
  9. Its use is dependent on their ability to keep to it. I notice that the W1 "British Enterprise" is not on the list. Does this mean it has been dropped or just forgotten when they did the list?
  10. I have the DAR version on order, as it is my local line.
  11. Which explains the survival rate on the ex-GE lines which never made much money. Of course, it is interesting to note that the SR was happy to reuse former six wheel stock to form the basis of the new electric stock as it began the process of electrification.
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