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  1. Has anybody tried joining the two types of code 75 rail together? I understand that SL110 is claimed to work. With the different rail profile, I wondered about others experience with track.
  2. Good Answer but the Special edition "Merton" and standard issue "Leadenhall" are both supposed to be original and "Brighton Works" is as was at the end of its BR life.
  3. Why do some have the proper lamp irons such as "Brighton Works" and others not?
  4. They suggested September when I emailed them.
  5. Back in the 80s I had a job with a knitwear company owned by a Hong Kong company. We got a large order for a well known department store chain. Our quality control was not the best and in the end the department store sent a couple of people down to discuss the issue. They spoke for ten minutes about what they were looking for and then the Chinese Manager said, this is my factory and we will make our product as we want to. The meeting is over. I lost my job a weeks later. Don't think very much has changed.
  6. So June has gone and no sign of a J27. July half done, will we see it by September?
  7. The Stamp shows the 2nd Class behind the 1st. Looks like although it had a roof, the sides were open.
  8. I may be wrong, but I always thought that there were three classes of carriage on the L&M and the open wagons were Third Class. Picture taken from the Science Museum.
  9. I have started placing orders with TMC and I am also highly impressed. Questions are always answered politely and in a timely fashion and living in Nova Scotia I appreciate that I can request that they provide a quote for shipping.
  10. Thanks to Hroth for explaining to those of us less familiar with the wonders of TTS decoders. I quite like the idea of the R7140 HST (Valenta)!
  11. I wonder what sound it made? Quick look on Youtube and the original footage was silent. Would a HP Boiler make different sounds? I suppose changing the chimney would also have some difference? Maybe a Hornby R8119 would work? ;-)
  12. Why do you assume they are selling at a profit? If Hornby has surplus stock and a massive overdraft they may just be cutting their losses. People complain that the little shops have closed down. Well those little shops may have to buy their stock at 40% off list MRP. They also may have to pay for delivery of that stock as well as paying for the shop and any staff. A higher price allows some of those overheads to be met and allow a small discount to the customer to compete with the larger on-line shops. If people wait for the bankruptcy sale there won't be any new stock coming.
  13. So almost as useful as Hornby's first LNER Q6 with a 1946 number?
  14. One on order, not so sad i sold the Nu-cast kit now!
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