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  1. Thanks that is very useful, I am going to try using inkscape myself Wayne
  2. Out of interest, what diameter are the wheels please Wayne
  3. Oxford diecast do a 1910 onwards charabanc and some road rollers and such steam vehicles. I dont know of anything else pre 1910, but perhaps there is stuff out there wayne
  4. Hi All, I am looking for two OO Triang 4-6-4 baltic locomotives pleasse, don't need to body by just the rolling chassis, they don't need to have motors, but the rest must be complete please - I have a little project in mind. Thanks Wayne
  5. Wow that is some collection SamC - What would postage cost on the Model Railway Constructor magazines please. Postage UK, Wales Thanks Wayne
  6. Do any of the books cover Wales or Africa please, Or anything covering modelling? What weight would the modelling magazines be please? Thanks Wayne
  7. fantastic that's a great model, thanks for the parts lists too -
  8. If no one else comes forward needing these, I will gladly take them to save from the bin (don't think they can go in recycling but I may be wrong). They may indeed provide useful detail bits for other projects Regards Wayne
  9. What size Duncan, I have two pieces roughly 300x150mm Wayne
  10. Hi All, Might anyone have a laser cut wood railroad kit they wouldn't mind selling on please. Any scale or building / structure - I am looking to build one to go towards my NMRA Golden Spike Award. Many thanks Wayne Wales, UK
  11. Good luck with the restoration, I look forward to seeing the progress Wayne
  12. Sn42 Loco Shed based on the one used by Rhodesia Railways at Mpopoma, Bulawayo. IMG_20200911_132625 by Wayne, on Flickr 119962257_2766761106928518_814357662080437259_n by Wayne, on Flickr
  13. Great photos thanks Mark Bit of progress for everyone. IMG_20200911_132620 by Wayne, on Flickr 2020-09-18 14.41.30 by Wayne, on Flickr 2020-09-18 14.42.02 by Wayne, on Flickr
  14. Mmm I like that, will look into it thanks. (Damn too narrow) Wayne
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