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  1. Mmm I like that, will look into it thanks. (Damn too narrow) Wayne
  2. Thanks ianmacc, I will look at them, though I think they may be a bit too widely spaced, but perhaps different grades are available - Wayne
  3. Thanks Fat Controller - I will look at it though I am not sure a solid surface will be right, its probably more of a slotted walkway (Their etched brass mesh may work) - Regards Wayne
  4. Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a suitable material to represent raised catwalks around a building in S Scale (1/64) please - Material need not be that scale but just suitable I will need about 4 ft of the material so I am trying to find something inexpensive. The catwalk will be about 20mm wide but the material could come in sheets that could be cut to size. Many thanks Wayne
  5. Hi All, I have 5 sheets of 3mm scale VA card buildings and accessories - They include Stone Smithy with attached house, Signal boxes, Tunnel Mouths, Row of Georgian Houses and Walls/fences/pavements. Just asking the cost of postage which should hopefully only be around £3-4 - There is a thick piece of card in the envelope as well to help keep them from being bent. PM me if interested Regards Wayne
  6. Hi John, that would be great thanks, I will check postage costs on Monday, I think you can get a fair few Kg posted for £8.99. Let me know what years you may have please, I will sort out a better list of mine in case you have any from years I don't have all 12. I will message you as well Regards Wayne
  7. Hi All, has anyone got any of the US Model Railroader magazines they no longer want please? I have most for circa 2006 to 2012 but interested in others, esp 2013-early 2020. I am UK based many thanks Wayne
  8. Hi All, where might I be able to get a replacement can motor with twin worm drive for a Hornby 373 chassis please. I picked one up recently for a project but I cannot get the motor to run well. It pretty much does not start turning when power is applied, even full power - it will sometimes run after a push. I took off the wheels and it ran slightly better, still needing a push on the worm drive to make it start up. On one of my controllers it ran full speed for a few seconds, then about half speed returned to full speed etc etc. I am hoping I can just replace the can motor to get it running again. I have had a look at Peters Spares, they can supply a whole bogie but I am trying to get just the can motor and worm drives Many thanks Wayne IMG_20200714_154456 by Wayne, on Flickr
  9. Hi All, I have a part built HO Faller greenhouses set - Yours for cost of posting if of use. Regards Wayne IMG_20200703_153227 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20200703_153303 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20200703_153347 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20200703_153510 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20200703_153634 by Wayne, on Flickr
  10. Hi all, I have some Metcalfe N gauge red brick sheets looking for a home, 5 full sheets with Flemish and stretcher bond and 5 half sheets of Flemish bond, plus a sheet of what may be roof tiles?? Regards Wayne IMG_20200703_152501 by Wayne, on Flickr
  11. Wow nice, if no one takes them, I could do with 6 straights for a display, if you were prepared to split and post them please. I have some old home made O gauge Rhodesia Railways items that need to go on display. Regards Wayne db_1 by Wayne, on Flickr
  12. Hi Stephen, do you still have your Bachmann 45 ton? I am looking for some dimensions off the model please, I would like to try use this for one of my Sn42 locos. What is the bogie / truck wheelbase and what are the centres of the bogie / truck pivots please - Many thanks Wayne
  13. Hi Simon, its scalescenes printed details, I enlarged their coal office to S and cut new windows and bought their dark red brick sheet - I am quite impressed with it as a card model. Wayne
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