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  1. I think you will find Hornby make more profit selling via Amazon than dealing with shops, sadly this change of policy in time will have an effect on the Hobby. I admire Dapol. Heljan & Bachmann for supporting shops, as Model Shows need Traders, Traders need products & we need Model Shows. Cannot see Amazon having a Stand at Warley, Hornby Magazine Shows or BRM Events, as sadly without trade at this style of event, the will be no event. Lets hope its only a 'how to increase our margins' plan adopted by one Major Manufacturer. If others go down this road the thats one leisure
  2. This is not a Plux 22 Socket as the model is quite old, when the early Dapol Class 22 came out it had a 22Pin Interface as well, but this was a factory cock up. DAPOLS STATEMENT: As promised here is an update of the state of play with the 21 pin / 22 pin situation i announced both here and on the web site yesterday. Given information from China and also thanks to you who posted the cure here, i have today converted ALL remaining stock of Class 22's that were due to go out to stockists yesterday. These were models that were pre-sold and hadnt gone out intime and amounted
  3. The Pacers are Back. (Or could have been if they were not dumped). They could have released some 195s, 170s and 158's to help out.
  4. Legomanbiffo Class 37 & an 8F just to keep you entertained!!! Charlie
  5. Looking through our Golden Oldies selection I found this which sums up the BR Blue era with of course HAA Hoppers, soon to be available from Caverlex Models !!! Enjoy:
  6. Of anyone wants a copy as they are currently hard to find, they are available from: https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=256&product_id=1615
  7. LSL Could be running 2 X HSTs on the ECML with an LSL driver & LNER Pilotman. That would help a bit. The EMUs around Leeds, IF someone had took steps of route gauging etc could be running Kings Cross services (2 X 4 Car sets). There are Class 68s & 67s and Mk 4 Sets all over the place so make anw effort to get some back into use. There were 'How Many' Class 90's & Mk4 Grand Central West Coast sets, some Mark4 sets are parked it Worksop Not sure if BR would have done nothing. Charlie
  8. Oh No. Seems as Australia has the same issues !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes a small quantity, when we have news of delivery the Website will go live, no taking of money and waiting. I have a list of customers who want them and they are first. Charlie
  10. A way out for the sound is better but sometimes the frequency of the sound waves are louder if they are within a echo chamber. Other lower frequencies are quieter.
  11. This is from a Hi-Fi Website: Charlie People also ask Should speaker boxes be sealed? (Sealed Enclosures) When the speaker moves out, the pressure inside is decreased. When the speaker moves in, the pressure inside is increased. A sealed cabinet is considered a punchier, more accurate sound. ... This is one reason why they sound punchier and more accurate.
  12. With Reference to our Legomanbiffo Thumper project, here is the original Kernow Class 2H with a fully sealed 20X40 ESU Speaker, not bad I think:
  13. Is this for a Lok Pilot Non Sound Decoder!!
  14. Keeping Topical we have just knocked this together. Enjoy.
  15. The original Kernow Sounds which are from South West Digital are sadly poor and not ultra loud, assuming its their sounds to following needs to be sorted: If its the original Kernow/SWD the file & the speaker is the issue. If it has been fitted by Rails then probably its SWD file and a speaker issue. If its got a horn you can play (Not just 'dee-doo') then its a Legomanbiffp sound file which is far louder, thus you simply need to make a box to fit behind the speaker, this then needs every hole sealing with PVA glue to make it airtight. And this should solve your pro
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