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  1. We both are involved in digital, what I don't quite understand is the model is designed for a Plux 22, I agree it could have been a 21Pin or even a Next 18, with the limited functions this 'High End' model has,its just disappointing. The Model overall is good, the drive system and door lights are remarkably like the Realtrack Class 156, no coincidence I think, This aside it has always been competition that gets manufacturers to improve their specifications, so I congratulate Bachmann for taking out ugly motors that can be seen through the windows, this for them is a massive step forward. Its just a shame there was little thought put into the digital features as this causes limitations to what can be achieved for Zimo or ESU decoders. As for the Class 117 & 121!!! The Digital design here is strange, both cab lights on or off together! Charlie
  2. Your correct, all of these should be working as per the prototype, but they don't. Its just poor design by people that seem to be not interested in digital.
  3. Everything that is designed to work, does work but surely it should be better. The Class 117 & 121 has both cab lights on or off at the same time, no conductor in those rear cabs as he has his own Brake Van. Do you know who designed the circuit boards on these three models, as I think you would agree, he needs serious advice. Charlie
  4. The Plux 22 will work both front and rear cab lights independantly, with no issues. 'The circuit board works as specified' So it could have been 'Specified' in the design to do this ?? I call that a design error. Charlie
  5. Class 142's Whoope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Send a Stamped addressed small jiffy bag & 2 X ist Class stamps and you can have them. Realtrack Models, 111 Norwood Crescent, Leeds LS286NG
  7. Either Larger speakers inside the carriages, which can be seen through the windows of two good sugarcube speakers. See: https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=223_75&product_id=379
  8. Based on feedback we get, some like the F7 Legomanbiffo Manual Gear change, others do not, the two projects are aimed at giving variety as if you have all your DMU's sounding the same it gets boring!! Again some like the toilet flushing sound, others think its pointless, so cannot please everyone, but I am trying to!!! The Wheeltappers DMU has automatic gear change (So you do nothing), and has a superb 'Rasping Exhaust' in gear three and four on full power. If customers with smaller layouts want the speed reducing to bring in Gear three & four earlier, we have a comments section on the Website when ordering to 'Request this personal option' Legomanbiffo is creating another DMU project. totally different from the two currently listed to add even more variety, with a fourth on planned too!!! Charlie (dckits-Legomanbiffo)
  9. Oh yes it is ????? See https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=253_68&product_id=295
  10. For full info on these Class 117 projects, See: https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=253_68&product_id=295
  11. Your wasting your efforts and time on Lima, I would not bother.
  12. The Class 14 has a larger engine, but its a Paxman. See: https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=253_68&product_id=212 Hope this helps. Charlie
  13. I think the cab light functions don't operate how they should on a real unit, its not the decoder but I think a design error on the circuit board. As when we were programming the Legomanbiffo sound decoder, we found 'Issues' we did not expect from a high end model like this, but sadly we had to work round them and do the best given its limitations. Charlie DCKits-Legomanbiffo.
  14. I thought that was the case. But when stopped at stations the drivers light would be on if he needed to look at the route timings etc, but it would be turned off on moving off. This I would be better I think, can this be done ???
  15. DCKits do a comprehensive Blue-Grey pack for assorted DMU's, loads of number sets. See: https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=809&search=transfers&page=3
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