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  1. A little drop of PVA in the holes will sort that out. Charlie
  2. DC Kits will have Brass Replacements shortly, being made as we speak. Watch this space. Charlie
  3. The speakers are identical to the speakers fitted too the Realtrack Models Class 156 DMUs, these are 8 Ohms and are made in the same factory in China. Realtrack Models is part of the DC Kits group of companies (Charlie Petty/DCKits/Legomanbiffo) so we were involved with Neil (Wheeltappers) to get his brilliant sounds into these 18000 models as we financed and organised the decoders from ESU for Neil. We have done the same on the NER Railcar from Rails which is running a tad late due to no fault of Rails. Please note, even though wheeltappers are currently on Holiday we at DCKits have these in stock and are sending them out as we speak. https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=68&product_id=1873 Charlie
  4. The decoders for the Rails 18000 and KR Models are in stock an available now. See the link: https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=68&product_id=1873 The demo models shown feature both 20X20X7 & 25X25X7 Mini Bass Speakers @ £2.50 Each extra, the 18000 has 2 X 20X20X7 Speakers which sound OK. We were had on our Demo Sound stand at the Great Electric Train Show both models last weekend, they must have been ok as we sold some decoders !!!!! Charlie
  5. AC Electrics to Doncaster were normally taken via Woodhead hauled by Class 76 locomotoives.
  6. Sound decoder for this model are available here ready for despatch. Charlie
  7. It won't stop Hornby doing a 56 painted as a 69. Just look at their terrible new 57 !!!!!!
  8. South West Digital I believe did the project, so they should know the individual settings on this project. Charlie DCKits-Legomanbiffo Sounds
  9. I think thats a little unfair to Mike and his small team, there seems to be 'slightly' more than a 'few' layouts, at the last count 24. Thats 26 'if' you count the Legomanbiffo DCC Sound Demo on the dckits-Realtrack Models-C=Rail Intermodal stand and the DCC Concepts ones!!!!!! It looks to me to be all high quality layouts with many 'new' on the exhibition circuit. And a free bus from the station & free parking. https://www.keymodelworld.com/greatelectrictrainshow
  10. Its a shame South West Digital take this attitude, I understand all the extra paperwork & hassle but at the end of the day you are a customer. Charlie DCKits-Legomanbiffo
  11. Hi Paul. Re the ESU Decoder, When & where did you purchase the ESU decoder. As these have a 2 Year warranty !!!! Please let me know. DCKits-Legomanbiffo (01132 563415) or [email protected]
  12. Thank you for everyone who we chatted to at the N Gauge show and especially the ones who gave us some 'Money' !!! and also for the Pre-orders on the new Farish locos for sound fitting. Brilliant to meet you all. Its great to be getting back to normal, as thats the only proper way you can assess if our sounds are any good or not. Youtube is good 'BUT' you really need to hear with your own ears before you buy in my opinion, so thanks to everyone we met. Charlie, Arran & Simon.
  13. I had a short chat with them on Sunday, things seem to be Ok, I think like everybody else this Covid stuff has delayed things dramatically. Our projects are least a year late from China. Charlie
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