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  1. You will get far better sounds on those speakers 'IF' you seal the chambers Airtight with some PVA Glue. Charlie (legomanbiffo Team)
  2. We are 50% through shipping the 340 orders for PCA wagons, these will all be out in the next week all being well. Please don't ring chasing as the more people I talk to, the less I send out. Charlie
  3. Different buzzers, door closing bleepers and Horns. Charlie
  4. YES! What we are trying to do at Realtrack is avoid clashing with others!! SO: The 143's we are doing could be any livery, but apart from Provincial & Regional Railways liveries (Both with Bus seats) the model that fits into the 'Modern Seating Scheme' is Arriva TW, Transport for Wales, Visit Bristol/Wessex Trains, First Great Western 'Local Lines' and Great Western. Now as people love HSTs & Class 800 & Bachmann are bring out the 150/158/166 in Great Western then is seemed obvious to us that the GWR Green should be popular. so we will have: 143-603 GWR Green 143-617 GWR Green 143-620 GWR Green 143-612 First Great Western 'Local Lines' 143-621 First Great Western 'Local Lines' Hope your Happy. Charlie Oh, Did I mention a 142 !!
  5. It could be a race, but the 143 will probably win. 144 Not on the cards 'Yet' Charlie
  6. These are being shipped as we speak. Charlie & Arran
  7. The plan is Great Western Green & First Great Western Local Lines Blue. Charlie
  8. Have you seen the PCA Cement Wagons ???????> https://www.c-rail-intermodal.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=18_64
  9. Ring me re the ScotRail decoders please. Charlie
  10. Another run of Class 143's is planned, could miss 2020 though! What liveries should we do?
  11. Are we talking N Gauge here on the '00' Scale ones. Charlie
  12. All deliveries will be with every one shortly. Charlie
  13. The final orders are planned to be despatched shortly on the Provincial, over 500 gone out of all types with just 58 to go. Sorry to all for the wait, but we originally expected them in May, not late September. And now onto the 142 'Supertrain' Charlie
  14. Just finished fitting the Loco with 2 X Speakers, should have it at Warley NEC this weekend hopefully, the Sound Project is finished so just making final adjustments re the running. See https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=88_72&product_id=1381 Pop in for a look! Charlie (Legomanbiffo Team)
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