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  1. Im on my final notice it seems!!!!!!!!!!!! (Again) Charlie
  2. OH Cocked that up!! I meant a Class 156. Sorry.
  3. No: We offer : 47/0 47/4 MNR (with CVs to amend to a 47/7) Charlie
  4. I will be angry IF accurascale are not bringing out BR(S) Cast Metal chairs, as I am planning my next layout around this 'Heavy' suggestion. Charlie
  5. One we did earlier, the Class 47/7MNR Version. Sounds good I think. Charlie
  6. New Livery with the Old Lights. That seems odd, but there seem to be few running around. Charlie
  7. The are printed on the blinds, sorry Charlie.
  8. I would see if you can get 100Ohm speakers before planning anything. Charlie
  9. OK. That service only started that Spring, so we cannot have Northern Branded OR Serco Abellio units with these destinations, as they were unbranded. The Actual service before was: Leeds-Manchester Manchester-Southport. Charlie
  10. It a PACER!!!!!!!!!!! Dont worry, I can spell 'SECTION'
  11. Thes should be on the Realtrack Website before Christmas.
  12. The Fairburn Tank when recorded has the whistle that a Fairburn Tank has, its what was recorded and on the project. Charlie
  13. What livery?? Did a service go from Leeds to Southpost using 156's.
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