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  1. I'll plump for Portland Bill. I wonder who he was? ! Lloyd
  2. If I remember correctly, the loco on W Churchill's funeral train was not 30451, as that was not available at the time. Another light pacific (I can't remember which one) swapped names and numbers with it. My favorite memory of the funeral is the report in, I think, the Daily Telegraph, which state ' As the train bearing Sir Winston Churchill's coffin pulled away from the platform, a large CROW sang 'Abide with me'.' Lloyd
  3. I'll go for Lynmouth today. One of the few places on WC class that I have been to. Is WC a suitablw name for the class? I will refrain from comment. Lloyd
  4. Apart from the first three, I can't say that I have heard of any of them. From the little I know about those three, I'll vote for Drake. I hope it doesn't get the Duck too excited, though. Lloyd
  5. If the heritage railway is included, then I will vote for Nuclear Fred - what a lovely name! If not, none of them grab me. Lloyd
  6. For this poll, I'll plump for Lancing. Is that a specialist school for learning how to treat boils? Lloyd
  7. Gilbert Even though I prefer the GWR and its pre-grouping companies, I agree that Kings and Castles are OK, but the 'interminable Halls Granges and Manors' are rather scraping a vary rough barrel. Lloyd
  8. Pendragon for this one. Lloyd
  9. For this one, I'll go for Samson as most suitable. I had wondered about Goliath, but surely strength is more appropriate for a loco than simply size. For the worst name, I would plump for Ostrich. Would you feel safe with something with its head in the sand leading your train? Lloyd
  10. Again a few to choose from. Reme and Illustrious are both contenders, and the two Privates referred to before are both are both strong contenders, But I will go for Bunsen. I am sure plenty of fireman would have been please to see some large Bunsen burners, with an appropriate gas supply, in their firebox! Worst name, surely Giggleswick. Apologies to the inhabitants, but difficult to take it seriously. Lloyd
  11. Could someone please enlighten me as to what this Baldry's rule is? Lloyd
  12. I'll go back to Express. Most suitable name for an express loco. As for Shovell - !!!!! Lloyd
  13. That means makes it difficult to choose. I think I will plump for New South Wales. I quite enjoyed it there, and in old South Wales. I suppose that makes it doubly attractive. Lloyd
  14. What a mixture of names to choose from here! I agree with the Saint Down Under about Shovell. Rodney also feels most unsuitable for an express loco. I might go for some of the places that I have visited, such as New South Wales, New Zealand, Southern Rhodesia (if the name was up to date, though it was at the time), or Ghana. But to save having to choose, surely the prize for most suitable name for an express engine has to be 'Express'. Lloyd
  15. What an interesting selection of names for this poll! Sadly they had all gone before I started serious spotting. My choice will have to be Wandering Willie - It is such an appropriate name for a loco. Lloyd
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