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  1. Credit to them as well, but it must be the way you showed them how. i would love to take you up on your invitation to visit you some time ago, but family circumstances make it difficult just now. Lloyd
  2. That could be taken from Crescent Bridge, though may need a step ladder. Lovely reminiscence, though. Thanks. Lloyd
  3. What lovely models. They must be a credit to their tutor. Lloyd
  4. That sounds like good science to me. And simply explained as well. Simplicity is the mark of Genius!. Lloyd
  5. Thanks. Once the baseboard joints arrive at the end of this week, I can start laying track and painting/ballasting it. Then it will be buildings to do. Lloyd
  6. What do you use for painting track and sleepers, etc? Lloyd
  7. Looking good so far. Without a photo for an exact comparison, it looks like the present structure, and the surroundings look like a good representation of what is there. My son moved to a house just to the south of it, so I have seen it a few times recently. Lloyd
  8. I wonder if the assembled intelligentsia on this thread can help out a poor ignoramus like me with a query? i am looking at siphons at present, and have the drawings in Jack Slinn's book on them, but they all show 9' bogies. Can someone confirm (or deny!) that when the bogies were changed, e.g. to 7', the bogie centres would have stayed the same? Lloyd
  9. I don't think camels of any breed make very good pets, though possibly slightly better that fish. Lloyd
  10. Excuse my ignorance (I could get a PhD in ignorance if I could find somewhere that offered it). What is the purpose of cork under the track? Is it just to give the profile for the ballast, or is there more to it than that? If so, would cork sheeting be used in a goods yard or station area? Lloyd
  11. I liked the first one until I saw the other two. The second one seems to cut into some of the end of platform clutter, which the third one nearly avoids. Perhaps slightly to the left of the third one, including all of the signal box, and a wee bitea more on the left. But all your photos are nostalgia inducing. Even the less good ones are good, just not excellent like most are. Many thanks for them all, and keep them coming, please. Lloyd Lloyd
  12. Tony, in GWR terminology, Monsters are Carriage trucks used to carry scenery etc for theatrical troops. Therefore the model that you have created cannot be a Monster in the proper use of the term! Lloyd
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