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  1. New video of barrow street with spoil wagons
  2. new video of barrow street
  3. New Flow to Arklow on Barrow street
  4. another installment
  5. As requested video without music with a little extra at the end warb
  6. Pleasefind link to a new video
  7. First video of barrow street on you tube
  8. Jim The building is OO and is approx 30''x 34''x 18'' in size. please find link below and go to page 4 for the start of the google building regards warb https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/6775-barrow-street/?do=findComment&comment=134714
  9. Grahame This is now the headquarters for google which is located beside grand canal dock station in dublin.
  10. Had the same issues building a model of google dublin on my layout barrow street
  11. Please find attached link for latest updates regarding barrow street https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/6775-barrow-street/?do=findComment&comment=134714
  12. I've returned it honest
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