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  1. What a tremendous tribute to your late father. I am sure that he would be both heartened and proud to have "done his job as a dad" and have left behind a person who can express himself so eloquently in this time of grief. May you find solace in the fact that you have not let him down. My father suffered dementia. Your comments that "dementia slowly steals away skills as well as memories" is 100% accurate. My father's favourite composer was Antonin Dvorak. He would comment on the subleties of his compositions and the way he incorporated folk tunes into them. Our la
  2. it's easy criticise these days but a word regarding EXCELLENT customer service. I received a damaged package from Gaugemaster/ Engine Shed that had been " delivered " by Canada Post. The more expensive items were still in the extensively damaged package but the smaller, cheaper ones were missing. After sending details to Gaugemaster they promptly put replacements in the post. This time even Canada Post couldn't sc**w up as it came by courier. Arrived 5/6 days after dispatch. Thank you very much as it means that I can continue to indulge myself in the "black arts" of wiring a layo
  3. As a total technophobe I posted the above!!! What I intended to highlight is that maybe it is no longer possible for the "we can resume (in whatever form/format we may need to comply with) " is achieveable. What if there is never a vacinne developed? What if the desirable/essential exhibition attendance does never materialise and makes them uneconomic? What if the age of prospective exhibitors or attendees make the venture economically feasible? What if? What if? What if?. Do you believe that the hobby will/can survive without ANY exhibitions? That is what the rest of
  4. Money talks. Mine says "Goodbye"

  5. My wife is also from Salford. My commiserations are with you !!!!!
  6. Hi, I see you are the OP on this thread. All I can say is .....WOW. I cannot offer "constructive criticism" because I am in awe of your talents & skill. Please keep on making us offerings that we can only be amazed by. In Respect Kendo54
  7. No problem in being a mod. I sold my Lambretta GP 200 in 1972 and have regretted the day ever since. In the last 15 years have lived in 3 addresses in Manchester and now in western Canada . Although only joining recently i have been a lurker for years, making observations and notes for the big day to come around to commence the "great build". Well, it's on its way. The wealth of information on the site has enabled me. The knowledge of the community will enable me in the future. A great thank you to all members, contributers but ultimately to Andy for making all this possible.
  8. Cheap shot glasses is the way to go. You can get accurate measurement through a pipette and achieve the consistency that you want before committing to the airbrush cup.
  9. Yes , I am using Tamiya Thinners for the paint and Tamiya Laquer Paint Thinners for the varnish (clear cote). Picked this up from a You Tube video.
  10. I have recently emigrated from UK to Canada. I brought a quantity of Humbrol enamels with me. The only paints available here locally are Tamiya and Lifecolor. I am having trouble in finding anyone who ships, however, I am now using Tamiya acrylics through an airbrush and am amazed at how good they are. Granted that they are not the most economical but if you stick to an advised paint to thinner ration of 2:1 the coverage is superb. I have applied a matt varnish and a gloss varnish without any orange peel or frosting and am impressed by the finish achieved. I think that my enamels will be used
  11. Tony Blair said "education, education, education". Wow, I say "information, information, information". Just starting an O gauge layout and this is invaluable. All I have to do is read &understand. !!!!! Many thanks
  12. Just as a matter of interest I am in Edmonton, Alberta. I have a subscription with Newsstand UK and received the latest edition of MRJ, published July 20th approx., on July 31st. Excellent service (no interest other than as a satisfied customer)
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