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  1. OK just found the information I needed on the Black Diamonds section of the NMRA BR website. Looks like it will be a good day out.
  2. Hi, I would like to go to this - can you give me any more details re location including post code and opening times to non members please. I don't use Facebook.
  3. Hi, Yes, I had picked up on Anoraks Anonymous as a source for used US items from earlier postings on this site. I think they had a stand at the last big NEC show and people were round it like bees round a honey pot just after the show opened! I did drop them an e Mail saying I was after a 40 ft steam era C&O boxcar but I haven't had a reply yet. Maybe I should bite the bullet and pay them a visit in person although West Midlands to Doncaster isn't a short drive. Years ago I picked up a lot of stuff at a NMRA UK Regional meeting at Barrow upon Soar but I am not a NMRA member now and I don't know if these sort of meetings are up and running again.
  4. I'm finding this thread really interesting. Having just bought a HO Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0 in C&O livery with DCC sound (absolutely captivating) it has revived my sleeping interest in Eastern US coal hauling railroads. I have got my Chessie/C&O/B&O/WM stuff out of storage (packed up in the last Century!) to pick out any vehicles and accessories that would fit a transition era/end of steam layout. Hopefully I am not competing with you when it comes to buying C&O hoppers etc. Availability of US stock in UK has come as a bit of a shock to me as I just used to go to Victors in London or a shop at Bourne End, Buckinghamshire to get my stuff. A lot of stock on eBay is in the US - not really surprising - but the shipping cost is off putting. Also the people whose work I used to follow in Model Railroader/Railroad Model Craftsman are now quite elderly or no longer with us. How times change. Years ago I started building a 36" radius scenic circular test track using Peco code 75 flexi track. It has a curved backscene so you can't see it all at once. I had built half of it before I moved on to other things but I am now working on the other half so I can just sit back and watch and listen to the train running by! I am not a great fan of switching layouts.
  5. Thanks for the advice and interesting facts. I realise that the caboose was a travelling goods office in some respects. The rear end brakeman riding in the caboose on freight trains makes sense too owing to the length of US freight trains. Clearly the staff wore rather more informal clothes than those in the UK. Those Woodland Scenics "Train mechanics " look an interesting bunch!
  6. I would like to place a figure on the trailing verandah of a caboose but I am not sure what the US equivalent of the UK railway guard looks like. I have vague childhood recollections of a man in uniform and peaked cap from episodes of Casey Jones (!) who I think was called a conductor. Ideally I need as figure in uniform? to go on a steam age C&O caboose. I have a Slaters figure who I think could fit the bill. Can anyone fill this knowledge gap please?
  7. Hi Although I can buy Model Railroader locally in WH Smiths and I don't really want to take out a subscription, I was wondering if there are any recommended UK dealers/outlets where one can buy a specific edition of MR or RMC and have it delivered by post? It would save going into WH Smiths in town every week on the off chance they have the particular one I want.
  8. Thank you so much for this. The quick start guide is just what I was looking for. My old Lenz Compact does F0 - F4 which means I cannot access all the features but I feel I have what I need for now!
  9. From the SoundTraxx website, via a Model Railroader review, it seems Bachmann factory fit a SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 TSU-2200 sound decoder part number 884007 and speaker/baffle kit 810153/810110 to this "sound onboard" model. CV128 is the volume control and CV197 turns on and off sound effects. Altering these is probably well beyond the capability of my Lenz Compact ! Interesting to read in the Model Railroader review how the characteristics of the model can be changed by altering CV values. All new to me.
  10. Hi. I have just bought a used Bachmann Spectrum HO C&O 2-8-0 fitted with DCC sound. As an unboxed used model no detailed instructions relating to the operation of the sound system were included. The loco looks good, runs well and the sound works fine. Despite only have an old Lenz Compact DCC system (bought 2002!) I have found that F0 turns on the headlight, F1 turns on the bell and F2 is a chime whistle. Not sure what F3 and F4 do yet. That is the Function selection limit of the Compact. Ideally I would like to see the actual Bachmann instructions that I imagine will list the various functionality and what F keys to press to get them. (Turning off the sound temporarily would be a good option to keep some other family members happy). Does anyone have the sound instructions for this loco in any of its various road names that I could see? A photo or electronic copy would be a great time saver for me. Alternatively perhaps someone can just tell me what the full list of functions are and what keys to press to get them. Thanks in anticipation John Rees
  11. Thanks Jim and Gordon. I feel much more positive and encouraged by your replies. Time to get the soldering iron, pliers and Xuron cutters out! What I really need to buy or make is a 5.5mm (7/32") box spanner long enough to make tightening the nuts on the Sommerfeldt masts a lot less fiddly!
  12. Hi I have been trying to make progress with installing catenary on my small RhB layout. I have been reading the Sommerfeldt Manual but I find the the information about how to set out overhead wires and single catenary posts over turnouts a bit limited. I understand the idea of how the diverging overhead wire is pulled off and tensioned but I am not sure how the crossing wires are attached to the modern RhB post over the switch section of the turnout. I attach a photo (don't know why it is upside down sorry) of how I think it could be done but my knowledge of the prototype is limited in this area. I wonder if anyone has tackled this area already and can tell me how it should be done with workable examples please.
  13. Hi, I have been looking at pictures of RhB stations trying to work out if there is a minimum recommended distance for the position of catenary posts for cross bridges on platforms relative to the track or is it the same as when the posts are on the trackbed? There seems to be a lot of variation on platforms! Similarly are there any rules for how close the front of the station building can be to the track and hence the minimum width for the platform in front of the building?
  14. Further to the above I have found that the Bemo couplings I got from Dundas have slightly larger loops than those originals fitted to the short bogie coaches ref 3255/3256. I have found the original couplings on these short bogie coaches don't allow the short bogie coaches to couple together easily as the loops don't seem quite long enough to drop over the vertical pegs even when the faces of the two couplings are tight together even on straight track. Replacing the original coupling on one coach with one of these new ones seems to solve the problem for me.
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