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  1. That's a common criticism of shapeways products no? Not heard that kinda complaint about them new railway mania kits.
  2. It's been a while! Thanks for the input, I put this project on the backburner as after fitting handrails and painted into into blue I lost interest. However, it's currently drying (very slowly) with a new coat of paint. I shall resurrect this thread! Hopefully I'll be able tot source my parts, thanks for the offer- but I'll try to find some on my end. PS I'm not wading into the LNER debate Cheers again Olly
  3. Hi all, Just enquire as to whether anyone has any pictures of these actually running as colliery engines. I believe that some were used by the newly formed NCB relatively soon after the nationalisation of the industry? Or have I got that completely wrong? Thanks Olly
  4. Far far from perfect, I really don't like the bent up to the tank handrail and that smokebox door dart will be replaced. Also the holes in the body (I put them there my bad for not measuring properly) will be filled.
  5. And onto the Taff Vale Tank. Which I have since learnt is a U1 class. Oh well, at least the fictional history wasn't written. Anyways here it is in all its oddness. The handrails on either side don't match, an extra handrail on the back (like that on the back of the NSR New L Class), missing a set of cab steps (hence why the pictures make it look skewed to one side) and the smokebox handrails are different from the prototype too. On one side the handrail goes up onto the tank as I have seen on some continental prototypes, but I'm not sure if it suits. I may cut it back. Some Lamp Irons we
  6. Adding onto the Bagnall front its complete! At least for now. It shall enter the paint shop (shed) tomorrow to begin the painting process. Vey much regretting not adding a 3rd knob.
  7. The handrail saga continues. Staples and proper handrails have been used. The placement is based on Bagnall diesels that have been preserved. Hopefully, holes will be filled. If you are wondering I'm using PVA as I am out of superglue- not ideal I know, but as it will have many layers of primer and paint (the blue really is a shocking paint to apply) hopefully they will add some more protection and structural strength.
  8. Quick little update I think the previous owner didn't follow the instructions as the handrail holes are interesting to say the least. Anyways I've decided to work with it, maybe the loco had a rebuild and a new boiler at some point? I am still to add them to the cab.
  9. And finally a white metal loco its a Taff Vale 01. I think. Being stripped of its Great Western livery I bought it in and awaiting some detailing parts such as handrails, door dart, lamp irons and a chassis too! Not sure whether a fictional BR with text livery or maybe a NCB green. Any ideas welcome! Olly
  10. So my first update. I have 3 projects on the go. All a little different. The first is an Oxford Rail Janus loco- sprayed rather scruffily into a pseudo Express Diary livery. The imperfections will hopefully enhanced in the weathering process! Second is a Hornby Bagnall. Which will be detailed up with separately fitted handrails, cab interior, DCC fitting and a little bigger job is convert it into a 0-6-0 like '3150 Wolstanton No. 3' at the Foxfield. Not 100% accurate, but hopefully an impression without major surgery. The aim is for it to go onto the same livery as the J
  11. Thank you! My apologies, I'll see what I can do in the next few days!
  12. Thanks man! They are nice and with Planet Industrials cab kits I'm tempted by another!
  13. Hornby Dutchess of Buccleuch- to be converted into BR 'City of Stoke-on-Trent' Work done: running in and planning Work to be done: conversion to BR maroon (hopefully no need for a repaint), city of SOT nameplates and numberplates, cabside number changes, real coal, possibly detailing of the underframe forward of the cylinders, crew fitting and weathering. Is there any other bits that can be done to brought the early 2000s Coronations up to more modern standards?
  14. Hornby 2P Work done: weathering using rust on the smokebox and a basic grey wash. Work to be done: DCC fitting, crew fitting, tarp fitting, red rods (maybe?), finalising the weathering (again well worked, but cared for loco) and a real coal load.
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