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  1. Danke! I think a matt vanish and maybe a final going over with some kind of grey wash. Thanks Olly
  2. Hello all, Here's what I've done to mine! Featuring a little bit of fictional history. Hope its a decent watch if you fancy! Thanks Olly
  3. Lurking makes it sound odder than it is... But yeah I can't wait to have both production facilities (our houses) up and running. Really hope these offer some different bits for industrial modelers!
  4. Love the work that people are doing! Lots of impressive modelling!
  5. Alot of people are framing.. Maybe I should join in too.... But I like the idea! Love the high walls!
  6. Hi Mike If you want to start your own thread go for it! Although you can update on here anytime! It is isn't it? I've found its made me more space aware Oliver
  7. Ooo powered! Looking forward to seeing to develop! Good luck
  8. Thanks Me too! Hopefully should be updating tomorrow!
  9. Please don't hate me Swindonites. A Dapol 14xx will be converted to an NCB shunter for use on my NCB layouts. In short I model a colliery and love the 14xx/48xx: the shape, the strange for the UK wheel arrangement and how they look weather and work beaten. This paired with the fact I fancy a detailing project led to this purchase. A Dapol model that appears to have had a brush or two with orange paint or something and is missing the safety valve. However it does run relativity well! So the plan: -Detail with new handra
  10. The layout is really looking good! The details really bring it to life and make it atmospheric. Also considering how much you disliked that loco its good to see you caring for it! A B2 would be a great little shed mate.
  11. Very little work done to this project as I've been scrubbing in on a competition ('A4 Diorama Competition 2020' here on RMWeb if you are interested) and other work has taken place too. However I have glued the giesl ejector in place, I don't think it looks to bad! Oh and I have started the fictional history, but its only a start so any ideas for that would be greatly appreciated. Through this it will gain its name 'Heapton No.3'- nameplates that have been ordered as well as Peckett style works plates.
  12. That's what this competition is about! Good luck
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