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  1. So here's my progress! The scenery is in, well the start of it, with the hillside and the brick abutment in. I am still working on the coal chute to be fitted, but my maths is a little bit off so when I trial fitted it didn't work. More work needed. Here are some shots 'from the line' which I am really rather pleased with!
  2. Here's mine! So if you follow me on instagram (@heaptoncolliery if you want to) you'll have seen I've altered what I am entering. I'll do a full write up when its finished, but the short end is the layout is part of the Heapton Colliery network where waste coal is transferred between standard gauge onto the narrow gauge for disposal. It will work! I hope. Using a Triang grain wagon and a shute built underneath the standard gauge track aiming coal into the wagons below. The layout (which I suppose it is) represents the end of the town of Heapton as the railway moves out towards the colliery itself. Furthermore the layout should also be bi-viewable- being viewable from both sides. A little more scenery is being worked on hinting at a rural scene to the right where the track will counter curve away from eachother, but that's not done yet. Any thoughts- let me know! Olly PS bar the Ruston all stock is being worked on or in the queue to be (hence the patch Kerr Stuart and print line ridden wagons)
  3. So, with the regulations in place- what ideas have we got? Currently I'm toying up a a 009 roundy, Colliery incline or a colliery shed. Pictures to follow!
  4. Hello! Apologies about the late comment as I've been away. Anyway, following some deliberation with Mr Luke Noble, the parameters are 2x2 feet. Or anything smaller. Hope this clears it up for people and apologies again Olly
  5. Hello again everyone! Following on from this competition we have spawned another one!
  6. Looking good! I'm still on the drawing board!
  7. Hello all! Following on from the success of last years competition (see the link) over on the Train Crash Podcast we have decided to run another! These are the results- So, the challenge is to create something within 2ft squared, hence the name. The point of this competition is to be creative and try something new while having a bit of fun. We found that doing research via our Instagram that most people seemed to have lost modelling mojo over the last few months. This competition is a way to help get it back! Rules and regulations: -No more than 2 feet squared-ish (this is flexible as long as you take the mick) -Any gauge or scale -It has to be something railway related (not necessarily a loco or track, just something railway) -It cannot have entered another competition -Submission via email/RMWeb/Instagram with a description of the model and how it was made would be lovely when we do a podcast on the entries by 15th August. Prize- to be decided, but it will be Train Crash Models product or two. Email- [email protected] RMWeb- this thread Instagram-thetraincrash Keep us updated for on any progress you make on this thread! Good luck Olly
  8. Erm yeah, this thread will be resurrected and so will the layout. Currently on the way to the potteries is a scale model scenery wrapping paper box baseboard. Currently I have 2 plans in mind (see below) both have coal chutes (something I wish I had done on the original layout) and lean further into the Light Railway with multiple industries being served idea, with a proper loading bay for the other industry at the quayside and as such allowing a varied services to operate. Any suggestions feel free! Oh and I'm ridding myself of that second point as it didn't add anything to the layout and made it loom too overcrowded. Thanks Olly
  9. Lovey stuff, it does have a Fowler look from the side! I agree that the kits are good bashing fodder and with some creativity they certainly scrub up well. Mine is currently being rebuilt to be a little more unique as well as adding some separately fitted handrails too. What did you do to the newer diesel they released? Thanks Olly
  10. That's a common criticism of shapeways products no? Not heard that kinda complaint about them new railway mania kits.
  11. It's been a while! Thanks for the input, I put this project on the backburner as after fitting handrails and painted into into blue I lost interest. However, it's currently drying (very slowly) with a new coat of paint. I shall resurrect this thread! Hopefully I'll be able tot source my parts, thanks for the offer- but I'll try to find some on my end. PS I'm not wading into the LNER debate Cheers again Olly
  12. Hi all, Just enquire as to whether anyone has any pictures of these actually running as colliery engines. I believe that some were used by the newly formed NCB relatively soon after the nationalisation of the industry? Or have I got that completely wrong? Thanks Olly
  13. Far far from perfect, I really don't like the bent up to the tank handrail and that smokebox door dart will be replaced. Also the holes in the body (I put them there my bad for not measuring properly) will be filled.
  14. And onto the Taff Vale Tank. Which I have since learnt is a U1 class. Oh well, at least the fictional history wasn't written. Anyways here it is in all its oddness. The handrails on either side don't match, an extra handrail on the back (like that on the back of the NSR New L Class), missing a set of cab steps (hence why the pictures make it look skewed to one side) and the smokebox handrails are different from the prototype too. On one side the handrail goes up onto the tank as I have seen on some continental prototypes, but I'm not sure if it suits. I may cut it back. Some Lamp Irons were added too, just in generic postions. I believe its had a few rebuilds in model form and as such in the history it will too! Any constructive criticism welcome!
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