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  1. Thanks Nigel, I'll let you know how I get on!
  2. G'day Nigel, Self help it is then! It would appear that I need to take a crash course in XML. Any advice where to start with learning enough XML to do this? Where is the full decoder spec available? presumably from the makers? Is the list of CVs given with the decoder all I need? Best regards bill
  3. I have used Tams Elektronik Basic 2 decoders for some time in trailing cars for directional lighting, however Basic 2 seems to have been or is being replaced by Basic 3 (Baustein) which has an additional auxy output and an input compred to Basic 2. As yet there are no JMRI definitions for this decoder, the latest being Basic 2. There do appear to be some differences It appears that basic 2 used aux 1 and 3 for front and rear lighting and Basic 3 uses Aux 1 and 2. Where can I get an updated definition file for JMRI? or indeed how do I go about constructing one?
  4. Ubuntu updates have been installed, however it worked Friday and stopped working Saturday, no Ubuntu updates installed in between. Weird!
  5. Recent issue on my JMRI installation. It was working fine one day, programming locos and operating trains. next morning neither panel pro or decoder pro would open the comprehensive programmer for any loco on the roster. This is running on a Raspberry Pi model 4B with 8Gb ram and from a 256Gb SSD attached to a USB 3 port. System software is Ubuntu Mate 20.4. This system and JMRI (4.20) combination has been stable since set up about 6 months ago The whole system, when operating satisfactorily, was backed up to another 256Gb USB stick for recovery if required. On failure of the panel pro and decoder pro to operate properly I checked the DCC++EX command station and even reloaded the software - no change. I then fitted the back up system - and experienced EXACTLY the same failure mode with a system and software setup which had been working perfectly 6 months prior. At this point I downloaded the latest version of JMRI and did a complete reinstall, importing my loco roster from storage. All fixed, no further issue! Glad to be operational again, but concerned that two complete systems, one of which had not been used since storing failed for no apparent reason. It raises questions like Linux that reliable? No system changes have been made in the interim. Is there something amiss with the version of JMRI I was running prior to failure was V4.20. currently have 4.24 installed. Can anyone come up with an explanation for this strange behaviour?
  6. JohnDMF quote" Marklin and Trix are, in effect, the same company and produce 3-rail and two-rail versions of the same model. Marklin H0 are ONLY 3 rail! The model number you quote is for a Trix 2-rail locomotive. Why make two castings for the same locomotive model?" Can't answer that, but Marklin list that number as a starter set including this loco and it is labelled as such on the box and physically in the diecast Chassis. See photos below, and it does not appear to have been converted. This loco is probably 10 years old or more, and whilst Trix and Marklin have amalgamated like Fleischmann and Roco, where Roco now only make HO models and Fleischmann only make N gauge models as they are both owned by the same parent company, this was not always the case and prior to about 5 years ago they both made models in both scales. I suspect something similar may have happened with Trix and Marklin, with each specialising in a type of model. This probably predates the merger.
  7. Definitely 2 rail, Marklin 29841-01V2 E-Lok BR 185.1 mfx. The body casting is also stamped Marklin. The whole loco is diecast metal, chassis and body. Works well with my DCC controller, it is just that the DCC decoder announced itself when interrogated as Trix Sound BB12000. I cannot find any details of a decoder like that on the Marklin website.
  8. I have recently acquired a Marklin DB BR 185 loco which came with a dcc decoder installed. It identified itself as Trix sound BB12000, however I have been unable to locate any instructions for a decoder with this identifier in either the Trix or Marklin websites. It appears to be original installation. Does anyone know where I might find data on this particular decoder? It is fully operational but I would like to add sound if possible
  9. Can anyone tell me if Maerklin MFX dcoders will work with JMRI? Just checking to see if I will need to modify a Maerklin DB BR 185 I am acquiring
  10. I use JMRI with an Arduino Mega 256 running the latest version of DCC++EX. This all works fine and dandy. I also have a modified UNO running a similar program that operates like a DC controller under JMRI control when installed as DCC++. no problem with that either. I would like to be able to have both systems connected to JMRI and switch between control systems as and when required. I can connect both systems, creating the necessary setup and identifying the two systems as DCC++ and DCC++2. I can select which system I want to use in the roster table, but only one will actually respond to controls issued by JMRI. Has anyone else tried to operate two DCC++ modules from a common JMRI system? Appreciate any assistance you may be able to give. I am running JMRI on a Raspberry Pi 4B with 8Gb RAM.
  11. I am modelling in H0/00. I was wondering how people go about making electrical connections between coaches or waggons? Ideally I would like a connector that would be small and easy to connect and disconnect without looking too out of proportion. These would be two pole plug and sockets for powering in carriage lighting and displays only. Appreciate any guidance with regard to location on the coach to fit the connector and type. Many thanks
  12. Yep lack of insulation! Always check what you last touched! valuable words of advice. the motor brush gear (it is a horizontal motor with the brushes mounted on a vertical faceplate ) touched the live feed for the lights when it went round bends, which resulted in the train accelerating on bends when going forwards and shorting out when going around bends backwards! fixed!
  13. I have recently fitted a Lenz Standard+ V2 decoder to a Fleischmann 4430 diesel railcar. I have a number of locos fitted with this decoder, all have worked with no issue, however originally I did not connect the lights, which have been replaced with LEDs and resistors (again something I have done a number of times before). With the lights disconnected the train worked fine, however after connecting the lights the loco will not run and the forward running lights flash on and off at about 1 second intervals. This looks like an error code of some sort, but the manual does not list anything. The auxiliary output is still working switching the interior lights off and on under control of the DCC system. Current drawn is minimal > 50mA Appreciate any suggestions as to what may be wrong and how to fix the problem
  14. I would like to add S-Bahn trains to my Hamburg model railway. I currently live in Hamburg and have the ICE V, 1,2, 3 and T trains along with the DB Regio double deck trains and the IC trains. I have a Metronom on order. However, wherever I look no one seems to make the BR 243 multiple unit S-Bahn trains. Anyone know if these are available from any manufacturer? I would have thought they would have been popular. Maybe when Miniatur Wuderland re-opens they may know as I am sure they have S-Bahn trains on their layout.
  15. I am in the process of converting a Lima class 55 to the Porterbrook specification. I have removed the existing moulded lights from the ends but now need to replace them with the Wipac units as fitted to the Porterbrook diesel. these appear to be running from outside in, marker, rear and high intensity headlight. The marker and rear lights being slightly smaller than the headlight which looks to be a 7" car type light. I need a set of dimensions to work to, based on my assumption that the Headlight is a 7" unit and then assuming the other lights are 6" I would guess at about a 21" x 8" lamp unit, which scaling to 4mm scale would make this unit 7mm long by 2.7mm high. could anyone provide me with the size of the actual unit and lights or confirm my assumptions please?
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