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  1. On 27/09/2020 at 23:55, Compound2632 said: In Saltley Firing Days, Terry Essery tells a similar tale involving the partial demolition of a platelayers' hut. So I suspect this is an oft-repeated enginemen's folk-tale. Good physics lesson nevertheless! Back in the 1950's I would go with my Grandmother to visit her birthplace in the Sirhowy Valley, including a pair of elderly sisters who were level crossing keepers on a line to Markham Colliery. On one visit, the kitchen door had just been stoved in by a HUGE lump of coal which had "fallen" off a loco, bounced on the yard and cr
  2. According to my home produced index to my now dispersed magazine collection, the article titled "Dean 4-4-0 from a Triang Single" was published in the Modeller of Sept 1973, pages 208-210 John
  3. The Epping Railway Circle regrets that its 2020 exhibition, due to be held at Theydon Bois Village Halls on 7 November has had to be cancelled for obvious reasons. We hope to return in 2021 John Woods Secretary ERC
  4. Thanks for the reminder pb_devon, I have a copy but it has slid down the 'to do' list - so many books, too little time ! John
  5. The sources used to produce the list (which now runs to some 5000 entries) are varied, including British and US Official Histories, Army Council Instructions and Admiralty Fleet Orders, Railway Clearing House Handbook of Stations 1938, 1949,. 1956 and 1962, Parliamentary Debates and Reports, publications of the Industrial Railway Society and others The availability of material on the Internet has provided many references, from republished original documents to the websites of local historical societies. All references have, wherever possible, been crossmatched
  6. About 20 years ago, I began to compile a list as an attempt to identify, initially from published accounts, those wartime depots (excluding operational bases such as barracks, airfields, radar stations and dockyards),which were rail served (these are underlined in the atached list). However the sources used revealed so many service establishments that it was decided to list all those which may have generated or received rail traffic, and to try to identify, and separate out, those with rail access later. The dates given are those where the site was first mentioned John
  7. When I left Wales to start work at the Ministry of Defence in 19.. , I was living in a bedsit and normally wore a West Mon (Pontypool) school tie to work, as its blue, green, red and yellow stripes went with any colour shirt. I was waiting in the lift to go to the fourth floor when an elderly gentleman dived in, and as the lift began its upward journey, he carefully looked me up and down and as we passed the second floor, eventually asked "young man, when did you serve with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders ?" I pondered for a moment, then told him that while to A&SH were raised i
  8. There is also the Epping Railway Circle, which meets at Theydon Bois on the third Monday of each month to run its 00 layout (and on the first Monday in the pub) - see [email protected] John
  9. There is also the Epping Railway Circle's show at Theydon Bois TOMORROW - see https://www.eppingrailwaycircle.com/exhibition John
  10. The layouts attending are: Stodden Hundred Light Railway (0) Hobbs Warren (0) Fursenhall (EM) Round House (H0) Pacific Trams (H0) Brownsville (H0) Beatstable (OO) Rossiter Rise (OO) Ambleton Vale (N) Southbridge (N) Little Salkeld (Finescale N) St Matin De Boschville (1:35) ... and ERC's Own Tanglewood Common (OO) John
  11. Epping Railway Circle will be presenting its annual model railway exhibtion on Saturday 9 November at Theydon Bois Village Hall, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Essex CM16 7ER. There will be 13 layouts, including finescale 'N', 'N', 'HO', 'OO', 'EM', 'O' and 1:35, together with 7 traders and 2 societies. The Exhibtion is open from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm, admission is £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children (5-18) The Hall is wheelchair accessible, car parking is free, or it is a short walk from Theydon Bois (Central Line) Station, or 10 minutes from J26 of the M25. Light refreshments w
  12. Nile said ..."There's no Romford or Southend/Shoeburyness show this year, so it's just this one and Chelmsford for the rest of this year in southern Essex.", but there is also the Epping Railway Circle's exhibition at Theydon Bois on Saturday 9 November John
  13. Sorry about that, my first attempt at posting anything other than text ! I reduced the size and turned it the right way up, but too late found that the original version had loaded . . . One day I'll catch up with technology John
  14. Theydon Bois is currently suffering a blockage of unknown duration on the B172 (Coppice Row) following a ram raid on Tesco. A short section of Coppice Row in the centre of Theydon is closed, diversions have been signposted from the Abridge direction. If you plan to come to what has been called “a small but friendly” exhibition, please allow a little extra time for the diversions and traffic disruption, but just to whet your appetite, we have twelve layouts ranging from Z through N, HO, OO, EM to G, five trade stands offering books, road and rail models, kits and kit-built, wagon loads,
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