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  1. As it is the Railex 2021 virtual show http://railex.org.uk/virtualrailex/doku.php here is a flashback to the last Railex where we had Newhurst in operation, with some footage from the event. You can also find Newhurst on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/newhurst
  2. The 108 is looking good, you know who to call when you get bored of it! Here is the 101 in action on the ECML
  3. Chris I think the maths is not quite right there, 150 units at the crowdfunder price is not £600,000 - one too many zeros there in your guesstimate. Still a big figure there though. I didn’t go for a crowdfunded one as he seemed to have difficulties with his Chinese suppliers, then his UK suppliers, so he couldn’t have had a supply chain in place for the class 22 when he started the crowdfunding.
  4. We debuted Newhurst with DCC sound in O Gauge at Railex 2019, here is a video from day two at the show.
  5. Here is the latest website for Newhurst O Gauge which will be at the show, currently undergoing conversion to DCC sound.
  6. It was our first foray down to see this show and it was most enjoyable and our group admired many lovely layouts. There was a pre-arranged motive for the long haul which was the hand over of Newhurst, which is now in Scotland. Lots of plans for the future for it, including DCC sound with synchronised chuff n puff along with five or six coach length trains.
  7. FIA trains did an LMS 10000/1 project in brass in the Far East, I wonder if this is the design work being called upon?
  8. The black marks on the ends come off with a cotton bud and white spirit in a second.
  9. While I was thinking of Arley I decided to create a shunting area away from the station, giving the best of both worlds - prototypical simple station allowing a pick up goods to shunt the odd wagon into the bay after having left a bigger yard. This might be worthy of consideration.
  10. Looking forward to seeing what you do with CarrOg Larry! It is all about the mass with O for me, it is a good size and aim for less is more to get the best out of it.
  11. This was done on the Golden Age Models locos too, the theory being it makes a whistle noise when being run on straight DC. Maybe they have two different files, one written for DC and one for DCC?
  12. Larry - not surprised you have done this. Our two projects are remarkably similar, we have both chosen a branchline setting, I have chosen Arley in O gauge, but think of it slightly differently - it is a series of dioramas interlinked. Arley station - Diesel shed, shunting area with goods shed, Victoria Bridge and a steam shed with turntable, not shown on the control panel, so lots to keep you happy depending on whether you want to run trains, shunt or move locos around. If you can drop a camera down on the track and it looks like Carrog from that view then it is a complete success, then by turning the camera round you get a completely different view. Here is some video from 1960s weekend at Carrog. And some links to pics https://flic.kr/p/WNABKn https://flic.kr/p/WMHvTz https://flic.kr/p/WVVNgs https://flic.kr/p/WVVdGd https://flic.kr/p/VHhsw9
  13. Let's see them in O gauge Phil! A pity I no longer do OO otherwise it would have been a few 24/1s here.
  14. That is a very weak survey when it comes to O gauge. There were some notable releases that could have been included, in no specific order. Masterpiece Models: Rebuilt West Country/ BofB & Rebuilt Merchant Navy. Sold out prior to delivery. Lee Marsh Model Co: GWR 41/51/61XX Large Prairie & LMS/BR Princess Royal Class 4-6-2. GWR Clerestory Coaches. Sold out quickly or sold out prior to delivery. L.H.Loveless/55H Models: BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 Some still available. It would have been good to have seen some of these Korean brass models included, if it is not too late I can arrange photos from the builders to help.
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