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  1. Congratulations mate, it’s a great diorama. It reminded me a little of Leighton buzzard narrow gauge railway. Just the standard gauge version.
  2. So I managed to mostly complete my second cakebox challenge, and for the best part I’m very pleased with it. Sadly I didn’t get to use the locomotive I wanted too, the the hudswell hunslet looks the part too I feel. I had to pant the driver, and I’m really pleased with him. I will be doing. A few more bits to it at a later date, but for now it will stay as it is, because it has been entered. I really like modelling in 7mm, and one day would love to build a fairly large 09 layout.
  3. Lurid green moss weathering. Looks a little like a scene from ‘Nightmare before Christmas’.
  4. Thank you very much. I will post some pictures of the completed diorama later on this evening.
  5. To be honest It was quite late in the day when I visited, and most of the MR stuff wasn’t running, but I had a quick scan through the vintage toys and trains. It was a very impressive collection of both real trains and toy trains. I did take a few pictures actually.
  6. I have made some good progress today, even though I have also had work. This was the final results of last nights progress. All I have left on the diorama is a little painting, then add the foliage and two glass window panes. Then I’ve got to build couplings and paint the loco. It might not seem to much, but it’s definitely going to be a rush to the end!
  7. That is a fair shout, but I think I will rise to the challenge and get it completed, even if there are a few bits to complete after it’s been entered. painting is currently underway.
  8. That’s odd, they were working fine yesterday. I’ll repost them.... this is as far as I got by day four.... the list to complete it is quite long, but I think I can do it. Hopefully
  9. Oh yes, I considered building Scaldwell as it was a 3ft locomotive. Nice picture too.
  10. I’m unsure wether I’m going to manage to finish this build, but we’ll see....
  11. This is what has happened today. Now await the glue to dry...
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