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  1. This looks awesome, and full of atmosphere. I must ask, where did you get the plastic Andrew Barclay kit?
  2. These are the pictures I used for a reference
  3. As I’m completely useless of taking pictures of my progress, I don’t have many pictures of the building process. ‍♂ The diarama The diarama is made out of white form board (off cuts) with a raised section to the left. Obviously cut to the 8x8 sq base and 6” tall. Then adding clay to the raised section and carved brick work to create a stone wall. About half way down this section I broke the wall up by cutting some of the brick work out and adding in heavy ballast. The steps are spares from a Preiser H0 stone wall kit. The building is scratch built from Wills models scratch aids which were left overs from other builds. The doors are modified Dapol engine shed kit doors. The engine shed is made from plasticard and other odds and sods. The corrugated roof is made from the thin Wills models scratch aids corrugated sheets, and the buffer ballards in the shed are bits of balsa wood. For ballast I made a mix of different size and textured materials to break up the uniformity. I base coated the whole model in Matt black and then added a mist of Matt grey primer to highlight detail. Then after a lot of dry brushing I followed that up with a lot of weathering powders. I also use surgical spirit for adding detail and shape to some areas of the weathering. Then it is all fixed with Matt varnish. I didn’t purchase anything for the build, apart from some clear epoxy resin from the pound shop which I used for creating the puddles. I then added a touch of varnish to add ‘reflections’ from the light. Finally I added static grass to finish the model. The stock So the locomotive is a Backwoods miniatures kit of the Robert Stevenson and hawthorn crane tank, built to a 9mm gauge for narrow gauge prototypes. The kit has been modified with Roco H0e valve gears which are attached to the outside cranks. This is then painted, lined and then weathered. It has a seated driver in the cab which is a cut up Dapol 4mm figure. The name plates are from Narrow planet and read Trecrobenn which means Trencrom in Cornish. This is a Stone Age fort that looks down onto Hayle harbour. The truck is a Dundas Models plastic kit.
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