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  1. My youngest had something similar a few years ago it was Thomas the Tank engine you got a roller that made a track pattern on a screen like etch a scetch and Thomas duly followed
  2. They are fantastic models Stu I love the copy of the Sun behind the toilet One of the best headlines ever after the sinkinh of the Belgrano.
  3. Whilst it seems bad now Stu it may provide you with an opportunity to start something afresh like the business you mentioned and you will never look back
  4. I must admit King Poly Bear the first has a bit of a ring to it
  5. Now are you talking about the Richard III left in the jar or the one found in a Leicester car park?
  6. Our house was built in 2007 its a 3 storey townhouse the original kitchen was built to a slightly lower level for a disabled user it was a struggle to get the washing machine under the worktop. Also we have a downstairs toilet that is larger than normal which gives us a sharp 90° turn at the bottom of the stairs making it a complete and utter barsteward to get furniture up the stairs. Our sofa was a corner group and the removal men couldn't get it up the stairs me and my brother managed to get one half up the stairs the other went in through the French doors of the living room after removing the railings using a scaffolding tower I hired. In case you hadn't realized the living room is on the first floor. Another silly thing they had to do was put closers on doors that led to the staircase as a means of escape. The doors are heavy fire resistant doors with intumescent seals around. The doors were deadly for small children so I removed the closers and filled the holes
  7. Perhaps the answer may be more district heating systems like Steve suggests. There are some systems around I can think of using various sources including one using waste heat from the London Underground deep level and there is one in Sheffield generating heating and power from burning waste
  8. When we were kids we went to an American cemetery in East Anglia somewhere it was stunning I dont know how many were buried there but it was a lot. The rows of crosses and in some cases star of David's were immaculately presented and the rows perfectly lining up every direction. Every High school child should be shown these cemeteries either in person or a virtual walk round
  9. My last round on my council job was on a part of Castleford called Airedale it was originally a pit estate in the 1920s My paternal Grandma was born there and lived there her father was a miner at Fryston pit. The estate was extended over the years in a variety of housing types both standard construction and poured concrete Wimpey houses. Some had been bought thro ugh the right to buy. Some streets were ok but some were a sea of sh1t everyday even though it had been litter picked the day before
  10. Daft as it sounds its a bit like going to places round here like Cortonwood and Orgreave.
  11. We found the same in Croatia having seen the place as a war zone on the tv in the 90s although we were warned not to stray in certain woods just in case there were uncleared minefields/munitions. But it was a fantastic holiday and I would reccomend the Istrian Riviera to anyone its stunning
  12. I have missed the going past our house of a certain Flying Scotsman at around 4pm oh well. I have seen you tube videos of the Berlin Underground which crossed the Iron Curtain West Berliners were not allowed to alight in the east When i went to Germany the wall had already come down but i did go to some places no doubt visited by @Dave Hunt such as Bruggen and Gutersloh and Rhiendalen
  13. Good Afternoon Sorry to take the discussion away from various forms of kettles I had a result in one of the rat traps with Peanut butter. A lovely catch the trap had snapped shut just behind its ears.
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