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  1. Great photographs again Rob lovely retrospective of sheep lane thank you for sharing your progress
  2. Wetwang lovely village without twice nightly whiteley being mayor still nice
  3. Sorry Captain was just wondering if Ramsbottom valve railway worked on a similar principle to IKB atmospheric railway
  4. Well done Rob on the latest trophy have read all 258 pages of the thread, some excellent modelling and some brilliant photographs. Not to mention those of Helen Mirren and Jenny Agutter. Very inspirational what can be done with a small space I have one question will the sheep be ok with the terriers about
  5. Just seen my e copy what a brilliant looking feature well done guys
  6. This thread goes from strength to strength Really informative and interesting love the mix of traffic
  7. Great layout lovely to see the centre of the known universe (Barnsley) .the one inspired me when I was younger seeing the old station in Kirk Smeaton and parts of the old track bed there is a video on you tube of barnsdale tunnel and a group walking through
  8. Looking really good work there Duncan Couple of things 1 reminds me of the trains that used to pass nearby on the way to the Airevalley power stations 2 The firm i used to work for used to collect 60' panel of track from Eastleigh depot for road transport to Sheffield as scrap/r e use
  9. Loving it erixtar Who supplied the LuL stock is it out built or Rtr
  10. Well what a trip down memory lane love to see the illustrations used in your thread. I will follow with interest really like the deeper research into the railway series every day is a school day
  11. What a wonderful thread so absorbing. What remains of the network today considering all the regeneration that has gone on in the areas over the last 20 years or so Have learnt lots of new information thank you
  12. Looks like a good entry for a spot the train competition
  13. I have been watching a few how to video s on you tube some of our American cousins use latex caulk for fixing track to baseboard. This may sound like a daft question but is this the same as no nails or is it like decorators caulk or something completely different Thanks in advance
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