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  1. If its Quatermass you mean it was damn good scared me to death when i first watched it
  2. Reading the press release this morning (im just an enthusiast with no rail experience). It does seem a strange situation as to what has happened since the SPAD. Im sure the report will be interesting reading. At least no one was injured
  3. For our Australian bretheren there isnow a road over the old power station site that runs round the edge of the city and joins Aberford Road near the rebuilt Pinderfields Hospital at Bar Lane. Its called Neil Fox Way my wife asked what the guy who used to do the charts on the radio has to do with Wakefield
  4. A reet flat capper theere Coming from a Featherstone Rovers fan
  5. I have never set out to count the arches but it certainly is an impressive structure. At least you are looking at the city side of the viaduct the other side you would get a lovely view of the prison.
  6. Or the other fave of mine Don't throw that [email protected]@dy spear at me Although it was never said
  7. Missed out part where throws Alf Roberts from a car park
  8. Knights go on a quest meet some french knights on way meet a wizard called tim fight a killer white rabbit get arrested at end
  9. Love the photo's of Westgate on the bottom pic the stone building near the vanishing point of the road isthe old Yorkshire Bank i started work there in 1998 after leaving uni All its missing are the drinks on the Westgate run
  10. Having been employed by a council as a litter picker for the last 8 years i have seen allsorts . No one age group can be singled out i have seen people throwing litter down just after we had cleared areas. What always makes me wonder is what their houses are like inside. We not in a tourist area here. I think people would avoid our area .we have had cases but so far we are relatively virus free. This virus has destroyed lives and livelihoods yet 20% still believe it to be fake then there are these that believe it spread by 5g Leeds is the nearest place to have 5g coverage to us. People
  11. Looks really good there Paul. Its certainly refreshingly different
  12. Glad to hear you're ok Gilbert The wind is terrible here in Gods County too i cant remember a summer so windy
  13. It became Planet Earth at one bit and had a revolving dance floor which made life interesting after a few pints this was late 90s early noughties . Majestyx was too expensive frequented by footballers for a mere mortals Yorkshire man
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