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  1. That wouldhave been near my Grandads family s foundry then
  2. Lovely progress so far Mike, i worked in Dodworth for 10 years so i recognize the names of the places that you refer too as well. Indeed some of our customers occupy some of the former colliery and rail places such as Warwick Wards at Blacker Hill and Boylins at the old Strafford pit yard
  3. Further research has pointed to the Knottingley records being in the John Goodchild collection at the West Yorkshire history centre Kirkgate Wakefield wether that includes what was at Knottingley library i don't know
  4. I know the collection of Bagley glass was in Pontefract museum a couple.of years ago. I would assume the Harker material is either at Wakefield museum of the new West Yorkshire archive in Wakefield. Your right though Knottingley is a shadow.of its former self
  5. On the twixt aire and calder website which is run by Wakefield Council libraries there are photos of similar barges being launched. twixtaireandcalder.org.uk
  6. Going by the names quoted in the report with the suffix H would point to them as part of Harkers own fleet which would have been built at their Knottingley ship yard.
  7. Nice to see Banner Cross has made it to the antipodes I had a girlfriend who lived in that part of Sheffield when at Uni.
  8. I have been to the Churchyard and seen the memorial its a very moving place. It resonates with me coming from the heart of the Yorkshire Coalfield. The disaster has shaped our area through changes made to the design of colliery spoil tips.
  9. True story I worked for a firm that delivered material to constuction sites. One job we had was to Manchester it was a sheltered accommodation for the mentally ill. A mixer driver asked a man in hi viz where they wanted the delivery he pointed to a basement window. They fixed the chute up between them and started to deliver. Halfway through the site foreman came looking for the mixer. Turned out the bloke in hi viz was a resident and they had filled a room with 5 cubic metres of concrete
  10. Real Yorkshire men use 1 teabag then dry it out for reuse next cuppa time
  11. I was looking on the internet earlier and found this Its 10 years on from thhe guy trying to keep Vlads pen it doesnt say whether any body ahem vanished afterwards and it looks like Vlad is dressed from my Mums Grattans catalogue from 1973
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