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  1. On the couple of occasions i have used Dunham bridge i thought the cost of employing the collectors would outstrip the amount of tolls taken
  2. I know samples from miners lungs were sent to Sheffield for testing
  3. I think swmbo was inoculated with a gramaphone needle
  4. I have never read MRJ its a bit too 4mm for me besides the point i cant get hold of it locally. So i will miss Dave's editorial. I some times struggle to get Railway Modeller though no probs with Model Rail or BRM
  5. Is superglue activator available over there Shaun little spray makes the blue cure quicker
  6. Copd is not just caused by smoking it can be caused by inhalation of dust particles that irritate the linings of the lungs a lot of ex miners and up with copd along with folk that have worked in dusty trades
  7. When I have been really bad i have been unable to make much of an impact on a child's peak flow meter. Then I end up in A AND E hooked up to a nebulizer
  8. Sorry to hear of your troubles Gordon and please accept my sympathies Simon
  9. You could even have traffic from the Manchester Ship Canal. Its certainly an atmospheric area
  10. I have had asthma since childhood i was hospitalized at 3 yo. I was given an allergy test a load of needles shoved in my leg (where my needle phobia came from). I have had further serious attacks and some milder ones. About 4 years ago i went to the drs with the start of a chest infection and sent away. 3 days later i was on the verge of pneumonia.
  11. Is there any way of connecting this to Grim up North ? A gantry across to the train shed perhaps I ll stop now
  12. Even more fantastic modelling Shawn.
  13. You wouldnt believe the number of folk i have seen fishing that stretch of river certainly from the bridge going towards allerton bywater. There must be fish in there now as we often used to see cormorants drying their wings on rocks near the new waste of money er i mean that lovely footbridge
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