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  1. My favourite part of military manuals was the last chapter "How to put beyond use to the enemy"
  2. My brother was based at Kinloss he was a medical assistant. He left the Raf to join the police but ended up working for Bupa booking locum drs for hospitals. He was accepted for Lincolnshire police but before he could start training he was called up for Iraq part 2. He ended up at Scampton to replace those sent overseas he was released then he was able to join the police
  3. I went to cadet camp at Raf Newton it was Rare because it had a grass airstrip. It was still Hq air cadets and at the time was the Raf police school. They took us to the Black museum there was allsorts we were shown from investigation into The Great Escapees murders which was not as shown in the film one was carried out on what is now the runway at Ramstein AFB. To transvestite that had been arrested in Singapore. We did a night ex at Syerston. I returned there for glider training a couple of years later on Grob vigilant gliders. Passing Raf Wittering was 96 miles from home o
  4. I fancied getting into Z scale but in the end went for N for the trains in the landscape
  5. There was a young lad in Engineering in miniature (last 2 issues i think) he had built a working stationary engine not much taller than a standard minifigure.
  6. Sorry for any confusion its the stupid spellchecker on my fire tablet i was using and the fact i was cream crackered I have altered the original post https://www.rupertparsons.co.uk
  7. Douglas good luck with the apprenticeship in horology. A friend of my dad s son is an horolgist and earns a fortune doing it. He is a direct descendant of Charles Parsons
  8. No it's the New Jersey The USS NEW JERSEY has a really informative you tube channel where the curator tours parts of the shop and discusses various points about Iowa class Battleships
  9. @bbishop well done ,may i ask.What FPOS is ?
  10. My first year at Uni i lived in Halls they were old the plug sockets were old round pin. Easy enough to fix by changing the normal square pin pug to round pin the uni were selling them so you could get hold of them. The number of people who couldn't change a plug was unreal i earned a few beer tokens providing a plug change service. 2 quid a pop was the charge. I do mostly my own electrical work i was taught by my Grandad as well as being an iron founder and master engineer he was an electrician in the Navy during the war
  11. We also had a pop drenching situation at home a couple of years ago. It was a bottle of Tesco mango crush we brought it home and left it in the fridge for a couple of hours. The Mrs got it out and opened it it exploded out everywhere ceiling floor us the kids and even the doggy
  12. Luckily on this occasion I wasn't stood too close on this occasion I was in the yard at Bison In Iver we had a couple of trucks with hiabs mounted on them like brick trucks. One of the joints burst on the hydraulic system spraying fluid like a fountain all over.
  13. That's half the problem isn't it finding someone to do a small batch of anything without it being too expensive with set up costs. I remember my Dad trying to get someone to print Darrington church parish magazine when the person who did it before passed away. Luckily another parishioner stepped into the breach and does it at home on their computer.
  14. Silly question Dave how difficult would it be to etch the parts you need yourself?. I dont know if it would be worth the setup cost or not but its always an option.
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