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  1. Barry If you are in search of another Triang EM2 John Dutfield Model Shop in Chelmsford has a blue one on their second hand shelf. The shop's number is 01245 494455, and is now owned by Heather and Ken Wilkinson. Paul Wilkinson - no relation to Heather or Ken
  2. Robert Thanks for the link. The one I am after has discs, green ends and was numbered D8046. There seem to be a few D8000 available. Cheers Paul
  3. Class 20 diesel D8046 in BR green with indicator discs Bachmann Branchline 32-027A-LN Preferably not DCC fitted. Cheers
  4. John Dutfield Model Shop Chelmsford managed to get a limited number of May Railway Modellers from Peco for its regular subscribers. Thanks to Ken and Heather for working with Peco to get even a small number of RM magazines - others magazines are available through JDs. Happy modelling, stay safe and support your local model shop.
  5. Just picked this posting after reading about the layout in April's Railway Modeller. Copper, Wort and Co Ltd is a great idea which should be fun to operate, lots of detail, a mix of reality and intrigue which will keep the audience captivated. The circular design is well thought out and surprised there aren't more circular layouts on the exhibition circuit. The size, scale, finish and detail on the buildings is immense. I look forward to following the progress of the Copper, Wort and Co Ltd and hope to see at an exhibition in the future. Wilks
  6. John I have packs of : E4CH 501A - A,B and C switches E4CH 502A - common crossing chairs I also have slide, bridge and check chairs but these are not numbered and are not as bemusing!! Thankyou Paul
  7. John I am just about to embark on building EM turnouts using ply sleepers and glued plastic chairs. I have purchased (I think) the necessary chair mouldings - C&L mouldings supplied by the EM gauge society. The mouldings have small numbers by each chair moulding. What do these numbers relate to? Thank you Paul
  8. wilks

    Oxford N7

    Any thoughts of producing an etched smokebox door ring in stainless steel? I have a SE Finecast kit to make up and would like to replicate the polished ring typical on many N7s. I am not sure I will be able to achieve the concentricity of the ring by painting.
  9. John It is only this week that I picked up your posting. Your layout and modelling skills are excellent and you achieved all this in 4 years. Your standard of modelling is very consistent across the whole piece, making good decisions on when and where to make investment e.g. more complex track work, waiting to up grade rolling stock. Some of the station views are Pendonesque and I was surprised that it is a 00 layout albeit 00-SF. The only down side is that you chose Great Western over Gresley, but your layout is inspirational; BRM will be pleased as I bought April's ma
  10. Graham Thankyou - Spalding might be possible. Paul
  11. I went to the CMRA show last weekend, particularly to see Grantham. I managed to time my two visits to be at the same point in sequence!! However the second time I did get to see the 1938 recreation of the 1888 Flying Scotsman. I took some pictures of Sir Nigel Gresley and the Stirling Single on its restored GN coaches - both trains looked fantastic. I showed them to my Dad today and he remembers seeing the Stirling Single and its train passing through Hadley Wood, where his family used to go and watch the trains at Greenwood Box at the end of the 4 track section. My father was 13 in 1938 and
  12. Coronach I have just started your posts on your layout. Can't fail to like the Waverley route as it offers so many modelling opportunities. Would you be able to post a track plan of the layout as I not sure on the relationship between the stations and the fiddleyards? Happy modelling in 2019.
  13. Brilliant set of books. Only 2/3rds through volume 1. Love the photos of the Waverley Route - the lighting was just different from elsewhere to produce dramatic shots. The short story on cab ride on City of Coventry at speed adds that human element to the books. Roll on vol2,3 and 4.
  14. Congratulations to the Railway Modeller on reaching 800 editions. That is a long slog with continued commitment from the editorial team and owners. None of the other magazines can match its longevity and having seen off Model Railways and Model Railway Constructor (which arguably were technically superior) seems to suggest that RM has managed to get it about right. I bought my first copy back in May 1976 and have bought every month since. There were times when I thought why but I think at the moment it is going through a "purple patch" but perhaps this actually reflects the state of the ra
  15. Well done to the organisers of Railex2016. First time I have managed to get to the show - really enjoyed it. This may seem strange thing to say but I was came away satisfied that I spent money on lots of bits and pieces that I needed - bar a book my shopping list of a dozen detail items and tools was complete. The layouts were excellent and is great to see many that have appeared in MRJ etc in the flesh. Wibendshaw and Clutton were very watchable for different reasons. 2mmfs track work and modelling is awesome.
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