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  1. Chris Hope furlough doesn't last too long and suppliers can begin to supply again. Will you be working on a chassis for the Hornby B2 Peckett 0-6-0st? All the best
  2. I too was only part way through watching the videos. The ones I saw were very useful and was looking forward to the others. Can they be made available again?
  3. Are the conversion to EM by widening the b2b on the Bachmann wheels on their axles? There is obviously clearance behind the slide bars, cross head and crankpin on the leading driver. Great modelling - looking forward to the film.
  4. Fantastic modelling and following your thread as the quality of your modelling is superb. When you say "had wheels pulled" I assume that you have just pulled the Bachmann wheels out on their existing axles (except one)? Do you secure the wheels in place with a spot of loctite or similar?
  5. MNA books have announced a second set of 4 volume of Never Again books. There is an announcement in the latest Steam Railway magazine (Feb - March 2021). I have tried the MNA books website but all I get is error 500 - Internal Server Error. Are others having trouble accessing the website?
  6. Barry If you are in search of another Triang EM2 John Dutfield Model Shop in Chelmsford has a blue one on their second hand shelf. The shop's number is 01245 494455, and is now owned by Heather and Ken Wilkinson. Paul Wilkinson - no relation to Heather or Ken
  7. Robert Thanks for the link. The one I am after has discs, green ends and was numbered D8046. There seem to be a few D8000 available. Cheers Paul
  8. Class 20 diesel D8046 in BR green with indicator discs Bachmann Branchline 32-027A-LN Preferably not DCC fitted. Cheers
  9. John Dutfield Model Shop Chelmsford managed to get a limited number of May Railway Modellers from Peco for its regular subscribers. Thanks to Ken and Heather for working with Peco to get even a small number of RM magazines - others magazines are available through JDs. Happy modelling, stay safe and support your local model shop.
  10. Just picked this posting after reading about the layout in April's Railway Modeller. Copper, Wort and Co Ltd is a great idea which should be fun to operate, lots of detail, a mix of reality and intrigue which will keep the audience captivated. The circular design is well thought out and surprised there aren't more circular layouts on the exhibition circuit. The size, scale, finish and detail on the buildings is immense. I look forward to following the progress of the Copper, Wort and Co Ltd and hope to see at an exhibition in the future. Wilks
  11. John I have packs of : E4CH 501A - A,B and C switches E4CH 502A - common crossing chairs I also have slide, bridge and check chairs but these are not numbered and are not as bemusing!! Thankyou Paul
  12. John I am just about to embark on building EM turnouts using ply sleepers and glued plastic chairs. I have purchased (I think) the necessary chair mouldings - C&L mouldings supplied by the EM gauge society. The mouldings have small numbers by each chair moulding. What do these numbers relate to? Thank you Paul
  13. wilks

    Oxford N7

    Any thoughts of producing an etched smokebox door ring in stainless steel? I have a SE Finecast kit to make up and would like to replicate the polished ring typical on many N7s. I am not sure I will be able to achieve the concentricity of the ring by painting.
  14. John It is only this week that I picked up your posting. Your layout and modelling skills are excellent and you achieved all this in 4 years. Your standard of modelling is very consistent across the whole piece, making good decisions on when and where to make investment e.g. more complex track work, waiting to up grade rolling stock. Some of the station views are Pendonesque and I was surprised that it is a 00 layout albeit 00-SF. The only down side is that you chose Great Western over Gresley, but your layout is inspirational; BRM will be pleased as I bought April's ma
  15. Graham Thankyou - Spalding might be possible. Paul
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