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  1. 1) One side serves a branch line, one side serves a main line. The west crossover is an aid to use both sides bi-directionally in times of heavy traffic. 2) Ventnor IoW was in my head when I drew this up. 3) Possibly. But I chose not to do that because I wanted quirky.
  2. I have no connection at all with this seller and was looking at one or two of his 4mm scale items but then noticed he has some interesting 0 gauge tinplate wagons. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=113790161775&_ssn=christophehandfort0&rt=nc Do please tell me to stop linking items like this if you'd rather I didn't.
  3. Awesome Nick. I shall take a look at this more carefully when I get a moment tomorrow.
  4. I hadn't seen it that way but it can be used like that, yes. P4 is definitely an up line for the main. P2/P3 is an additional up line in busy moments. I wanted the layout here to be as flexible as possible as this is going to be one of the busiest locations on the network, so I do need P1 and P2/P3 to be fully bi-directional. Yes. Yes.
  5. The first item of pointwork beyond the private sidings fence is a double slip and the normal position for that will be into a headshunt, so I hope that will suffice. The exchange sidings have a fictional through line to the Madder Valley Railway, so passenger traffic uses the line. They are my fiddle yard, in effect. Diagram for them: I have not bothered with FPLs here, as its really all fiction. There is simply a need to operate the model points with a lever frame, as elsewhere. The Back Siding is the supposed line onwards to the MVR which is where, in my imagination, passenger trains would go to and come from. EDIT: Photo showing colliery headshunt. Left of the loco is the line down to the Exchange Sidings and left of that the branch. The point to the left of the loco is the exit points from Platform 1 of Puddlebrook.
  6. In my mind British Racing Green might be closer to the bluer Wolverhampton green, but its a good idea to try.
  7. Looking good Chris. Might I suggest blackening down the wood deck and back boards a bit - coal dust gets everywhere.
  8. Those Slaters printed coach sides are superb. If anybody picks up more official news about this service, please pass it on. Are these 7mm sides? I wonder if they do similar work in 4mm?
  9. Please keep us posted on the Dean goods build Mikkel, its looking fantastic. Also, I'm seriously envious. Wish I had a non-Belpaire version. They were much more attractive in that guise.
  10. Yes, Don, exactly correct. I probably have one of these minor undiagnosed mental conditions however (that we all have to one extent or another) that makes me want to do it properly (quote unquote) and if I can't my brain needs sufficient reasoning not to - just hand waving issues away is something I can't do! And now... onwards to Puddlebrook!
  11. Thanks Nick, that's food for thought. Physical distances on the model mean its impractical to have a separate block section of course even though in reality there would be. I agree though it would be better to have it controlled from PB. Sighting it from SJ is going to be almost impossible anyway due to the intervening scenery.
  12. I imagine that's the case, Stu. Once any unfamiliar system becomes familiar, everything is second nature. I just foresee major operating sessions being some weeks apart with a rotating crew of operators so I wanted simplicity and clarity first and foremost with realism taking a back seat (in this case). Nick - awesome, that description makes everything seem like we have it correct now. I imagine there were no overweight bobbies in steam days. 1 actually controls a branch junction where the diverging route goes off into make-believe-land and becomes the circuit under the layout that represents trains going to Hereford or Gloucester. There is actually a dolly on that signal with arm (1A?) that controls access to the diverging route, its just that with the way the model has been constructed the diverging route will be controlled from Puddlebrook. I know that isn't correct but its a conundrum I haven't found a better way of managing yet. It looks like this:
  13. Go back a few posts, Stu, to see why it was done this way: the bobby is facing the levers, but not the tracks. EDIT: Just had a thought - 12 doesn't need an FPL does it? Or should I keep it in case engineering works or some other reason requires wrong road running?
  14. That actually helps a lot and will be the excuse I shall use. Thanks! I have reversed the frame symbol on the signal box graphic. I thought about 11 and 12 but kept them separate as there are three moves there: 1) from the branch platform over 11 and down the branch to Coggles Causeway (CC), 2) from the branch platform over 11 and into the exchange siding, and 3) from the branch platform over 11 and across the slip to access the down main. Or am I just getting my slip routing confused and 5 (now 7) will handle the crossover to the down main? Combining 8 & 19 does make sense, as does setting 19's normal position to the flour mill. So, how's this?
  15. How does this look? There might be an outer home from Nether Madder. If there is I need to stretch the diagram. I think its too crowded anyway so will extend it a bit regardless.
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