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  1. I would like to send my very sincere thank yous and best wishes for the season to everyone who has contributed here. Your comments have been very much appreciated. I am however going to be taking a break from RMWeb. Negativity from the admins when raising the issue of poor site response times has been the last straw. I'll come back in the spring, or when I'm feeling able to deal with life generally, if that happens to be sooner. My love and respects to you all. Take care.
  2. Ah yes, the old "see if you can do it better yourself" argument. Well done. Very constructive. If potential users are coming here and experiencing poor page load times, you may well have to eat your words as someone might well go off and do just what you propose.
  3. Don't put words into my mouth. That is not what I said and you know it. What I said was that if this sites code were configured correctly and it functioned as a large web community site should, THEN it becomes deserving of people's financial support. I pay an annual subscription greater than RMWebs to a site I no longer visit because I once was involved in that community and site membership allows me to store unlimited numbers of images on its servers. It works. Therefore I give it my support. There is nothing wrong in this. You might have missed a few posts up the page where I offered Andy my support and testing time. It was turned down, so don't lecture me about people wanting something for nothing. This is the web presence of BRM magazine. Andy and his team should not be doing this voluntarily. BRM mag should finance it - or should finance it more if they are already doing so. "More" being sufficient to fix any problems. The fact that the site is not 100% smooth and fast ought to be a problem for one of the premier model railway magazines in the country. If people are working away for free and its not working right then people need to be paid according to their efforts, or paid professionals brought in. If RMWeb became a pay-to-use site only I'd happily subscribe, providing of course it worked correctly. Its the code that's the issue as I think any IT professional would confirm. I know exactly what you mean.
  4. So if its free we should just put up with it? Is that what you are suggesting? The issue is not just about current site members. Imagine how a prospective new member might react if they arrive here looking for a modelling community but every page takes 20 seconds to load and each time they post it takes 30 seconds, or the page hangs completely. The current state of the site could well be driving people away. Bear in mind also that the sites sluggish behaviour is a major reason I haven't bought gold membership. I'm not happy putting up with this for free but I'll certainly not pay for it!
  5. I doubt its Firefox. As I said I have tried with Internet Explorer and its equally slow using that. Firefox is fast on plenty of other websites. I can't test with Edge as I refuse to have it on my PC! It could be a combination of the code in some browsers and the site but I wish anyone good luck in finding that conflict. For me this has become a real chore. I think it first began in about mid or late September... maybe early October... and its been like it every day, no matter the time of day, since then. It has made the site very unattractive to visit. I wonder if it would be possible to disable certain site features one at a time and see if that has any effect? My guess is its still image related. I genuinely expect a version of the site that had user uploaded images disabled would fly along. @AY Mod Andy - I would also be happy to do some testing if you were to set up a mirror site and play about with it. I imagine a few others would volunteer to see if we can make any progress in a live environment but without tinkering with the main site.
  6. To my eye the problem is definitely site related. Other web pages load very quickly but RMWeb has been as slow as treacle for me for several months now. Consistently. And I mean sometimes 20 or 30 seconds to load a page or post on a thread, and some posts failing to action so that I refresh the page after a few minutes to find my post has uploaded. I'm using the most recent release of Firefox but checked on IE and it is the same on that browser as well. The site is so slow I now use it less than I used to because I just don't have the time and patience to sit watching nothing happening. Something in the forum code is the culprit I expect and I wonder if its to do with images, maybe the caching of them? There were some instances of all images being displayed twice in some threads for a short while after the new forums went live. That can still be seen on some threads.
  7. Curious. That's a well known photo of a 517 tackling the lowest part of Butts Bank on the Highworth line. Hannington station is about a quarter mile behind the tail of the train around a right hand curve. The image is in the Wild Swan title "Highworth Branch", page 14. The caption claims the second vehicle is an all third with a centre perishables compartment but no diagram number is given. It could be a mis-identification. EDIT: "The Highworth Branch" book caption claims a date of "early 1900s".
  8. The Highworth line had the steepest gradient in Wiltshire at 1 in 44, a grade which commenced soon after leaving Hannington station and ended at Highworth terminus making it extremely tricky for the crews. The grade was called Butts Bank and a pair of reverse curves at its base were of 10 chains radius which I think was also the tightest non-industrial curved standard gauge track in Wiltshire as well. It was lightly built with limited headroom caused by several timber overline bridges. Locomotive use was heavily restricted. Usually only 4-coupled locos were permitted along the line but two classes of 0-6-0 tank were allowed on it. Metros, 517s, 850 STs, 4-4-0 No.13 and in later years 48xx and 1361 class PTs were used. The last train in 1953 was hauled by BR Class 03 D2182. BR Class 08s were permitted on the lower sections of the line up to the Kingsdown Road junction which gave access to the Vickers aircraft assembly works at South Marsden. The line had a six and later 4-coach 4-wheel set which lasted until 1935 when a specially built B set pair were provided with the roof ventilators moved down the curve of the roof to allow clearance under the low bridges. No.13 was probably well suited in terms of wheel base but with only 140psi boiler pressure and a tractive effort of 13,328 lbs may have lacked power for the final uphill climb. In early workings 2 of the 6 4-wheel coaches were left in the loop at Hannington and only 4 coaches were taken to the terminus, the pair being collected on the return trip. Now there's a bit of railway operation it would be nice to see modelled. I'm in very slow discussions with a friend regarding a 3D print of No.13 in 4-4-0 form but it is a very slow discussion
  9. Greetings from the Land of the Black Dog. A while ago on here the attached picture was posted. I wanted to go back and re-read about it but cannot now find the page. Is anyone able to help me out with a link to the location please?
  10. Thank you to everyone for the awesome and very supportive comments. This is why I love RMWeb. Where else can you get useful therapy and toy trains in the same place? I think what ails me isn't to do with the model railway project specifically but life in general and that's why its so hard to break the cycle. The apathy has affected (infected?) all areas of my interests and relationships. I have a wargames campaign project on the go as well where I am the umpire for about 8 players and that has stalled because my interest in it has collapsed. I possibly need a chat with my doc.
  11. I think I am happy working alone or with others, sometimes I can be quite happy on my own for days doing projects of my own, whether domestic or hobby. I think its a motivational issue with the actual railway project at the moment. There's been all kinds of stumbling blocks to do with the building itself (ventilation, lighting, heating), the temperature/damp issues, issues with the DCC Concepts products, issues with DCC sound decoders and loco performance, all sorts of things. I expect every model project has its bumps and its just that I've embarked on one bigger than most, at least outside of a club environment.
  12. I agree Annie. Its the making a start bit that's the hurdle. When Neil is here beavering away on electrics or whatever I am absolutely fine tinkering away elsewhere on some scenic project or some "decorative" finish to a control panel or things like that. Or testing track and locos. Perhaps its because I am working alone most of the time. With someone else present, even if they are not working but are just there to natter to and bounce ideas off, I am much more positive and can get quite a lot done. Anyone know any psychoanalysts who are also into model railways in the Peterborough area?
  13. I just wish I knew what the blasted problem was. Some days I go into the railway room, switch on the lights and power, stare at it all, switch it all off and come out again. I Just have no motivation at the moment. Frustrating as much as anything as I want the project to progress... I just can't make that progress happen.
  14. An update is long overdue. One very kind member here who's been in touch knows more detail of my low moods right now which I just can't shake off. That person has been a huge help - just talking about it makes a difference. I am just not sure what's causing my moods to roller coaster like this though there is an external pressure that's a bit of a bother right now. One item of good news is that I bought a box of silica gel crystal containers and have placed several of these around the railway room and I've got the heater running on a 24/7 trickle heat of 16 degrees C and that combination has stopped all the annoying baseboard shape changes. Its a very comfortable temperature in there now, pleasant to work in and one of the critical areas was the alignment of tracks on the access flap which have been all over the place during this cold wet weather but since the moisture fix the lifting hatch has been behaving itself faultlessly which is very encouraging. There has been progress with the ply fascia around the larger of the two operating wells which is now all in place and just needing a paint job. In the images below you can see its quite tall in one area as that will protect the higher ground level of the quarry scene. The Green Soudley control panel has been installed and all points wired up and working and the final - biggest - panel at Nether Madder is the last of these to be tackled. A photo below shows the guts of it with three DCC Concepts switch control panels before the mimic diagram plate goes on. The access cut-outs on the left will have their rounded edges smoothed off. This looks like it could also be a handy storage area for miniatures of spirits. After the NM panel is finished there is just the fascia around that smaller operating well to do and then its time for some serious track testing before we ballast and tackle the scenery. There's lots of Celotex to saw and sand down and since that's really an out of doors job that will probably have to be put on hold until the spring. In the meantime I can continue work on the other engineering features such as bridges, tunnel mouths and such.
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