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  1. Thanks Jason, the Brassmasters instructions and pics are very helpful. The version I have has the same tender as the Brassmasters one, i.e. the Fowler 3500 gallon, but there doesn't appear to be any locating points on the one I have... still, I think I have enough info to proceed. Alternatively I could just leave them off, of course!
  2. I attempted to obtain some info by posting in the Questions and Help forum but so far have had quite a number of views but no replies, so thought perhaps by posting a link here... ...I might have more luck!
  3. In the process of fitting the detailing bits and bobs to a Bachmann 4F, I have found it difficult to determine how the cab doors should be attached. Looking at the service sheet it would suggest that they fit inside the cab side sheets, but this seems unlikely. I've not been able to find a definitive pic anywhere, so I was wondering if anyone knows how they should be fitted? To the tender perhaps? I know this applies to some locos, but by no means all. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this...
  4. Having made a reply on this topic... ...I find today that my reply has been deleted and the topic locked. I feel this is being swept under the carpet. I'd rather there was an update of any sort, "Yes we can; no we can't; it's still being looked into." rather than it apparently being ignored. Thank you.
  5. One of the triangular pivots on the side of the vac cylinder rests in the 'L' shaped mark, thereby setting the depth. Hope that helps!
  6. Well well, who'd a thought it! Thanks. Have now studied the photos further.
  7. Okay. But the headstock is the same?
  8. You can walk to the pub; you just can't go in! But seriously, cycling is perfect in this situation. Very easy to keep one's distance from others. Love your work by the way.
  9. Well actually I meant... https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/brshocvanvsv/h1541650#h1c65f838 Should have put the link in before...
  10. As far as Hatton's is concerned, I think that's a unilateral decision on their part, and very unlikely to be widely implemented... I hope.
  11. There's a close-up on Paul's site that shows the buffer beam with no rivets or reinforcing plate, just the raised ridge as on the longer buffer beam shown in your pic.
  12. Just so. My reply was to the poster that I quoted, i.e. Gareth Collier. Apologies if it caused any confusion!
  13. True, true, a bit of a giveaway! But the poster did say he'd seen the mouse...
  14. 5mm is ample for a mouse. They can get through a hole the diameter of a standard pencil. A continuous gap is no obstacle. A rat can get through a hole the size of your thumb.
  15. Indeed there are - as I have just done. Select the required text, and a pop-up appears, which, when clicked, will open a new post with the selected text quoted. Job done!
  16. Any progress on this? Is there some other way I can access the extras? The April edition will be out soon...
  17. Thanks. Unfortunately there's not much in the way of written descriptions, and seeing the etches 'in the flat' doesn't really help much. Are folk just expected to know? Could always ring I suppose but a short resumé of intended usage would be helpful.
  18. Nice! Hadn't heard that before but I am familiar with his 'Recuerdos de Alhambra', which is another of those tunes that everybody's heard...
  19. Thank you gentlemen... Wizard was my first port of call as it happens, but I had discounted the 51L fret as I would need quite a number to complete my project, and the Bill Bedord frets offer a more economical route. Similarly the Rumney frets would mean ending up with loads of unwanted parts... Comparing the levers on the 51L etch with the Bill Bedford long lever etch, it would appear that the levers are at least very nearly identical, and one pack provides levers and guards for 12 wagons... so I think I've found the answer, with a little help.
  20. Hi, I'm currently putting together a number of Red Panda sand tipplers to dia. 1/072 (unfitted) using the Parkside chassis kit, and I'm looking to improve the brake levers and guards with something better, i.e. brass etch items. The best candidate I've been able to locate so far is one or other of the Bill Bedford etches (CES037/A or B), which though described as Midland design are close enough to do the job. However, there are two types available, long and short, and I'm unsure which would be better? I suspect the longer one, but if anyone can confirm I'd be grateful. Even better, perhaps there's a more appropriate alternative out there somewhere? I'm not looking to replace the shoes and push rods, though I am replacing the safety loops, but they're of course much easier.
  21. Unusual... it's normally the GWR that are contrary! I did have a quick google on the subject myself, but confess not specifically LMS examples.
  22. Just an observation if I may - I think the front wheels on the trolley should be the same distance from the end as the rear ones. It would certainly look better! Very nice layout by the way.
  23. You can send him a PM Martin. If anyone should wonder whether to continue with RMWweb, perhaps it should be, er, someone else?
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