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  1. We’ve been running one of these (the handheld controller and WiFi adapter) for the last 4-5 months... first issue... you only have one socket... so it’s either handheld controller... or the WiFi. Not both... so so I spent a few quid on eBay and bought a simple cat5 network splitter for about £5 which turns one plug in to 3 so you can run the hand held and WiFi adapter side by side... its been running well well using WiThrottle... until today.. ive been extending our layout outside by around about 10 yards. (Surprisingly we have noted only about 1v drop at the farthest point) and whilst testing ran the Hornby railroad Tornado that we have fitted with a Hornby sound decoder.... it’s worked fine the last couple of weeks but then none of the functions would latch on the WiThrottle (but would on the hand controller) then it would suddenly not respond to the throttle leaving the loco running away on its own. The only way to regain control was to switch off the WiFi on the phone and reconnect and then return to wiThrottle. Anyone else had any similar issues? Just trying to fathom if it’s a Gaugemaster WiFi issue, the Hornby decoder or WiThrottle.? all other locos functioned correctly, but.... they also lost control. Thoughts?
  2. Btw, have a look at www.shapeways.com/shops/nb3dm there may be some models there you find of interest.
  3. Leek is progressing slowly in the background. Track plans and signalling are being drawn up (hopefully seeing yet another NSR signal box returning to use with the commissioning of Leek Brook Junction) although it’s expected to be in small stages, the first I believe will be to the birchill tunnel. There is still work to be done by other agencies such as the Severn Trent pipe line running down the track bed, which may need to be moved. Then it be the loops at the limit and finally the station to follow at a later time as funds permit - sadly it won’t be like the GWR who can afford to build the station before a train or track reach their new terminus. hopefully once Leek is reached we may be looking to extend again on Cauldon and back to Oakamoor replacing the worn tracks that had been lifted to help pay for other projects.
  4. Sadly, the 47 left earlier this year after a group had spent over 10 years working on it on behalf of the owner. Sadly, the group didn’t have the funds to pay the owners asking price for it to remain at the CVR, and we heard it’s now being stripped for scrapping at another railway, which seems daft after all the restoration that had gone in to it. A number of the group found that quite upsetting. Cabs, Aux room and engine room had all been refurbished, only the boiler room needed work and the engine refitting which was under overhaul. however, the restoration of Tamworth Castle now looks more closer, along with some of the lines history - a preserved PAA sand wagon, which worked on the line between 1986 and 1988 prior to its mothballing by BR. soon there will be a new extension started towards Leek, they are gearing up for it with the Acquirement of some ballast hoppers. Then there is talk of the return south to Oakamoor with the new holiday complex being built within the old sand quarry. exciting times again.
  5. Hi, thanks for your kind comments. I am the guy behind NB3DM and the designer. Just to clarify, the white tops are an earlier version (pre preservation of the real item) and the super detail version was post preservation when I could start to crawl over one. To be compared to Cavalex is quite pleasing. Many thanks.. there are now 5 versions. Single door open and closed (for any static ones) dual door open and closed and also a 5th no door. Some of these were converted to PGA (see Paul Bartletts web site) but only one survives in preservation which is BIS 7954. i have also now released this I N gauge to fit the Graham Farish model hopper (there is still some artistic licensing with the body side supports on the original models sadly) im also working on an O gauge one produced by SimonBRBlue who’s done an excellent job in 7mm. I’ve three to build and just about done number 1 the artwork is my own, but the arrangement display on the website page quoted is a little wrong in that I modified a PGA so it shows the wrong brake gear etc. But it’s mainly for layout of the transfers. hope this helps. andy NB3DM
  6. Sorry, only just found the post again after no notifications..(being a newbie to the forum) obviously we have spoke on PM since. Shapeways would be an option. The museum at the railway may be interested in one for display too. But will have to ask re that. They are after all part of the Churnet Valleys history pre preservation years. Andy
  7. Hi Simon, Very interested in your PAA project in O gauge. Is any of this (file wise) available? I’ve been involved in the preserving of the last one as the rest were scrapped at booths last month. I’ve been working on an OO conversion for the Hornby PGA for a while which I sell on Shapeways, but really like your 7mm version. Andy NB3DM / North Staffs Railway Co (1978) member.
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